What breeds make up a Mi-Ki dog?

This breed looks like a cross between a Japanese Chin, a Maltese, and a Papillon because it has a very small stature with long, flowing hair, and feathered ears. This breed combines aspects from many different toy breeds, but it has a look and a personality that is all its own.

How much does a Mi-Ki dog cost?

People may be surprised that the cost of a Mi-ki puppy is $3,100 or more (breeding rights are an additional $1,500.) But any well-bred dog from a reputable breeder is going to be relatively expensive initially.

How big do Mi-Ki dogs get?

about 11 inches
The Mi-ki dog (pronounced Mee-Kee) is a tiny dog who only reaches about 11 inches in height and weighs in at around 10 pounds. They are a ball of furry fun with a great temperament. Friendly and affectionate, they LOVE people and are good with strangers and children alike.

What are Mi-Ki puppies?

The Mi-Ki (pronounced Mee-Kee) is a rare, toy breed dog selectively bred for calm companionship and an engaging personality. The breed was introduced in the USA in the late 1980’s. … Mi-Kis are purebred dogs. They are not hybrid or designer dogs.

Do Mi-Ki Dogs shed?

Renowned for his gentle nature, the Mi-Ki is calm, adaptable, and delightfully Gremlin-like (remember Hollywood’s 1984 movie Gremlins?) in appearance. His coat is also low-shedding: a benefit for allergy sufferers and vacuum cleaners alike.

What is the lifespan of a Mi-Ki dog?

A Miki dog life expectancy is somewhere from 13-15 years. This is considered to be a fairly long life for such a small dog.

Are Mi-Ki Dogs easy to potty train?

Training a Small Breed Dog

There are special considerations when training a dog or puppy of small stature. Mi-kis are intuitive, smart, and eager to please, so you’ll find it surprisingly easy to train them. … Always throw a little party for your puppy when they use their potty pad or go where you want them to.

Is Mi-Ki an AKC?

The Mi-Ki: Charming, Intelligent, Affectionate. The Mi-Ki breed is a playful small dog that has been bred mixing 3 small dogs: the Maltese, the Papillon, and the Japanese Chin. The breed is not an AKC recognized breed and is classified now as a “Rare Dog Breed”.

What breed is Mickey?

Trivia. Mickey is a male, white and brown Shih Tzu dog. He is J-Hope’s dog and only pet.