Top 6 Best Woks For An Induction Hob Reviews (2021 UK)

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As a person who is fond of cooking, investing in the best quality Wok pan should be your number one priority. This is because with the right Wok pan, it becomes effortless for you to prepare delicious meals and take your cooking skills to the next level. How will you know the best Wok pan to invest in? Which brand is the best? These are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself when it comes to finding the right pan for you.  Our top pick for the best wok for induction hob is the Tefal Comfort Max Stainless Steel Wok. This pan has a non-stick surface that makes it a breeze to clean after every use. Additionally, the pan has a flat bottom that enhances the even distribution of heat for uniform cooking.

Top 6 Best Woks Reviews For An Induction Hob (2020 UK)

#1. Tefal Comfort Max Stainless Steel Non-Stick Wok, 28cm – Best overall

Comfort Max is popular for designing high-end utensils and cutlery. In line with this, the Tefal Stainless Steel wok features a non-stick construction that ensures that your food neither burns nor sticks on the pan. This induction compatible wok features a sturdy and solid design that guarantees its durability and reliability when preparing food on different heat sources.

Tefal Comfort Max Stainless Steel Non-stick Wok, 28 cm - Silver
Tefal Comfort Max Stainless Steel Non-stick Wok, 28 cm – Silver

Thermospot technology

One of the most amazing aspects about this high-end wok is that it boasts of a thermospot technology. This technology alerts when the pan has reached an optimum temperature so that you can start cooking. This comes in handy for beginners as it saves them the trouble of second-guessing when the pan is ready to cook. This heat indicator changes to a solid red colour once the optimum cooking temperature has been reached.

The power resist coating which comes with non-stick capabilities that ensures that your food cooks evenly without sticking on to the pan or burning. The best thing about the coating is that it does not peel off and hence you will not experience any toxic coatings in your food. The coating cleans easily by placing the pan in a dishwasher.

Induction base technology

The stainless-steel base in this Tefal wok is combined with aluminum to provide better conductivity and durability.  The induction base technology in this wok allows for the even distribution of heat and hence allowing for uniformity in food preparation. The pan boasts of a thick base that provides anti-deformation properties as well as compatibility with different types of cooker tops and hobs including induction hobs.

The handle in the pan is made using Bakelite, which is resistant to heat and does not burn. This stay cool handle is ergonomically designed for easy and comfortable handling without risking your hands.  The brand pays great attention to the safety and wellbeing of all chefs and cooks using the wok.

  • Superior quality hence durable
  • Solid and sturdy base with excellent heat distribution properties
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Non-stick surface for the best cooking experience
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Does not come with a lid

#2. SKY LIGHT Wok Pan with Lid – Best for versatility

Cooking does not get any better than when using the SKY LIGHT Wok pan. This is because the pan features a 100% carbon steel construction that allows for fast, even and uniform cooking. The Wok comes with a detachable handle and is ergonomically designed for easy handling. When placing the pan in the oven, you should remove the handle. What is more amazing about the handle is that it features a ring at the tip. The ring allows you to hang the pan for safe and convenient storage.

SKY LIGHT Wok Pan with Lid, No Chemical Stir Fry Pan Induction 32.5cm
SKY LIGHT Wok Pan with Lid, No Chemical Stir Fry Pan Induction 32.5cm

Nitriding processed

The wok is taken through a rigorous nitriding processing on its surface to enhance its durability, keeping it shiny, and improve its resistance to corrosion and high temperature. The best thing about this pan is that it is quite easy to clean as you only need to add a little detergent. There is no coating on the pan and as such, you should not be worried about toxics falling off from the pan.

The handle is easy to detach without the use of any tools. This in turn makes it easy and convenient to store the wok as well as use it in the oven. The maximum temperature that you should set your oven when using the pan is 550 degrees Fahrenheit. The handle is engineered using excellent workmanship using a solid wood and features an anti-scalding design that helps in keeping the handle cool.

Practical glass lid

The most fascinating thing about this wok is that it features a practical glass lid with a steam vent. This lid allows you to monitor the cooking progress for the best results. The anti-slip and heat resistant wooden knob of the glass lid makes it easy to lift and return the lid while the food is cooking.  The steam vent in the glass lid releases steam instantly to avoid scalding and steam burns.

This wok pan by Sky Light comes with a practical approach in that you can use it on electric, gas, induction and ceramic stoves. The flat base of the pan sits securely and comfortably on any cooker tops. As such, you do not have to invest in any special cooker for this pan.  This 32.5cm pan is large and hence allows you to prepare meals for the whole family.

  • Considerably large hence no cooking space
  • Perfect for a variety of stoves
  • Practical glass lid that allows you to monitor the cooking progress
  • Scratch-resistant flat bottom
  • 100% carbon steel construction that makes the pan durable and resistant to corrosion
  • The glass lid is susceptible to breaking when mishandled

#3. ProCook Gourmet Non-Stick Induction Wok W/ Lid-28cm – Best for stir frying

If you are looking forward to prepare fantastic family meals with the best non-stick wok, then you should opt for this ProCook Gourmet versatile cooking pan.  This wok is perfect for stir frying ingredients using little oil especially when preparing East Asian and Chinese dishes. You can also use the wok for braising, boiling, deep frying, searing, and steaming. Featuring a 28cm diameter, this pan is perfect for preparing meals for the whole family.

ProCook Gourmet Non-Stick Induction Wok with Lid – 28cm

Lightweight but durable construction

The 3.5mm thick aluminum construction in this pan is not only solid and sturdy but also lightweight. Moreover, this construction provides an even heat distribution that in turn allows for uniform cooking. There is a classy, functional and stylish black enamel coating that protects the exterior surfaces of the pan. The interiors of the wok feature a ProCook 5 Star Ultra Double layer of a non-stick coating that prevents food from burning or sticking.

The excellent craftsmanship and quality materials used in the construction of the pan provide for the enhanced durability and reliability of the wok. What is more unique about the pan is that it comes with a heavy-duty silicone handle that is fireproof. Additionally, the pan features a glass lid that lets you monitor the cooking progress.

Versatile and convenient wok

This pan is uniquely versatile in that it is suitable for a variety of heat sources including electric, gas, ceramic, induction, halogen, and solid fuel. Additionally, the pan and the glass lid are oven safe for up to 260 degrees Celsius. With this wok, you can start the cooking process on the hob and then transfer the food straight into the oven. Another unique aspect about this best wok for induction hob uk is that it is dishwasher safe. As such, you only need to place it in the dishwasher after cooking.

The wok features a comfortable stay-cool and non-slip silicone handle that makes it easy and safe to manoeuvre this large wok around the kitchen. The toughened glass lid in the pan allows you to monitor your food as it is cooking. Since this wok requires you to add little or no oil at all when cooking, you can also use it for preparing sauces and batch cooking.

  • Even heat distribution
  • Toughened glass lid that lets you monitor the cooking progress
  • Non-stick coating that prevents food from burning
  • Stay-cool handle with a non-slip functionality
  • Sufficiently large for preparing family meals
  • The glass lid is prone to breaking if dropped or due to collision with other utensils

#4. KitchenCraft Master Class Professional Non-Stick Carbon Steel Induction Safe Wok, 30 cm- Best for heavy-duty and commercial use

If you are looking for the best wok for induction hob uk that you can use both at home and in a restaurant setting, you should look no further than at the KitchenCraft Master Class Professional Wok. This pan features a heavy-duty 2mm thick carbon steel construction that not only guarantees the durability of the pan but also provides for efficient heat distribution.  Additionally, this pan is incredibly tough such that dropping the wok accidentally in the kitchen will not cause any damage to the pan.

100% induction safe

Due to its high-end carbon steel construction, this KitchenCraft wok is compatible with a wide variety of heat sources. You can use the pan on gas, induction, halogen, ceramic, electric hobs and solid plate cooker tops. This convenience comes in handy as it allows you to use it in any kitchen setting; whether domestic or commercial. What is more amazing about this pan is that you can also place it in the oven and thereby making it ideal for warming cooked foods.

Unlike other pans in the market, this unique pan is dishwasher safe and hence you can easily wash it after every use. Since the pan is designed to last for years, it features a sturdy, solid and durable design and hence is able to withstand the wear and tear associated with heavy-duty food preparation.

Carbon steel design

The carbon steel design in this KitchenCraft Professional Wok provides an authentic taste as well as extra strength for the pan. The high quality 2mm thick carbon steel in the pan is strong and consequently durable for the best performance throughout the years. What is more unique about this steel design is that it absorbs and distributes heat evenly throughout the pan.

The non-stick coat in the pan is durable and does not fall or peel off like in substandard pans. The coating prevents the burning of food especially for beginners. Overall, this wok is designed for use in ever-busy kitchens and even ideal for use with metallic utensils.

  • Perfect pan for heavy-duty use
  • Solid carbon steel design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ideal for use on different cooker tops
  • Comes with a long handle that guarantees the safety of your hands
  • Does not come with a lid

#5. Circulon Infinite Wok- Induction Non-Stick Wok- Best for elegant performance

The Circulon Infinite Wok is arguably the best pan for all your cooking needs.  For starters, the pan comes with a guaranteed quality since the materials used in its construction are extremely resilient and durable. Additionally, the craftsmanship employed in the design and consequent construction of the pan guarantees the practicality and reliability of the wok. Ideally, this pan is designed to help you create and prepare delightful meals.

Elegant performance

This best wok for induction comes with a hard-anodized aluminum and stainless-steel base. The base not only provides for the sturdiness of the pan but also guarantees the steady distribution of heat. This in turn makes cooking easy and effortless and also energy efficient. With this pan, you only have to wait for a few minutes till your food is finely cooked. The best thing about the energy efficiency in this pan is that it eliminates heat wastage thereby saving on your power bills.

The non-stick construction of the pan ensures that the wok makes culinary premium work possible. In addition to this, the construction on the pan guarantees that you can use the pan on induction hobs as well as on other cookers including ovens. This versatility comes in handy when working in a professional kitchen setup.

Sophisticated design

One of the best things about this Circulon Infinite Wok is that it boasts of a sophisticated design. The design of the pan makes it stand out from other woks in the market. Additionally, the stainless-steel handles in the pan are ergonomically designed and boast of a secure grip. As such, you can easily carry your food from the kitchen to the dining table easily and safely.

The wok is effortless to clean as you only need to place it in the dishwasher for a thorough wash. The non-stick interior of the pan also ensures that it is easy to clean after every use.  What is more amazing about this pan is that its durability is guaranteed. This is because the close-fitting lid in the pan is made using stainless steel and hence not prone to breaking like glass lids.

  • Uniquely durable construction
  • Comes with a hard and durable stainless-steel lid
  • Ideal for uses on different heat sources
  • Ergonomically designed handles with secure grips
  • Non-stick construction
  • The lid is not transparent and hence impossible to monitor the cooking progress without having to remove the lid

#6. ProCook Granite Stone Non-Stick Wok-30cm- Best for large induction stir frying

ProCook is a popular brand when it comes to designing and developing the best utensils and cookware. The brand makes functional products with an amazing appeal to its users. True to this, the ProCook Granite Stone Wok features a non-stick interior and is designed to make stir frying a breeze. The deep, curved sides of the pan make this wok to become a versatile cooking pan that is ideal for preparing a wide variety of foods.

Tough and efficient

The ProCook Granite Stone pan boasts of a high quality and premium grade aluminum body that distributes heat all over the pan easily and quickly.  This ensures that the ingredients you have placed in this non-stick wok cook efficiently and evenly. In addition to this, the pan is reinforced with stone thereby creating a uniquely and exceptionally tough surface both inside and outside. The overall construction of the pan lets you prepare delicious meals with minimal cooking oil.

This wok is an ideal choice for preparing East Asian and Chinese foods but even so, it can also be used for braising, boiling, searing, steaming and deep-frying foods. This 30cm pan is sufficiently large for preparing meals for the whole family.

Versatile and convenient

Since this wok is oven safe for up to 180 degree Celsius, you can transfer the wok straight from the stove to the oven. Additionally, you can use the wok for warming your food in the oven.  The thin stainless-steel disc that is expertly bonded onto the base of this granite pan provides for the compatibility of the wok with different cooker tops including electric, gas, halogen, ceramic, induction hobs and solid plate tops.

The wok features a sleek and curved handle that is heat resistant for safe stir-frying while the wok is on the hob. What is more amazing about this handle is that it makes it easy and effortless to move the pan around the kitchen.

  • Large enough for preparing meals for the whole family
  • Boasts of high-end craftsmanship in its construction
  • Versatile and convenient
  • Features a heat-resistant handle
  • Excellent heat distribution
  • Does not come with a lid

What should you consider when choosing the best wok for induction?

Whether you are considering becoming a regular chef or even a once in a while cook, it is necessary to invest in the best quality wok pan. The best wok will improve and polish your meal preparation experience and skills in many ways.  When it comes to pans or even other cutlery, there is usually no substitute for best quality. However, finding the right pan is not as easy like most people presume. There are tons of factors worth consideration. Some of these factors are such as:

Consider material

Woks come in a variety of materials. Each material has its fair share of pros and cons. The best material to settle for is carbon steel. This material is not only incredibly durable but also has excellent heat distribution and retention properties. Additionally, carbon steel features a non-stick surface that enhances the user experience. In addition to this, it does not corrode or rust. As such, it is able to retain its uniqueness for a long time.

Round bottom vs. flat

Woks come in two shapes; flat and round bottoms. Identifying the right shape for you can be quite challenging especially if you do not know the right shape for your cooking style. Round bottoms are a traditional design that is popular for excellent heat distribution when cooking. Flat bottoms on the other hand are a modern design and are uniquely designed for fitting modern cooktops. Flat bottoms are perfect for induction and electric stoves while round bottoms are ideal for use on gas stoves.

Size and shape

Woks just like other cookware come in different sizes and shapes. Ideally, the right shape and size of pan to settle for is purely a personal preference. If you are planning to be preparing meals for a large family, then you should consider investing in a large size wok. Generally, the choice of the shape and size to settle is wholly at your discretion.  However, you should note that oversized woks may be quite hard to manourve around in the kitchen with.

Weight and durability

It is recommendable to avoid investing in excessively heavy woks as they tend to be quite bothersome to use with time. When it comes to durability, you should pay keen attention to the materials used in making the wok of choice. This is because the durability of a pan depends on the quality of materials and design concept employed in the development of the pan. Check reviews online for information and details on the durability of different brands and makes.

Handles and lid

All woks and pans come with heat-resistant and fireproof handles. Some brands feature metallic handles while others come with heavy-duty plastic and silicone handles.  Wood is rarely used in modern woks. Silicone and plastic handles are the best choice due to their durability and are impervious to heat. Metallic handles tend to become uncomfortably hot with time.

For the lids, it is advisable to settle for woks with glass lids as they are transparent and hence allow you to monitor the cooking process. However, glass lids require extra care and attention as they are prone to breaking.


With a wide variety of wok brands currently available in the market, it goes without saying that the pricing of these pans is different. There are brands that cost as little as $30 while others cost in excess of $600. If you are buying these pans for the first time, it is necessary that you have a budget. Use the budget to guide you on the ultimate brand to settle for. A budget saves you the trouble of overspending that can possibly get you into financial crisis.


A high-quality wok will revitalize your cooking skills to the next level. As such, you should take time to research on the perfect wok for you depending on your needs. The goal is to find a pan that will give you the best service for long while at the same time being affordable. The induction cooking method is the latest new thing in cooking and it is only fair that you join this bandwagon. The benefits and advantages attributed to this cooking methods are amazing and unmatched.

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