No Game No Life Season 2: Is It Confirmed Or Not?

As the first season of No Game No Life came to an end, many fans were wondering if there would be a second season of the anime. A lot of people were worried that it was going to be canceled, but thankfully, it wasn’t. So, what do we know about the second season of the anime series No Game No Life? Keep reading and find out the answer!

As of now, no announcements have been made regarding the second season of “No Game No Life,” which will be released. 

Will There Be No Game No Life Season 2?

A beautiful scene from No game no life anime
A beautiful scene from No game no life anime

Until now, the closest thing to a continuation has been the 2017 animated film No Game No Life: Zero. The movie is an adaptation of the sixth volume of the light novel, which is a prequel to the anime. Unfortunately, despite the franchise still being highly popular and successful, there isn’t a Season 2. 

The light novel’s publication schedule has primarily caused this. Only six novels were available when the first season debuted, and the final one didn’t even directly carry on the plot. 

Therefore, a lengthy hiatus between Season 1 and a prospective Season 2 is reasonable.

Due to the unpleasant health issues Yuu Kamiya experienced while creating the series, he decided to start out by turning it into a light novel rather than an illustration-heavy manga. Subsequently 2018, a new light novel volume has probably not been released due to these health problems, which have since gotten worse. 

Therefore, a second season of the anime won’t have much material to adapt if the creators are worried about falling behind the source material once more. The release of more light novels from the series is, therefore, necessary for No Game No Life to have a Season 2.

No Game No Life Season 2 release date

Although there haven’t been any cancellations or renewals yet, we made some assumptions regarding a new season above by taking into account the key variables affecting the choice of a second season. We thus believe that a new season of “No Game No Life” is unavoidable.

The light novel serves as sufficient background information, and a sizable fan following is still waiting for the next season. Anime typically takes a year to produce. In 2023–2024, a new season could debut. However, a season must first be confirmed. As new, verified information becomes available, and we will update this post.

No Game No Life Season 2 Trailer

Because the second season of this anime has not yet been announced for 2022, there is no trailer to view for either season 2 or season 3.

In contrast, if you enjoy this series, check out this trailer for the film No Game No Life: Zero.

What Can We Expect From No Game No Life Season 2?

It is likely that the plot of “No Game No Life” Season 2 will follow the same pattern as the light novel or manga if it is ever produced. Between the anime’s completion and the beginning of the film, two more books of untold material remain since the anime stopped adapting the light novel at volume three.

After defeating the Eastern Federation and uniting the Elkian Empire, Shiro and Sora ended Season 1. The group rapidly conjures a strong deity in an effort to challenge them in a game. While there are some differences between this conclusion and the light novel, they are not significant enough to prohibit Season 2 from continuing where it left off.

If this is the case, “No Game No Life” Season 2 will follow Sora and Shiro as they proceed to capture the country of the dhampir and sirens. In a strange twist, though, their assignment necessitates that they participate in a love game where they must enter a Siren Princess’s dream in order to win her heart.

What Will The Cast Of No Game No Life Season 2 Be Like?

There are many rumors about the plot of anime
There are many rumors about the plot of anime

Since the cast for “No Game No Life” Season 2 hasn’t yet been disclosed, no official information is available. But it seems to sense that for Season 2, the original Season 1 voice actors would come back and perform the same parts. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Ai Kayano, who serve as the main voices for the protagonists Sora and Shiro, are included here, together with Scott Gibbs and Caitlynn French from the English dub. However, it’s equally conceivable that this won’t be the case.

Given the ambiguities, any possible competitors’ identities would be as enigmatic as anything else. The outcome of the entire scenario, including the release date, depends entirely on Madhouse’s decision to revive the beloved series. We’ll have to wait until then and cross our fingers that our favorite actors remain in Season 2 if it happens.

These are the anticipated main casts for the upcoming season.

  • Sora: is the dominant male character in the No Game No Life series and the intelligent and crafty half of the siblings.
  • Shiro: is the story’s major female protagonist and the calm and calculated half of the twins.
  • Jibril: is the Flügel race’s smallest and strongest member. Even before the Ten Covenants were established, she loved learning. She fled Avant Heim, her native place, to play a game and acquire the National Library of Elkia from the former monarch. She opposes the book-sharing rule established by the Council of Eighteen Wings.
  • Tet: is a king chess piece that embodies the One True God. He took up the title following the end of the endless war, which he won after obtaining the Suniaster before any of the other gods and outstripped their power despite not taking part in the conflict. Tet is not a member of any of the 16 races, yet Immanity is the one that is most similar to him.
  • Stephanie Dola: The Former King of Immanity’s granddaughter is Steph. She bet to become the nation’s new queen following the monarch’s death. She has fallen in love with Sora after repeatedly suppressing her feelings for him, even if the pledges compelled her to do so after she lost a game to him.
  • Schwi Dola: The first Ex-Machina introduced in Tet’s tale to Izuna was known by the nickname Schwi and afterward renamed Preier/Prayer. In the narrative, Riku discovered her as she searched for a way to comprehend the human [heart].
  • Riku Dola: Being referred to the Ex-Machina as “Spieler” (German for Player), was an 18-year-old Immanity who resided on Disboard during the Great War. In Tet’s story, he served as one of the primary protagonists.

No Game No Life Announcement & News

No game no life updates
No game no life updates

On Thursday, Crunchyroll made the announcement that the No Game No Life anime would be leaving the platform on March 31.

You can now pre-order the No Game, No Life Complete Collection Blu-ray from Sentai Filmworks. If you enjoy fantasy isekai anime, you will adore this one. In any case, the No Game, No Life Complete Collection Blu-ray includes a ton of extras in addition to the full No Game, No Life: Zero movie and all 12 episodes of the popular anime series’ Season 1.

The following items will be released soon:

  • 10 Japanese commercials for the popular anime
  • 6 Character Commentaries
  • 6 No Game, No Life shorts
  • A clean opening animation
  • No Game, No Life: Zero Behind the Scenes
  • 6 Japanese promos
  • A clean closing animation

The Blu-ray also includes:

  • An English dub.
  • A Spanish dub.
  • A Japanese soundtrack with Spanish subtitles.
  • The original Japanese soundtrack with English subtitles.


How many seasons does no game no life have?

Although it only had one season, No Game No Life’s animation is still highly famous, especially in its original light novel version.

Is No Game No Life over?

In Japan, the No Game No Life light novel series is still continuing hot in 2022. The most recent volume of YuuKamiya was released on November 25, 2021. He claims that the manga’s conclusion is imminent since, at the end of volume 11, it is about to reach its conclusion.

What is No Game No Life’s Japanese name?

No Game No Life’s Japanese name is ノーゲーム・ノーライフ.

Where can I watch No Game No Life season 2?

 Season 2 of the anime is still not confirmed, so you only find season 1 on Hulu or Netflix (in specific countries). 


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