How old are Old Hickory knives?

First introduced in 1924, the Old Hickory knives are venerable product line still in active production. The Old Hickory knives feature a hardwood handle secured with brass compression rivets to 1095 carbon steel blades that are both very sharp and capable of retaining an edge.

What steel are Old Hickory knives made of?

1095 carbon steel
Old Hickory knives are produced with the finest cutlery grade carbon steel and hardwood handles. Each knife is manufactured in the U.S.A. and all component parts and raw materials are purchased in the U.S.A. The Old Hickory knife is made with fully heat treated and tempered 1095 carbon steel.

Does Old Hickory make steak knives?

The Old Hickory Double Sided Steak Knife features a 6″ 1095 carbon steel blade with a heat treated finish and smooth hickory wood handles. This full tang fixed blade is . 12″ thick with brass rivets. It’s 10.12″ overall and proudly made in the USA.

What is a green river knife?

The mountain men, who opened the West, used the name Green River as a standard of quality for anything traded. Anything done “Up to Green River” signified first rate merchandise. These high carbon steel blades with beechwood handles have a remarkable ability to hold their edge, and are stain resistant.

Are Old Hickory knives still made?

Ontario Knife Company has been manufacturing Old Hickory kitchen knives since 1924. These American made knives are still produced today using old fashioned processes in Franklinville, NY. The Old Hickory knives have stood the test of time and proven themselves as the best carbon steel kitchen knife sold today.

Who owns Ontario Knife?

Ontario Knife Company/Parent organizations
The Ontario Knife Company is a subsidiary of publicly traded Servotronics, Inc. (NYSE MKT– SVT).

What is a dadley knife?

The Dadley was one of the most common knives used during the North American mountian man period of exploration and expansion in both the U.S. and Canada. It was originally designed by John Dadley in Sheffield and he was recruited by John Russell of the Green River Knife Company and moved here to the States.

Where are Dexter Russell knives made?

Dexter Russell is the largest US-based manufacturer of professional cutlery. All Dexter knives are made in their own facility located in Southbridge, MA. It also happens to be the oldest cutlery manufacturer in the USA.

What steel are Green River knives?

carbon steel
Made in USA. Legendary Green River knives have remained unchanged for over 150 years. These are the knives your grandfather keeps telling you about. Made using only the finest carbon steel in each knife.