Who Is Marco On Texas Metal? Find Out More About The Show

Texas Metal is a reality TV show that follows the work of Ekstensive Metal Works. They are a team of professionals who design and build cars and trucks that are enviable and utterly amazing. Those outrageous creations made the show so appealing.

In one episode, there was the appearance of Marcos Chevez with a rebuilt 68 Ford Ranger. And viewers began to wonder, “who is Marco on Texas Metal?”.

I often catch up on media with viewers asking, “who is Marco on Texas Metal?”. He appeared on the show and is the owner of the 68 Ford Ranger that has been rebuilt by Ekstensive Metal Works. 

And really I have dug up all the information sources to compile information about Marcos, and this show below.

About Texas Metal

What is Texas Metal? 

Texas Metal is a reality television show created by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Geoff Johns and is produced by Warner Bros. As its name suggests, the show follows Ekstensive Metal Works’ owner Bill Carlton and his creative team. who design and build outrageous, enviable cars and trucks. Bill, a third-generation welder uses everything from rusted wrecks to top-of-the-line vehicles to create extraordinary machines. The show has been executive produced by Dan Miller, Patrick Myatt, and Joshua Berkley.

Texas Metal is an amazing reality show which follows the work of Ekstensive Metal Works’ owner Bill Carlton and his crew. In short, they are a creative team of engineers and designers who design and build gorgeous cars and trucks. The finished are extraordinary, one-of-a-kind machines. 
Joshua Berkley and Patrick Myatt, along with Dan Miller, are the show’s executive producers.

What Ekstensive Metal Works do?

Ekstensive Metal Works was founded in 1994 by Bill Carlton and has since grown to be one of the most respected and prestigious shops in the industry for custom automotive design and fabrication.

With Bill’s crew, the ordinary can become extraordinary by using anything from rusted wrecks to top-notch vehicles, including a 1955 Chevy truck, a 1967 Lincoln Continental, a 2014 Porsche 911, a 1961 Cadillac DeVille, and a 1966 Chevrolet C10. There are no limits when it comes to what Ekstensive can build; whether it’s game-changing trucks with crazy hydraulics or facelifts for classic muscle cars, Ekstensive provides clients around the country with detailed, full-service work.

With dozens of awards and the outstanding work the team can do, many fans and clients come to their services. On average, they work on 25 to 30 builds a month, including muscle cars and monster trucks.

Who Is Marco On Texas Metal?

The full name of Marco on Texas Metal is Marcos Chevez. He appeared in an episode of season 4, released in 2021. Specifically, that episode is “Tale of Two Fords”. He is a long-time client of Bill. In the “Tale of Two Fords” episode, he wants to upgrade his near-perfect ’68 Ford Ranger.

Great makeover of Marcos’s classic 68 Ford on Texas Metal

I am unable to find much information about him. When you search his name on google, there are still some articles about Marcos Chevez. However, it’s not the Marcos we’re talking about (who appeared on the show). It is just someone with the same name.

What Does Marcos On Texas Metal Do For A Living?

Despite my best efforts, I have not been able to find verified information about him. One thing I do know is that he owns a large construction company. Bill mentioned it in the episode where Marcos appeared. 

I found out on the Internet that Marcos was arrested on March 4, 2016, because the police found approximately 14 pounds of cocaine in his car. He was charged with “possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver”, booked into the Williamson County Jail, and held on a $400,000 bond.


How many seasons are there of Texas Metal?

The first episode of Texas Metal premiered on MotorTrend on November 7, 2017. There have been five seasons so far.

Is Texas Metal coming back for Season 6?

A renewal of Texas Metal for season 6 has not yet been announced by MotorTrend. As of September 2022, there is no date for the release of the show’s next season. There is no indication that the series has been canceled at this point. It could be that the show is on a break, and the show’s next season has yet to be announced or scheduled. 

Did Heath Moore leave Texas Metal?

Heath has quit the reality show, and according to his website, he only participated in three Texas Metal seasons.

What happened to Heath on Texas Metal?

A report by Distractify pointed out that Heath Moore, which is well known for the interiors of his work in car interiors, was nowhere to be seen in the most recent episode of Texas Metal. Heath Moore appeared on the show for the first three seasons. Earlier this year, he revealed on Instagram that he tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. He even said he wasn’t sure if he would survive. 
The reality TV cast member did not reveal many details about his COVID-19 illness, but he was infected and therefore could not continue filming. His official website still mentions that he was a part of just three seasons of Texas Metal.

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