Top 6 Best Multicooker in the UK Worth the Money

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For a busy worker or even a single parent, buying the best multicooker in the UK is one of the most efficient and best tools of coping with busy days.  This kitchen wonder appliance combines multiple appliances thereby allowing you to prepare a variety of meals using the same appliance. With a multi-cooker, you can prepare gourmet meals in a few minutes then let it cook while you attend to other duties and serve it for supper. There are lots of multicooker models to choose from in the market. The Ninja Foodi Electric Multi-Cooker is our favorite pick. The cooker features a sturdy design and multiple cooking functions. This 11kg cooker is portable and hence you can easily carry it around.

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Top 6 Best Multicooker in the UK Reviews in 2020

#1, Ninja Foodi Electric Multi-Cooker Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer, Grey and Black- Best overall

The Ninja Electric Foodi Multicooker is a versatile kitchen appliance that combines three appliances into one unique and multi-functional unit. This is a large appliance with a uniquely high capacity that includes a 6-litre cooking pot. This amazing kitchen appliance comes with numerous cooking settings that range from grilling to pressure cooking.  The most fascinating aspect about the appliance is that it is perfect for making fast, one-pot meals.

Versatile appliance

This Ninja Foodi Electric multicooker is a versatile appliance with limitless cooking capabilities. The cooker comes with a 3.6-litre Cook & crisp basket and 6-litre cooking pot. In addition to this, the cooker also features a crisping lid, reversible rack, and pressure lid.  This is ultimately the best multicooker in the market with an air fryer.

The air fryer in this multicooker uses the TenderCrisp technology, a proprietary technology that yields crispy results when frying. The fryer in the appliance utilizes 75% less fat thereby being not only healthy but also quite economical. If you are trying to cut down on your calorie count, then this is the ultimate appliance to get.

Non-stick coatings for effortless cleaning

With the Ninja Foodie Electric multicooker, you never have to worry about complex and bothersome cleaning after you are done cooking. This is because the appliance features non-stick coatings that guarantee that the food never sticks onto the surfaces nor burns. What is more amazing about this cooker is that the non-stick ceramic containers in the multicooker are dishwasher safe. When cleaning the appliance, you only need to place the parts in a dishwasher or use warm water and detergent to manually clean the cooker.

The Ninja Foodie multicooker takes the concept of one-pot cooking to an amazingly new level. This is because you can place delicate ingredients like veggies and grains in the cooker and put slow-cooking proteins like fish & meat in the reversible rack.

  • Heavy duty design and built to last
  • Incredibly versatile cooker
  • Easy and effortless to use even for beginners
  • Ceramic coating that is dishwasher safe
  • Multi-functional cooker
  • Bulky hence ideal for spacious kitchens

#2, Tefal RK302E15 Multicook 8-in-1 Multicooker- 4 Portions, 600W, 5-Litre-Silver- Best for multi-functional use

Tefal is a leading brand globally when it comes to kitchen appliances. The company is reputable for designing and developing some of the best and most sophisticated appliances in the market. The RK302E15 multicooker features an 8 in 1 multi cooker and electric pressure cooker. This appliance uses pressurized steam and hence cooks faster and quickly compared to conventional cooking methods.

Delayed start feature

This multicooker appliance features a delayed start feature that allows the chef to set this 8-in-1 cooker to cook for up to 15 hours. This functionality comes in handy when you are scheduling cooking tasks such as preparing for early morning porridge and breakfast before heading off to bed. What is more amazing about the multicooker is that it also has an automatic keep warm function that ensures that your food is maintained at an ideal temperature for one day (24 hours).

The appliance features an interactive and easily accessible digital display panel that makes it possible for you to input different settings into the cooker. The exterior surface of the cooker is finished with a polished stainless-steel finish that gives it an amazing look.

Portable and convenient

If you are looking for multicooker that you can easily carry around the kitchen, you should look no further than at this Tefal cooker. This is because it features a carrying handle that allows you to effortlessly carry and store the cooker in the kitchen. The PTFE bowl is coated with a non-stick coat. The bowl is removable for easy washing in the dishwasher. It is worth noting that the measuring cup, steam basket, and rice spoon are dishwasher safe.

What is unique about this cooker is that it comes with a recipe book. As such, you can easily learn how to fix delicious meals with the cooker. This recipe book is of great use to amateurs and beginners. The cooker features a ton of accessories that are designed to provide you with the best cooking experience.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Interactive digital control panel
  • Features a recipe book
  • Has a carrying handle for improved portability
  • Sturdy and solid design
  • Some users prefer that the display timer would be larger

#3, Instant Pot 80 Duo 8L/8Q Electric Multi-Function Cooker, Stainless Steel, 1200W, 8 Litres-Best for instant food preparation

There is no feeling that is more exciting to a chef or any cook than that of owning an incredibly efficient and high performance multicooker. This is what you enjoy when you invest in the Instant Pot 80 Duo Electric Multi-Function Cooker as the appliance is designed to help cooks polish and hone their cooking skills. The cooker boasts of single touch Smart Programs that are designed to make the appliance effortless to use even for beginners.

Dependable and consistent results

This Instant Pot Duo multicooker features a modern 3rd generation technology that has an advanced microprocessor for monitoring temperature and pressure, automatically adjusts cooking duration and heating intensity and keeps time. The most amazing aspect about the technology is that it puts to consideration the volume of food you are preparing to ensure that every meal turns out delicious and perfect at all times.

The multicooker comes with pre-set Smart Programs that only require you to press the single-touch buttons and let your food cook without having to input any settings. This frees you to attend to other tasks around the kitchen/ house as the Duo cooker prepares your meal for you.

7-in-1 appliance

The best thing about this Duo multicooker is that it is designed to replace seven appliances in the kitchen. From the pressure cooker to the saute pan, slow cooker, steamer, food warmer, yogurt maker and rice cooker, you get to replace all these appliances with only one compact multi-function cooker. This in turn lets you maintain a clutter-free countertop especially for people with small kitchens.

The Instant Duo multicooker is sufficiently large for preparing meals for the whole family. Therefore, with this high-end kitchen appliance, you never need to prepare food twice. The cooker comes with a large and easy to control panel that features 14 inbuilt programs. Additionally, this cooker has 10 safety mechanisms that guarantee your safety when using the cooker.

  • Highly efficient cooker hence economical
  • Comes with pre-set programs
  • Features proven safety mechanisms
  • Replaces 7 appliances in the kitchen
  • Guarantees dependable and consistent results
  • Considerably expensive compared to other models

#4, Drew & Cole CleverChef 14-in-1 Intelligent Digital Multi Cooker, Aluminum, 860W, 5 Litre, Charcoal- Best for family cooking

Drew & Cole is a renowned brand when it comes to Kitchen appliances. The brand is popular for designing and developing quality multi cookers, kettles, and toasters. The company focuses greatly on the quality of all its products. In line with this, the Drew & Cole CleverChef 14-in-1 Multi-Cooker is superiorly designed with a unique and amazing concept. As such, the appliance prides itself in an incredibly large capacity and intuitive controls that are easy to use even for beginners.

Versatile kitchen appliance

The best thing about this CleverChef multicooker is that it is an appliance that prepares and cooks almost everything.  The cooker features 17 pre-set programmes that enable you to slow cook, saute, steam, make bread rise, stew, make yogurt, keep food warm, and prepare pasta among other meals. What is more amazing about this cooker is that it features a uniquely customizable DIY setting that lets you prepare and cook your food as you prefer.

Featuring a 5-litre capacity, you can rely on this multicooker for preparing meals for your whole family. You can use the appliance for preparing meals for up to 6 or more people. The 24-hour delay function in the appliance lets you set the cooker in advance to prepare meals at a later time such as in the morning.

Intuitive cooking

The design of the CleverChef multicooker features touch control that provide an intuitive user experience as compared to physical raised buttons in other brands. These touch buttons allow you choose among 17 cooking settings, enter your cooking settings, and adjust temperature and cooking time. These settings are clearly indicated on the control panel and hence are straightforward.

There is a flavor-lock technology in this multicooker that controls moisture release thereby keeping food tender, packed with nutrients, delicious, and succulent.  With this multicooker, you never have to worry about your food getting burned.

  • Versatile cooking functions
  • Easy to clean
  • Intuitive controls
  • Large capacity hence ideal for families
  • High quality brand
  • The cooking speed is not the best

#5, Crock-Pot Multi-Cooker, Programmable with Slow Cooker, Saute, Roaster and Food Steamer, 5.6 Litre (6-7 people) Removable Bowl- Best for all-round cooking

Crock Pot is yet another famous and reputable brand for kitchenware and cooking appliances. The brand is synonymous with the best slow cookers but even so, the company has invested heavily in multi-cookers. The 5.6 litre multicooker by Crock-Pot is a perfect choice for families looking for the best appliance for all their cooking needs. This multifunctional cooker comes with up to 5 pre-programmed intelligent features.

Slow & steady cooking

There is nothing better than getting home to a delicious, sweet and mouth-watering, ready-cooked meal.  If you live a busy life, then this is the ultimate multi-cooker for you. The cooker comes with a slow-cook function that allows you to prepare your ingredients and activate the slow-cook function. This function cooks your food slowly and ensures that it doesn’t burn or overcook.

This kitchen appliance is ideal for cooking curries, casseroles, steamed fish, desserts, cakes, and even your Sunday roast.  The large 5.6 litre capacity makes the multicooker perfect for large families. The cooker also comes with a slower cooker recipe book, rice measure, and roasting rack.

Digital display timer

This Crock Pot multicooker features a digital display timer that has easy-to-use controls that in turn make it effortless to input your preferred settings into the cooker. Additionally, the soft-touch buttons in the control panel allow for easy operation for busy households.

The multi-cooker is dishwasher safe and the bowl is removable hence easy to wash. With this cooker, you do not have to spend too much time scrubbing the bowl to remove stains. This is because the non-stick surfaces not only prevent burning of food but also ensures that food does not stick onto the surfaces.

  • Easily usable control panel
  • Efficient for slow cooking
  • Multifunctional with a variety of pre-set programs
  • Dishwasher safe with a removable bowl
  • Comes with a slower-cooker recipe
  • Lacks a pressure cooker option

#6, Ninja Air Fryer Max (AF160UK) 5.2 Litres, Grey and Black- Best for air frying

Ninja is known for designing and developing unique appliances with amazing features and functionalities.  The Air Fryer Max is one of the best appliances from Ninja and features a unique design and is incredibly easy to use.  The appliance has a large capacity of 5.2 litres that makes it ideal for preparing meals for the whole family. The air fryer has a removable pan and crisper plate. Both parts feature a ceramic coating and are thus easy to clean after use.

Fast and convenient

The most fascinating aspect about this air fryer by Ninja is that it is exceedingly fast. The cooking speed in this multicooker is 50% faster than in other cookers. Therefore, you can rely on this cooker for fixing yourself quick meals and grabs for your family in the morning. What is more to note about this air fryer is that it is quite easy and effortless to operate. The control panel is easy to navigate as the soft-touch buttons in the panel are labeled for easy operation.

The Ninja Air Fryer Max provides a healthier and more economical cooking option compared to other cooking options. This is because air frying using the cooker utilizes less fat by up to 75% compared to traditional frying methods.

Multiple cooking functions

This Ninja Air Fryer comes with six cooking functions to cater for the needs of every chef.  These options include air fry, max crisp, bake, reheat, dehydrate, and bake. The best thing about these cooking functions is that they are preset into the air fryer. As such, you only need to press the corresponding button for the function you want. Additionally, you can input your own settings on the control panel to prepare your meals as you wish.

The removable parts in the Ninja Air Fryer are dishwasher safe. The family sized 5.2 litre basket has non-stick interiors and exteriors to provide for easy use and cleaning. This compact multicooker comes with a handle for easy carrying and portability.  The extra functionalities in the air fryer provide an unlimited use for the cooker.

  • Fast cooking speed
  • Comes with a handle for portability
  • Easy to operate control panel
  • Economical and healthy cooking option
  • Superior design and construction
  • Does not feature a pressure cooker

How to choose the best multicooker

For people who are new to buying multicookers, finding the right one for you can be quite a complex task. This is because you will mostly be unaware of the features and other considerations to look for in the ideal appliance. Here are a few considerations you should consider making.


The perfect multicooker should replace several other appliances in the kitchen. This is because the reason behind investing in a multicooker should be so that you use one appliance instead of using multiple appliances in the kitchen. Therefore, when shopping for multicooker consider the settings that the model of choice comes with. Some of the must have settings in these appliances are such as steam, slow cooker, baking, saute, air fryer, and pressure cooking.

Cooking capacity

The ideal cooking capacity in the multicooker of choice will depend on the size of your family. If you have a large family, then you should consider an appliance with a capacity of about 5-8 litres. This is so that you are able to prepare meals for the whole family at once. However, you should note that appliances with high capacities are bulky and tend to consume more power. As such, the additional capacity is an extra expense. They are also considerably expensive.


There are tons of best multicooker in the UK to choose from when looking to buy these appliances. Usually, the brand of any kitchen appliance has a direct impact on the quality of the appliance you want to invest in. Always consider top brands since appliances from these brands are designed superiorly and hence boast of unique performance and reliability.  Avoid brands that are known for sub-standard appliances as these are likely to fall apart within a short time.

Automatic pressure release

Some multicookers come with an automatic pressure release function. This feature makes the appliance fully automated such that you are can leave the pressure cooker with your food cooking and come back when the cooking process is over. This function saves you the trouble of having to release the pressure manually. However, cookers with automatic pressure release are pricier than those without the feature.

Keep warm / delayed-start setting

Usually, when you are in the market for the best multicooker, it is advisable that you settle on the model that has the best and most amazing features. The delayed start and keep warm features are some of the features that you should look for. These smart features are designed to give you unique flexibility when preparing your meals. If you live a busy life, these features may come in handy for you by enabling you prepare delicious meals without interfering with your schedule.

Ease of use

Some multicookers are quite hard and complex to operate while others are straightforward. It is recommendable that you only settle on models that are easy to operate for everyone. This is especially if you have youngsters who are budding chefs and cooks. Settle on cookers with simple control panels that have a large display. Also, multicookers with preset functions are better than those that you have to manually input the settings.


Another important consideration worth making when shopping for the best multicooker UK is safety. This is because while these appliances are quite efficient and reliable for all your cooking needs, they also pose serious safety hazards. This is why you need to consider the safety standards in the model of preference. Consider features like a looking lid, a secondary pressure release valve, an auto shut-off feature, a handle, and electrical parts insulation. These features are designed to ensure that it is safe to use the multicookers even around kids.

Ease of cleaning

Cleaning is a crucial aspect of maintaining and ensuring that your multicooker remains in a pristine condition at all times. As such, you should always settle for a cooker that is easy to clean and one that has non-stick surfaces. Ideally, most multicookers feature a non-stick surface and are also dishwasher safe. Therefore, cleaning these cookers is usually a breeze. Also, ensure that the model of choice has removable parts for thorough and efficient cleaning.

Why should you consider investing in a multicooker?

The number one reason why you should buy a multicooker for your kitchen is for convenience purposes. These appliances allow you to prepare a wide variety of meals using a single appliance by just using the control panel. For people who find themselves swamped with work and overloaded by household chores, investing in a multicooker is a great idea.

These appliances are also space-efficient and hence an ideal choice for people with small kitchens. With a multicooker, you replace several appliances in the kitchen. Additionally, multicookers also present a healthier way of cooking since some cooking methods like stewing and steaming do not involve fat or oil.


The best multicookers in the UK provide you with a chance to prepare your meals as you wish. Ideally, they give you the opportunity to get involved in the cooking process and still allow you to attend to other chores while the food is cooking. Therefore, you can consider getting these appliances so that you are able to advance and polish your cooking skills.

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