How many books do Dork Diaries have?

13 volumes
There are 13 volumes in this series. Select the number of items you want to purchase.

Is Dork Diaries 15 the last book?

Release Date. The Long-Awaited Book is almost here! Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Posh Paris Adventure is the 15th book of the Dork Diaries Series. It was originally annouced to be released on October 13th, 2020, however, it was delayed until May 4, 2021, and being delayed again for August 10, 2021.

What was the last dork diary book?

Dork Diaries 14: Tales from a Not-So-Best Friend Forever (14) Hardcover – Illustrated, October 22, 2019.

Is Nikki from Dork Diaries black?

Rachel also intentionally made Nikki and her two best friends ethnically diverse. “Nikki Maxwell is Caucasian, Zoeysha Ebony Franklin is African American and Chloe Christina Garcia is Latina,” Rachel says. “I wanted my readers to see themselves in my books.

Is Zoey from Dork Diaries black?

She is revealed to be African-American in the second book due to her resemblance to Beyoncé .

Does Brandon Roberts like Nikki Maxwell?

Nikki is Brandon’s only known crush. She likes him back and is a VERY supportive friend.

Is Dork Diaries a good book?

The age I would recommend for this book is 10+. So basically this book is for preteens and tweens. I would also recommend this book for people having a hard time dealing with people in school, or are being bullied. They can then compare to Nikki, the main Character.

Is Dork Diaries a movie?

The 8th grade adventures of Nikki Maxwell are finally coming to the big screen as Summit Entertainment announces a new franchise based on Rachel Renee Russell’s popular Ya novel series Dork Diaries. No director is in place, and casting is underway.

Can a 14 year old read Dork Diaries?

When you read the fine print on the back cover of the book, it says that Dork Diaries is for ages 9-13. … But Dork Diaries is for anyone who enjoys it! Kid, teen, adult, even grandma!

Who in Dork Diaries is black?

“Nikki Maxwell is Caucasian, Zoeysha Ebony Franklin is African-American and Chloe Christina Garcia is Latina,” Rachel says. “I wanted my readers to see themselves in my books. I also have characters who are of Asian and Jewish ancestries, and one uses a wheelchair.”

What grade is Nikki in Dork Diaries?

eighth grade
Meet Nikki Maxwell! She’s starting eighth grade at a new school—and her very first diary packed with hilarious stories and art.

Is there a dork diaries 15?

Dork Diaries 15. Nikki Maxwell deals with the trials and triumphs of middle school in this fifteenth installment of the #1 New York Times bestselling Dork Diaries series!

Is Dork Diaries a girl book?

Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Popular Party Girl Hardcover – Illustrated, June 8, 2010. Find all the books, read about the author, and more.

What age is Nikki Maxwell?

The series, written in a diary format, uses drawings, doodles, and comic strips to chronicle the daily life of its 14-year-old protagonist, Nikki Maxwell.

What Colour is Nikki Maxwell’s hair?

What color is Nikki Maxwell’s hair and what does she look like? Brown hair with green eyes and dark lashes, slightly taller than Mackenzie.

What is Brandon’s last name in Dork Diaries?

Brandon Roberts
Brandon Roberts | The Dork Diaries Wiki | Fandom.

Is Dork Diaries I love Paris out yet?

(Volume 15) Hardcover – 9 Nov. 2021.

Does Nikki Maxwell have green eyes?

Physical Traits. Nikki has shoulder-length hair that is usually put in pigtails and wavy bangs parted to the sides. She also wears her hair down, in braids, pigtails or up into a ponytail. In some foreign editions, she is shown to have brown hair and green eyes on the cover.

Do Nikki and Brandon date in Dork Diaries?

Brandon stands up and goes into Nikki’s line. He gives her $5 and kisses her on the lips in front of everyone. It is possible that they are now dating.

What does Mackenzie look like in Dork Diaries?

Appearance. Mackenzie has blonde hair and icy blue eyes. … It is said that she wears blonde hair extensions and sometimes gets spray-on tans, which she calls her “flawless complexion”. She is known for sashaying (walking in a strut-like yet casual way, which annoys Nikki).

What Colour is Chloe’s hair in Dork Diaries?

Chloe Garcia
No Title
Friends Nikki Maxwell Zoey Franklin Marcy Simms Brandon Roberts Marcus Theodore L. Swagmire III Jenny (In book 2)
Social Status Student
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown

How old is Brandon Roberts?

It’s strange but doable. In the Dork Diaries book series Number 5 at Tales From A NOT-SO Smart Miss-Know-It-All, it’s Brandon’s birthday so he’s 15.

How do you draw Nikki Maxwell?

Are Nikki and MacKenzie friends?

They both go to WCD and strongly dislike each other as MacKenzie keeps humiliating Nikki. Their hatred is extremely obviously connected to the fact that they both have a huge crush on Brandon Roberts. In book 11, both characters formed a short-lived friendship.

What is Nikki Maxwell’s mom’s name?

Mrs. Maxwell
Maxwell is the mother of Nikki and Brianna Maxwell and has appeared in every book so far. Nikki describes her mother as “brain deceased”, although she loves her anyway. Mrs.