What does Jon B do now?

These days, Jon splits his time between his passion for music and his family. The 43-years-old handsome man married to an African American woman named Danette Jackson back in 2007, and now they have two beautiful daughters, L’Wren, 10 and Azure, 4.

Who is Jon B married to?

Danette Jackson
m. 2007
Jon B./Spouse

Who is R&B singer Jon B?

Jonathan David Buck
Jon B, otherwise known as Jonathan David Buck, is a Grammy nominated American R&B singer and songwriter originally from Pasadena, California. Jonathon used to be a songwriter and wrote songs prior to his rise to fame for a variety of artists including After 7, Toni Braxton, Michael Jackson, Color Me Badd and others.

What is John B net worth?

Jon B.
Net Worth: $4 Million
Date of Birth: Nov 11, 1974 (47 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Record producer, Singer, Composer, Multi-instrumentalist, Singer-songwriter, Songwriter
Nationality: United States of America

Who are Jon B kids?

Azure Luna Buck

L’wren True Buck

Jon B./Children

How old is the singer Jon B?

47 years (November 11, 1974)
Jon B./Age

Who is Jon B parents?

Linda Buck

David Buck

Jon B./Parents

What is Baby Faces net worth?

$200 Million
Babyface Net Worth: Babyface, born Kenneth Brian Edmonds, is an American R&B musician, singer-songwriter, and record producer who has a net worth of $200 million.

Babyface Net Worth.
Net Worth: $200 Million
Date of Birth: Apr 10, 1959 (62 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)

How old is Kenny Babyface Edmonds?

62 years (April 10, 1959)
Babyface has split from his wife. The 62-year-old singer – whose real name is Kenneth Edmonds – and Nicole Pantenburg have gone their separate ways after seven years of marriage but will always remain bonded by their “eternal love” for their daughter, 12-year-old Peyton Nicole.

What nationality is John B?

Jon B./Nationality

What age is Robin Thicke?

44 years (March 10, 1977)
Robin Thicke/Age

Who is Tracey Edmonds husband?

m. 1992–2005
Tracey Edmonds/Husband

Who is Kenny Babyface Edmonds married to?

Nicole Pantenburg

m. 2014
Tracey Edmonds

m. 1992–2005

Who was Babyface first wife Denise?

Babyface married his first wife, Denise during his young adult years. In 1990, Babyface met Tracey Edmonds when she auditioned for the music video for his song “Whip Appeal”. They married on September 5, 1992, and have two sons, Brandon and Dylan.

Did Deion marry Tracey Edmonds?

The couple, now engaged, have been together for nine years and consider their home to be the ranch they own in Canton, Texas.

Is Tracey Edmonds married to Deion Sanders?

Sanders, hailing from both the NFL and MLB, and Edmonds a major businesswoman and Hollywood producer, are the textbook definition of a power couple. The couple has been together for nine years and is engaged.

Is baby face still married?

Edmonds and Pantenburg, 48, announced their separation earlier in July, telling PEOPLE in a joint statement: “After much thought and with great sadness, we have decided to end our marriage.”

What nationality is Tracey?

Tracey Edmonds/Nationality
Los Angeles, California, U.S. Tracey Elaine Edmonds (née McQuarn; born February 18, 1967) is an American businesswoman, television producer and personality.

Who is Deion Sander wife?

Pilar Sanders

m. 1999–2013
Carolyn Chambers

m. 1989–1998
Deion Sanders/Wife

Who is Pilar Sanders engaged to?

J Prince
The past is now very much the past since the 45-year-old has low-key announced her engagement to J Prince on Instagram. A recent share sees Pilar showing off a flashy diamond ring on her special finger, with a caption that reads: “When you manifest the vision that others said was impossible.”

Who owns Edmonds Entertainment?

Tracey Edmonds
Tracey Edmonds has created and produced groundbreaking projects for television, film, music, and digital media. She served as co-host of Extra TV alongside Mario Lopez and Charissa Thompson for 3 years, where she earned an Emmy Award. Edmonds currently serves as CEO and President of Edmonds Entertainment.