Why does water have a high heat of vaporization quizlet?

Water has a high heat of vaporization (580 cal/g) because a large amount of heat is needed to break the hydrogen bonds holding water molecules together.

What does a high heat of vaporization mean?

One unique property of water is its high heat of vaporization. Heat of vaporization refers to the energy required to convert one gram of liquid into a gas at boiling point. … The dominant intramolecular force that leads to this high heat of vaporization in water is hydrogen bonding.

Which of the following best explains why water has a high heat of vaporization?

Which best explains why water has a high specific heat? Hydrogen bonds increase the amount of energy that is required for the temperature to change.

Why does water have a relatively high boiling point and heat of vaporization?

So despite its small molecular weight, water has an incredibly big boiling point. This is because water requires more energy to break its hydrogen bonds before it can then begin to boil.

What is heat of vaporization of water?

Structure and Properties of Water

The heat of vaporization of water is the highest known. The heat of vaporization is defined as the amount of heat needed to turn 1 g of a liquid into a vapor, without a rise in the temperature of the liquid.

What does heat of vaporization depend on?

point and a high latent heat of vaporization compared with other liquids; that is, it takes considerable heat to turn liquid water into steam, which is available when the steam is condensed. The boiling point and the heat of vaporization both depend on ambient pressure.

How does heat of vaporization related to boiling point?

Latent heat of vaporization and boiling point are both chemical properties related to the bond strength of the molecule. In general, the higher the boiling point is, the higher the heat of vaporization will be.

Why latent heat of vaporization of water is higher than fusion?

The latent heat of vaporization is higher than the latent heat of fusion since gas molecules have the largest intermolecular space and the force of attraction between the molecules is almost negligible. Therefore, more energy is required to convert liquid to gas.

Why is high heat of vaporization important to ecosystems?

Describe the importance of high heat of vaporization to ecosystems. It moderates the temperature of fluctuations on Earth, allowing for a favorable environment. . A large amount of solar heat is consumed by evaporation of surface water.

Why the heat of vaporization is higher in value as compared to the heat of fusion of different substances?

Notice that for all substances, the heat of vaporization is substantially higher than the heat of fusion. Much more energy is required to change the state from a liquid to a gas than from a solid to a liquid. This is because of the large separation of the particles in the gas state.

What causes water to vaporize?

Evaporation happens when a liquid substance becomes a gas. When water is heated, it evaporates. The molecules move and vibrate so quickly that they escape into the atmosphere as molecules of water vapor. … Heat from the sun, or solar energy, powers the evaporation process.