Where is the best place to get keycaps?

Amazon is the first place we recommend checking out if you need a simple upgrade. You can find a low-price set of PBT keycaps to replace your factory ABS keycaps or even pick out a cheap set of pudding keycaps. If you want the really nice keycaps, you’ll have better luck on a different site.

Can you buy keycaps for any keyboard?

Keycap customization is typically limited to mechanical keyboards. … However, not all mechanical keyboards are the same. Different companies use different mechanical switches to build their keyboard, and not every switch is compatible with every type of keycap.

How do I buy the right keycaps?

When checking if your keyboard is standard layout, you mainly need to look at the bottom row key sizes. For the standard layout, the bottom row keys are typically 1.25u, and the spacebar is typically 6.25u. Before buying a keycap set, always double check the keycap sizes.

What is the average price for keycaps?

Usually a budget keycap set will be in the $20-30 range, while an upper-end keycap set can go for $100-400. Budget keycaps can get the job done well, but they may have small imperfections. Higher-end keycaps, such as GMK, will usually be thicker, come in a more unique designs, and feel great to type on.

How do I install new keycaps?

Why keycaps are so expensive?

Custom Keycaps Come From a Limited Number of Manufacturers

These small batches remove the economy of scale present in almost all retail products. This drives the price up, since the sets need to be designed and made on custom equipment.

Are expensive keycaps worth it?

Even if you purchase GMK keycaps and don’t like them, you can often resell them for a price that’s equal-to or more expensive the price you bought them at. … As long as there is a demand for luxury keycaps, the GMK keycaps will be worth the price. The quality is very precise, although they get shiny after heavy use.

What are Kat keycaps?

KAT is an ultra-smooth, mid-sized profile with sculpted keycaps that slot somewhere between SA keycaps and Cherry keycaps in terms of overall design. … KAT is constructed with thick plastic, which gives off a hollow, chattering-like sound with each stroke of a keycap.

What does GMMK stand for?

Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard
The Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard (GMMK) is the world’s first mechanical keyboard featuring hot-swappable switches for Cherry, Gateron, and Kailh branded switches.

Why do people buy key caps?

They’re sought by mechanical keyboard aficionados who want to make their device extra-special. Custom keycaps are manufactured keycaps made for mechanical keyboards according to the customer’s or company’s design. … Basically, custom keycaps are way more awesome than people realize.

Do Key Caps make a difference?

But they will affect the way your keyboard feels. Not heavier, not lighter, not more tactile, but different to type on. I guess taller stems/caps could cause worse off center presses, but that would just make the switches scratchier and heavier. Of course, There is a lot of difference depending on height and material.

Does EPBT shine?

epbt is a bit more texture and has more of a “grip”. It will not shine near as fast as GMK will.

What is ePBT keycaps?

ePBT: is short for enjoyPBT – they’re a keycap designer/manufacturer and create different sets of keycaps (slightly confusingly not all out of PBT) OEM: this is the keycap profile – i.e the shape/height of the caps across the keyboard rows. ePBT sets are generally cherry profile. OEM profile caps are slightly higher.

What company makes keycaps?

Pimp My Keyboard (PMK), a Signature Plastics LLC company, is a small, family-owned business located in beautiful Custer, WA, about 120 miles north of Seattle. For more than 40 years, Signature Plastics has been a leading producer of keycaps and other plastic computer components.

Do keycaps change the sound?

When you press the key all the way down, also known as bottom-out, the keycap stem will hit the switch box. This produces the infamous and most noisy “clack” sound. … Furthermore, if you use particular thick keycaps, such as ABS double-shot or PBT keycaps, it will alter the sound produced.

What are EnjoyPBT keycaps?

Enjoypbt keycaps, a little bit of flex and delicate touch. Made of abs and keycap, durable and firm to use. The keycaps are designed according to ergonomics, ergonomic laddershaped keycaps and oem height, with smooth lines.

Are PBT and OEM the same?

Generally, OEM profile keycaps found on stock mechanical keyboards are made of a thin ABS plastic. However, big companies such as Razer and HyperX also sell PBT keycaps that are OEM profile. On Amazon, it is common to find custom keycap sets in PBT as well with different designs.

Is ePBT enjoy PBT?

EnjoyPBT is a Chinese based company which has been focusing on clones of Cherry profile keycaps since a few years. … Their keycaps are from thick PBT Plastic in Cherry Profile.

What is cherry profile?

Cherry profile: a keycap design similar in shape and size to OEM profile, but slightly shorter. … Usually easier to find and less expensive than artisan keycaps. OEM profile: The standard keycap profile for most sets and keyboards.

Are ePBT good?

However, ePBT are still good on their own, and even good value if you need extended layouts and a huge number of keys in certain sets. [Other ePBT sets are cheaper if they are just 104/108/110-key.

What are Dolch keycaps?

Originally a color scheme selected by Dolch Computer Systems for their portable computer stations, this dark and earthy color scheme combines computer history with elegant aesthetic. These doubleshot keycaps are manufactured by Signature Plastics, and have sturdy legends that last the life of the key.