Why Is Level 3 Communications, LLC Calling Me? – Is This A Scam?

Why is Level 3 communications, LLC calling me? This short post will tell you all the basic info you need to wrap your head around when it comes to VoIP phone numbers and Level 3 Communications LLC. Check out all the details below!

There are two possibilities here: a firm that has or has not done business with you is attempting to contact you to sell their service, or a fraudster is attempting to contact you. It uses VoIP to make more calls without spending too much money.

What Is A Level 3 VoIP Phone Number?

Understanding the purpose behind Level 3 VoIP phone numbers’ existence will give you a total panorama of the reason why you receive a call from it. Learn about the use of this service below!

What does VoIP mean?

VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a technique and set of technologies for transmitting voice conversations and multimedia sessions across Internet Protocol (IP) networks like the internet. Internet telephony or broadband phone service refers to the delivery of communications services through the internet rather than the conventional telephone network.

What does Level 3 Communications LLC do?

What does Level 3 Communications LLC do?
What does Level 3 Communications LLC do?

A Level 3 VoIP is a service that sends free voice calls through the internet rather than the public switched telephone network. Cloud-based VoIP offers continuous availability and improved call quality. Switching to VoIP services may save a company with 30 employees around $1200 per month.

VoIP allows you to share a phone number among numerous devices. Calls to that number may be answered from any other device that utilizes the same number, reducing consumer missed calls and the requirement for call transfers.

Who uses VoIP?

There are several ways your company and workers may utilize VoIP to improve communication. It is not difficult to locate instances of businesses that use VoIP. So, in general, companies with a large communication volume will opt for this service, but personal users don’t.

Is a VoIP number a scammer?

It can be, but not always. The service is quite similar to shortcodes. This is because fraudsters frequently utilize Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to conceal their real phone number and location. VoIP calls are nearly free, which is why they may operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and why you can’t rely on your caller ID to detect questionable numbers.

Is a VoIP number a scammer?
Is a VoIP number a scammer?

Also, using shortcodes or VoIP allows these numbers not to be listed in the spam list as soon as the normal phone numbers.

Why Is Level 3 Communications, LLC Calling Me?

There are 2 cases here: a company that has or hasn’t done business with you is trying to reach out to you for any matter that concerns their service and your experience/ money; or a scammer is trying to reach you, and they take advantage of the VoIP to make more calls and save money from these calls.

How do we know if the call is legitimate or not? Our advice is never to answer a call from an unknown phone number. However, if they leave you a message to declare their identity and the purpose of their call, you can consider picking up the phone or not the next time that they reach out.


Why is level 3 communications calling me 2020?

If you see “VOIP Caller,” it simply signifies that the call is being made by a person or business using an Internet-based phone service. Fraudulent conduct may occur through VOIP calls, cell phones, and landlines. VOIP calls are no different than calls conducted using other forms of technology.

Can a virtual number be traced?

“Because these are virtual phone numbers, tracing them becomes difficult,” said Ishaan Sinha, head of BlakTronics Investigation Labs and a cybercrime investigator.

How do I find out who owns a VoIP number?

– Conducting a reverse phone lookup.
– Making use of a VoIP service provider.
– Looking up the CNAM.
– Configuring your device to display the caller ID.
– Using a softphone or a traditional phone.
– Making use of the domain.
– Looking up an IP address.

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1 thought on “Why Is Level 3 Communications, LLC Calling Me? – Is This A Scam?”

  1. Someone just called me from this number (424) 270-9804 and asked to speak with me, wouldn’t tell me what company they were calling from and asked me to verify my full name and address.
    This did not sound right to me at all so I hung up and looked the phone number up, it belongs to Level 3 Communications. I wouldn’t answer any calls by them if I were you.


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