Where is Jeff Booth on 10TV?

From there Jeff moved to WLIO in Lima, Ohio taking on weekday morning weather duties.

What happened to Ross Caruso?

Caruso currently serves as a meteorologist at WBNS-TV since October 2017. Prior, he was a Weekday Evening Meteorologist at WHIZ Media Group Southeastern Ohio Broadcasting Company. He is also teaching himself computer programming. It is known that Ross is psyched to now work for a place that has drones.

Who is chief meteorologist at WBNS?

Ashlee BaracyAshlee Baracy: WBNS-10TV Chief Meteorologist | 10tv.com.

Is Jerry Revish retiring?

Revish announced on Thursday, August 22, 2019 that he would be retiring in November. His last air date on WBNS-10TV was on November 27, 2019. … Retiring from WBNS, he will focus on his church, traveling with his wife, and spending more time with his children and grandchildren.

How old is Ross Caruso?

22-year-oldRoss Caruso is a 22-year-old from Grove City, Pa., and a senior at Penn State.

Who is Ross Caruso engaged to?

Emily McGuire and Ross Caruso’s Wedding Website – The Knot.

Who is Ashlee Baracy married to?

Ashlee, her husband Jeff, and little Carter are all doing well.

Where is Karina Nova?

Karina currently serves as the morning co-anchor of Wake Up CBUS weekday mornings on WBNC 10Tv based in Columbus, Ohio.