Why can I not change my Etsy shop name?

Once a shop name has been used on an open shop, it can’t be used again. Searching on Etsy isn’t an effective way to see if a name is available, since it may be connected to a closed shop. … You also won’t be able to use a shop name that you’ve previously used on another account, even if that account is closed.

How many times can you change your shop name on Etsy?

Keep in mind, once the shop goes live, you can only change the shop name, information, and appearance up to five times. Furthermore, if you have already used the shop name once, you can’t use it again later.

How do you change your name on Etsy mobile?

To change your name:
  1. Go to You > Account settings > Public profile.
  2. Click Change or Remove in the Your Name field.
  3. Enter your first and last name.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Can I rebrand my Etsy shop?

Keep in mind, you can only instantly change your Etsy shop name once. For any additional shop name changes, you’ll need to contact Etsy Support. Read Changing Your Shop Name for more information.

How do I edit my Etsy shop?

Sign in to Etsy.com. On your public shop homepage, click the listing you’d like to edit. At the top of the listing page, click Listing Tools. Click Edit.

Do you have to use your real name on Etsy?

Showing your full name is always optional. You don’t need to enter a full name and you can always remove your name from your profile completely. If you choose not to provide a full name, we will show your username to represent you as a person.” The post notes that real names will not be displayed for past activity.

Can you change what you sell in your Etsy shop?

No. Each shop name on Etsy can only be registered once. Even if an Etsy shop closes, you can’t reuse its name. If a shop name that you want to use is already in use, you’ll need to choose a different name.

What is an Etsy shop title?

Your Etsy shop title Your shop title is a bit of text that appears under your shop name on your shop homepage. It can be up to 55 characters. Your shop title will also become the “page title” for your shop page. This is the text a person sees in the search engine that links to your shop.

Where is Etsy shop manager?

As you’ve no doubt noticed, when you open Shop Manager (by clicking the Shop Manager link that appears along the top of any Etsy Marketplace page), the Shop Manager dashboard appears.

What happens if an Etsy shop owner dies?

If you’re an estate executor or next of kin, please know that Etsy takes account privacy very seriously, even after a member has passed away. While we’re unable to offer access to a deceased member’s account, we can work with you to close the account and, in some cases, provide certain content from the account.

How do I hide my Etsy shop?

How to make your favorite shops private
  1. Go to your Favorites page.
  2. Click the Shops tab.
  3. Click Edit on the right and choose Only I can see my favorite shops.

How do I categorize my Etsy shop?

How to add items to a shop section
  1. On Etsy.com, click Shop Manager.
  2. Click Listings.
  3. Click the checkbox of the listings you want in a specific section.
  4. Click Editing options.
  5. Click Change section.
  6. Select the new section you want to add these listings to.
  7. Click Apply.

Can you share an Etsy shop with someone?

You can’t. Etsy rules are that each shop must be owned by one person.

Can an Etsy shop have two owners?

Well, good news! Etsy does allow you to have more than one shop per person – but not per account. Each Etsy account can only have one email address and shop at a time. This can be frustrating for some small business owners who want to have more than one account – but can’t have them all in one place.

How do you add people to your Etsy shop?

Re: Adding a user/staff account

There is currently no way to do so. The only thing you can do is give them your password, but then they will have access to everything (viz., your finances).

Can I sell an Etsy shop?

Per the terms of use etsy shops are not transferable to another person. You could sell your business as a whole but the new owner would likely have to open a whole new shop and start from scratch.

How do I know if my Etsy name is taken?

To find out whether your desired name is available on Etsy, you have to type it in during the shop creation process and click “Check Availability.”

How old do you have to be to sell on Etsy?

18 years of ageAll Etsy account owners must be at least 18 years of age, as stated in Etsy’s Terms of Use. Individuals under the age of 18 are considered minors on Etsy. A minor may not create their own Etsy account, regardless of whether they intend to buy or sell on Etsy.