Who Owns Short Code 22395? – How To Lookup And Verify Short Codes For Free

Who owns short code 22395? If one day you suddenly receive a call or a verification message with a short code, there is no doubt that you will feel suspicious of the purpose of the ring. Therefore, before taking the call or accepting the verification code, you must look up the short code first to ensure it is safe. This post will present you with some websites where you can do a free reverse lookup.

22395 doesn’t belong to any specific company but was registered on Authy in 2017. Authy provides an intermediate authentication service between companies and customers. Companies will use short codes from Authy to send to customers for verification purposes. This code has been used by Airbnb, Tinder, and Shop Pay.

What Is A Short Code?

A short code is a phone number that has been assigned to a business or organization to identify that business or organization. Short codes can be used to make a call from a cell phone or send messages.

Your communications may be categorised as spam if you send over a few hundred messages daily from a lengthy code. Carriers pre-approve short codes for high throughput and are not susceptible to carrier screening. As a result, they are ideal for conveying high-volume or time-sensitive communications.

Short codes are ideal for conveying high-volume or time-sensitive communications
Short codes are ideal for conveying high-volume or time-sensitive communications


Find out what it means below if you have received a few messages or phone calls from this short code.

22395 text code

It’s linked to Authy, which offers third-party two-factor authentication services for various apps/ companies. These numbers are frequently repeated across several apps. For example, it was mentioned online by Tinder in late 2019, another in 2020, and Airbnb as recently as March 2021. It also appears to be an Airbnb two factors authentification date from late 2018.

22395 phone number

22395 is not associated with any specific firm, although it was registered on Authy in 2017. Authy acts as an intermediary between businesses and their clients. Various companies have used this code before.

Verification code from 22395

Suppose you received a verification code from shortcode 22395 in 2021. In that case, it’s very possible that it belongs to Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce platform. However, in 2022, it seems that Coinbase is using this shortcode now.

Who owns short code 22395?

The code is registered on Authy, and thus, it belongs to Authy. But, the company provides a short code service for other companies. So Authy is more of an intermediate.

22395 short code Coinbase

In 2021, a user reported the short code number 22395. They received a bunch of SMSs from this number, and according to the content of the texts, the code belonged to Coinbase, a Bitcoin platform.

What company uses short code 22395?

There are so many companies that have used the short code 22395 since 2017. Firms like Tinder, Airbnb, Coinbase, Tinder, and Shopify have all used the code before to send customers authentication codes.

Authy short code 22395

This short code was registered on Authy in 2017. The company still owns to code these days and still provides it to other companies for authentication services.

Are These Short Codes Safe?

We have checked some frequently appearing short codes, and here are the results!

99398 short code

There is no information or report for this short code. So far, it isn’t registered as a suspicious number. If it sends or calls you to tell you a verification code.

Still, you haven’t signed up on any website or bought anything online recently, there is no use for the authentication code that they send you, and maybe the short code is spam. Check your recent online activities before you block the number.

Check your recent online activities before you block the number
Check your recent online activities before you block the number

72585 short code

On 12/7/16, the SMS short code 72585 was registered for TD Banking Alerts. In 2020, a user reported this short code on Shortcode.org.

95246 short code

This short code belonged to ID.me. The company was trying to notify a user that their data were exposed to danger. This short code is safe.

58083 short code Affirm

This short code belonged to Affirm. In 2018 and 2019, the company sent many mobile users SMSs. The content of the message was very similar: verification code for creating an account on Affirm.

short code lookup 74454

This scam number always sends people verification codes without telling the purpose or the website that links to the code. If you text STOP, this should help you unsubscribe from the authentification service that keeps bothering you.

68494 short code

On 12/19/16, the SMS short code 68494 was registered for GiveSmart Info Alerts. In 2020, this number is currently under Walmart Delivery service. Walmart updates users about their package’s delivery status through this phone number (short code).

Top 3 Free Reverse Short Code Lookup Services

Short codes are short numbers that allow you to send text messages or call to an enormous volume of receivers. These are the 3 top websites where you can look up a short code for free.


This site has the most correct and updated reports. All you have to do is put the code in the search bar, and the site will return you with a short code and the total number of reports that real users have left behind.


This site has fewer short code reports than the site above. Still, it has an integrated parameter of the frequency that people have complained about this number.


What we like the most about this service is that it registers the original company to which the short code belongs. This company may be the one that uses the code directly, or it is a third-party service that provides the short code to other firms.

Check Textingworld for a short code
Check Textingworld for a short code


What is 22395 Tinder code?

This code was used by Tinder in late 2019.

Why do I receive 580-83 text message affirm?

Affirm may be sending you messages to give you the verification code to confirm your accounting signup. If you aren’t singing up for their service, ignore their messages or send STOP under any message from them that you receive.

Can multiple companies use the same short code?

The same short code may be used by dozens of businesses. Because the monthly leasing for a short code is split between enterprises and brands that utilize it, sharing a short code has economic benefits.

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