Is it worth getting cards graded?

The Answer. You should ONLY get your cards graded IF it will increase the value or make the sale of the card(s) easier. … Grading cards costs money. Money that sometimes isn’t returned because the grades assigned to the cards do not improve their value.

How much does it cost to get 100 cards graded?

Estimated (Premium, Express, Standard, Economy)
Service Levels Order Size
Premium – No Sub Grades $125/card
Express $150/card
Express – No Sub Grades $100/card
Standard $50/card

How can I get my cards graded for free?

PSA Photograde™ Online, a free, new online service from Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), helps hobbyists gain a better understanding of the PSA Grading Standards and how they apply to their cards by providing a visual tour. It is easily accessed from the PSA home page,

Can you get card graded in person?

In normal times, you could say in-person grading offers convenience and an expedited service, but there is so much up in the air right now, it’s really tough to say. Please check back when in-person shows resume!

What is the cheapest card grading company?

Cheap Pricing – GMA is by far the cheapest semi-reputable grading company out there right now. With prices as low as $6 per regular card and $5 for certified or pack autograph cards, no one is beating them on pricing.

Why is PSA so expensive?

PSA, the leader in card grading, dramatically changed its prices on Monday as the uptick in the industry left the company with a backlog of an untold millions of cards. Pricing in most areas has doubled. The lowest level, with the slowest service, goes from $10 a card to $20 a card and imposes a 10-card minimum.

Does PSA clean your card?

No they dont clean them and yes it will most likely impact the grade. All they do is review/grade then encase the card. No, their job is to grade your card you’re submitting based on the condition of the card.

How hard is it to get PSA 10?

According to PSA, in order to earn a pristine PSA 10 (or Gem-Mint) rating, the card must be a ‘virtually perfect card’. The corners must be sharp, with no staining and original focus in tact.

Is Beckett or PSA better?

Beckett tends to be the preferred service for new cards, while PSA is an expert when it comes to vintage pieces.

How much does it cost to send a card to PSA?

Card Grading Postage Fees
TOTAL DECLARED VALUE Over $50,000 call for rates
$0 – $100 $25,001 – $50,000
1 – 8 items $15.00 $78.30
9 – 20 items $18.00 $81.30
21 – 50 items $23.00 $84.30

What is a PSA 10?

A PSA Gem Mint 10 card is a virtually perfect card. Attributes include four perfectly sharp corners, sharp focus and full original gloss. A PSA Gem Mint 10 card must be free of staining of any kind, but an allowance may be made for a slight printing imperfection, if it doesn’t impair the overall appeal of the card.

Where is PSA cards located?

PSA is a division of Collectors Universe, which has offices in California, New Jersey, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo. As the only third-party grading service to offer a guarantee on its services, PSA has emerged as the clear leader in authentication and grading for trading cards and other collectibles.

Does PSA do walk ins?

yes, but basically by appointment.

Does PSA work on weekends?

PSA, like millions of other businesses, primarily staffs Monday through Friday. While they don’t outright say they never work on Saturdays, we recommend you don’t bank on it. Because grading is a skilled trade, PSA works within the confines of what working professionals want.

How long is PSA grading taking?

PSA Grading Tips Tricks and Frequently Asked Questions
Service Level Current Turnaround Time (door to door)
Walk Through Approximately 3 weeks
Super Express Approximately 3 weeks
Express Approximately one month.
Regular Service suspended by PSA as of March 30, 2021
Sep 10, 2021

How do you send cards to PSA?

Is PSA grading still open?

In an interview, Nat Turner, the executive chairman of Collector’s Universe, the parent company of PSA, confirmed that submissions for their Express level are now open to the public.

How do you become a PSA grader?

Card Grader

Individual should be detailed oriented, have good organization skills, and be able to focus on cards over long periods of time. Preferred applicant will have one to three years of grading experience as a professional, dealer or collector and the ability to work in a positive team environment.