Who Wins Naruto Or Meliodas

Can Naruto beat Meliodas?

Since Naruto mainly relies on ninjutsu, Meliodas can easily beat him.

Who can beat Naruto?

19 Characters Who Are Way More Powerful Than Naruto

  • 1 Sasuke Uchiha. It became obvious early during the story of Naruto that the series would conclude with a battle between Naruto and Sasuke.
  • 2 Momoshiki Otsutsuki. …
  • 3 Danzo Shimura. …
  • 4 Kaguya Otsutsuki. …
  • 5 Choji Akimichi. …
  • 6 Deidara. …
  • 7 Madara Uchiha. …
  • 8 The Remaining Tailed Beasts. …

Who can beat Meliodas?

Zeldris is a powerful demon with numerous dangerous skills such as Hellblaze, God, and Ominous Nebula. These abilities grant Zeldris incredible destructive force making him hard to beat for anybody, including Meliodas.

Can Goku beat Meliodas?

Goku would easily win in a fight against Melodias. While Melodias certainly is powerful and has enormous powers, he is nothing compared to Goku’s powers, especially in the new seasons of the anime.

Who can Naruto not beat?

Here are 5 characters that Naruto Uzumaki could never beat and 5 that he absolutely crushed in battle.. 10 Couldn’t Defeat: Jigen. … 9 Crushed: Pain. … 8 Couldn’t Defeat: Madara Uchiha. … 7 Crushed: Obito Uchiha. … 6 Couldn’t Defeat: Kaguya Otsutsuki. … 5 Crushed: Gaara. … 4 Couldn’t Defeat: Orochimaru. … 3 Crushed: Delta.

Who can beat Naruto in anime?

20 Overpowered Anime Characters That Are Stronger Than Naruto. 20 Saitama – One Punch Man. … 19 Son Goku – Dragon Ball Z. … 18 Monkey D. … 17 Isaac Netero – Hunter X Hunter. … 16 Ban – Seven Deadly Sins. … 15 Mob – Mob Psycho 100. … 14 Jotaro Kujo – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. … 13 Light Yagami – Death Note.

Can DEKU beat Meliodas?

In short current Deku would get destroyed as Meliodas in his base demon form not only beats him in speed and raw power but also has many forms that can counter Deku’s every move. Additionally, he can also advance into levels which increase his physical strength, endurance and speed by orders of magnitude.

What anime character can Meliodas beat?

When he has embraced his demon form, Meliodas is strong enough to defeat Escanor. Though their canon battle yielded different results, this was only because it had conveniently become noon just as the former captain was preparing to kill him.

Can Ban beat Meliodas?

But ban can steal meliodas his power and beat him. Also with the fight against the demon king meliodas, ban held his own but he didn’t steal power even once.

Who will win between Goku and Meliodas?

Goku wins without effort. In season three of the seven deadly sins we got power levels, and assuming that these can translate ROUGHLY to the DB universe then we can place meliodas roughly around the beginning of the namek saga. Based on power scaling it’s likely that this would work based explosion sizes.

Who can beat Goku in any anime?

These are 25 anime characters that are able to destroy Goku without making a dent.. MEPHISTO PHELES (BLUE EXORCIST) Can defeat Kakarot with circumstances. … Shigeo Kageyama, from Mob Psycho 100 Can defeat our saiyan with circumstances. … LAIN (SERIAL EXPERIMENTS) … KAMI TENCHI (TENCHI MUYO) … Eri of My Hero Academia.

Who would win Goku or Kratos?

Kratos can’t win. Goku and Vegeta are both easily capable of planet busting. Kratos is only a demigod and he’s not by any means immortal (he’s died twice already).

Who can defeat Naruto in Naruto?

Naruto Uzumaki is the Seventh Hokage of Konohagakure and the strongest shinobi to ever exist in the Naruto series, with Sasuke Uchiha being the only one close to him in terms of power.

Is Naruto the strongest anime character ever?

It should come as no surprise that, as the series ends, Naruto Uzumaki is one of the most powerful characters. Boasting both full synergies with the Nine-Tailed Fox and the Six Paths Sage Mode, taking down Naruto is a feat that only a single character could do alone.

Who all can Deku beat?

My Hero Academia: 5 Anime Protagonists Deku Can Beat (& 5 He Cannot). 3 CAN’T BEAT: LUFFY.4 CAN BEAT: TANJIRO KAMADO. … 5 CAN’T BEAT: NARUTO. … 6 CAN BEAT: GON FREECSS. … 7 CAN’T BEAT: NATSU. … 8 CAN BEAT: BORUTO. … 9 CAN’T BEAT: RIMURU TEMPEST. … 10 CAN BEAT: BAKI HANMA. Baki is the main character of the series Baki The Grappler. …

Can Meliodas beat all might?

Meliodas possesses the ability known as Full Counter or Revenge Counter. Both of these abilities ensure that Meliodas can unleash the attacks that he tanked with twice the power. Meliodas has got so much in his locker All Might is not winning against him in any way.

Is Meliodas the most powerful anime character?

The Dragon’s Sin of Wrath, Meliodas is the son of the Demon King and is as strong as he is durable. Possessing monstrous strength, command over the flames of hell, the ability to reflect any magic, and a cursed immortality; Meliodas is perhaps the strongest character in The Seven Deadly Sins and anime in general.

Who is stronger than Meliodas?

10 Stronger: Supreme Deity The Supreme Deity created the Celestial Realm and the Goddess Clan in her image. While she rarely battles, the Supreme Deity’s strength in a fight is startling, as confirmed by her ability to effectively overwhelm and defeat Meliodas in the Holy War.

Can Naruto beat up Meliodas?

Since Naruto mainly relies on ninjutsu, Meliodas can easily beat him.

Who is the strongest character in anime?

The 12 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time. 8 Yhwach (Bleach) … 7 Kaguya Otsutsuki (Naruto) … 6 Muzan Kibutsuji (Demon Slayer) … 5 Tetsuo Shima (Akira) … 4 Anos Voldigoad (The Misfit of Demon King Academy) … 3 Giorno Giovanna (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) … 2 Son Goku (Dragon Ball) … 1 Saitama (One Punch Man)

Is ban the strongest sin?

The sin of Greed, Ban is first on the list. Represented by the symbol of the Fox, he has a combat class of 3,220. Ban has 1,380 in magic, 930 in strength and 910 in spirit.

Who can beat Meliodas in anime?

5 Characters That Could Easily Beat Meliodas. ESCANOR.MAEL.LUDOCIEL.ZELDRIS.DEMON KING.

Does Ban Fight Meliodas?

Ban is a battle between Dragon’s Sin of Wrath, Meliodas and Fox’s Sin of Greed, Ban of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Who can beat ban Seven Deadly Sins?

Seven Deadly Sins: 5 Characters Who Can Defeat Ban (& 5 Who Can’t)

  • 1 Would Lose – Derieri. Derieri’s skillset is virtually a perfect counter to Ban’s own.
  • 2 Could Beat – Twigo. …
  • 3 Would Lose – Gowther. …
  • 4 Could Beat – Matrona. …
  • 5 Would Lose – Estarossa. …
  • 6 Could Beat – Escanor. …
  • 7 Would Lose – Chandler. …
  • 8 Could Beat – Gilthunder. …

Does Goku solo Meliodas?

Goku vs Meliodas POWER LEVELS (Over The years) – YouTube – Time: 6:048:02 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfphicbNzgA

Who can win against Goku?

SAITAMA (ONE PUNCH MAN) can beat goku with its brute force.

What anime characters can beat Meliodas?

5 Characters That Could Easily Beat Meliodas. ESCANOR.MAEL.LUDOCIEL.ZELDRIS.DEMON KING.

Who can beat Kratos?

Weakling: 15 Characters Who Could Pulverize Kratos. 15 Dante – Devil May Cry.14 The Incredible Hulk – Ultimate Destruction.13 Gene – Godhand.12 Enoch – El Shaddai Ascension Of The Metatron.11 Conan The Barbarian – Age Of Conan.10 Kazuya Mishima – Tekken.9 Mewtwo -Pokémon.8 War – Darksiders.

Can Zeus beat Goku?

Also, Can Zeus beat Goku? Zeus is king of the gods and has the strength, power, and durability to prove it, but the gods introduced in Blood of Zeus pale in comparison to Beerus. Though Goku is still unable to defeat the god of destruction, he would certainly defeat Zeus.

Can Kratos beat ultra instinct Goku?

Because Goku can, with one finger, while sleeping. Goku is way stronger and faster than Kratos. A single hit from Goku will kill Kratos.

What God is stronger than Goku?

All Dragon Ball Z fans know who Zen-Oh is, and they are well aware of just how powerful this character really is. This article wouldn’t be complete without him, and yes, he is obviously much more powerful than Goku. Zen-Oh might not look like much, but his is the Omni-King of the entire Multiverse.

Who beat Naruto in a fight?

Sasuke was able to knock Naruto to the ground with his lightning-style jutsu, and when Naruto tapped into some of the Nine-Tails’ chakra, Sasuke seemingly entered Naruto’s mind and dispersed the Tailed Beast’s chakra with ease.

Who is the strongest anime character ever?

The 12 Strongest Anime Characters of All Time

  • 1 Saitama (One Punch Man)
  • 2 Son Goku (Dragon Ball) …
  • 3 Giorno Giovanna (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) …
  • 4 Anos Voldigoad (The Misfit of Demon King Academy) …
  • 5 Tetsuo Shima (Akira) …
  • 6 Muzan Kibutsuji (Demon Slayer) …
  • 7 Kaguya Otsutsuki (Naruto) …
  • 8 Yhwach (Bleach) …

Is Naruto the strongest anime character?

With unrivaled amounts of chakra flowing through his body in addition to the Nine-Tailed beast sealed inside of him, Naruto is easily one of the strongest characters in the entire series.

What anime character can beat Naruto?

Jotaro Kujo, the third main protagonist in the long-running JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime and manga, would easily defeat Naruto by utilizing his Star Platinum Stand ability.

Who is stronger than Deku in MHA?

1 All Might All Might is certainly the strongest character in the world of My Hero Academia so far. Born Quirkless just like Izuku, All Might received the power of One For All from his mentor, Nana Shimura.

Can Deku defeat All For One?

1 Deku Never Will Beat: All For One As it stands right now, Deku will never win against All For One. Not the version we’ve seen him in, at least. All For One is constantly shifting, thanks to his ability to take quirks. That means we will never get to see Deku face the version of All For One that cost his mentor so.

Can Deku beat Class A?

With Deku weakened and all of Class 1-A out in the open, All For One could simply capture Deku by force, or take one of his classmates hostage. Class 1-A is made up of strong, determined and reliable young heroes. Deku has no chance against all of them, especially since he’s on the verge of passing out.

Can Deku beat Tanjiro?

Tanjiro would win, because Deku have no way of killing Tanjiro. Deku may be stronger but in the end Tanjiro would win by stamina or landing a hit at Deku, which have poison that would kill Deku.

What is Meliodas’s true power level?

I just wanted to. After his revival, his ‘normal’ power level was at 60,000. After his revival, his ‘normal’ power level was at 60,000. Before regaining his true power meliodas has a power level of 3,750 then he regains his true power having a power level of 32,500 but meliodas seems like he is much more powerful.

Who can beat Meliodas in seven deadly sins?

Here are characters he can easily defeat and some that he might not quite be ready for.

  • 1 DERIERI (CAN’T) Derieri was known as the Purity during her time as a member of the Ten Commandments.
  • 2 DEMON KING (CAN) …
  • 3 BAN (CAN’T) …
  • 4 ZELDRIS (CAN) …
  • 5 GOWTHER (CAN’T) …
  • 6 LUDOCIEL (CAN) …
  • 7 DIANE (CAN’T) …
  • 8 MAEL (CAN) …

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