Why Is My Fivem So Laggy? (Including Solutions For You)

The Fivem is a great little software that has been around for many years. You notice a lag or stuttering in your Fivem’s UI, but you shrug it off as a problem with the Pand and continue on with your day. But, if you do a little research, you’ll find this widespread problem. 

There are many possible reasons why your FiveM game might be lagging. One reason could be that your computer doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements to run the game, and your chosen server is not optimized.

Why Is My Fivem So Laggy When Driving?

The setting of Fivem
The setting of Fivem

Even though your game may be functioning smoothly, some of you may be familiar with or have experienced issues related to the user interface occasionally lagging.

This can be intolerable and is a significant source of annoyance, particularly for LEO players and other vocations that need the MDT. Nevertheless, it has drawbacks for everyone afflicted with this issue, while others who aren’t afflicted with it have others.

Example: Following a gunfight, you must bandage your wounds, but because of UI lag, you bleed out and “die,” yet other players can continue playing because they do not experience the same issue.

The high GPU consumption, which remains at 99% of its capacity at all times, is the primary source of the problem. The primary reason could be that you are using a visual mod such as NVE or QuantV, or it could be because your computer is a potato.

How To Fix Fivem Lag?

FiveM is a popular mod that allows players to connect to online multiplayer servers. However, some players have been experiencing lag when trying to play on FiveM servers.

You can do a few things to try and fix this issue. Lowering your video settings may help, and you can also try installing GTA and FiveM on an SSD. Unfortunately, many servers are poorly optimized, so this lag issue is fairly common.

You can also try changing your encryption settings. For example, some players found that enabling “High” encryption reduced lag. To do this, open FiveM and head to “Settings.” Select the “Advanced” tab, then set “Encryption Quality” to “High.” If you still experience lag, try switching servers. 

Check the below video to learn more about how to do it in detail!

The Causes To Slow System Performance Detected Fivem Issues

Fivem is a free multiplayer game server, but one of the biggest problems with free servers is that they can become overloaded and slow. This leads to frustrated gamers who are unable to enjoy their experience. If you’re looking for reasons and ways to improve the performance of your Fivem Application, then continue reading.

Why is my fivem so slow?

There are a few reasons why your FiveM may be running slow. One reason is if you have your texture quality set to high. Try turning it down to normal to see if that helps. Another reason is your connection to the server. The server’s location and how far away it is from you can affect your connection speed. Also, a hard drive will usually load things slower than an SSD.

Fivem fps drop while driving

There are a few potential reasons why Fivem would have an FPS drop while driving. One possibility is that resource changes on the server impact the game’s performance. Another case is that the game is more demanding when players drive, so the FPS drops. Ultimately, without further investigation, it is hard to say definitively what the cause is.

+ Fivem fps drop fix

There are a few potential fixes if you notice a significant drop in FPS (frames per second) while playing Fivem. One is to upgrade the RAM in your PC or laptop. This can help improve performance by giving Fivem more memory to work with. Another potential fix is to lower the graphics settings in the game. This can help enhance FPS by reducing the game’s work to render graphics. Finally, you can check the video for more detail!

Fivem audio stuttering

Examine your CPU under Task Manager -> Processes. Does it always reach 100%? If this is the case, freezes/stuttering may occur.

  • NVIDIA driver updates
  • In Task Manager, keep an eye on the CPU percentage.
  • If it reaches 100%, try closing other programs.
  • You might also use a program like Process Lasso.

You can watch how to fix the audio setting in this video: 

Fivem not using GPU

As you may be aware, there are numerous streaming assets throughout five million servers, making your connection to the server (on both ends) somewhat dependent. Suppose you have a high ping or a sluggish connection between yourself and the server. In that case, you will lose frames, especially in areas containing bespoke assets such as interiors, automobiles, etc.

All fivem servers are community-run, with varying performance/speeds/locations/optimization and some (a lot) programmers with much more assets/plugins/scripts than their dedicated machine can manage. Try different servers to see if the performance improves. 

How To Solve Other Common Issues With Fivem?

Some common issues with Fivem can be solved by restarting or verifying the game files. However, submitting a ticket to the Fivem support team is recommended if the problem persists. Let’s check some ways to solve these issues below!

Fivem high ping fix

You can’t do much about it because of how the Internet functions, but that is not a “high ping.” However, you may test a few things on your end to ensure that you aren’t the problem (that is, if you don’t take the ISP you are on into account, of course).

  1. To start, restart your PC and any routers and other gateway devices you may have.
  2. After that, launch cmd.exe in administrator mode and execute the following three commands:

netsh winsock reset ipconfig /flushdns net stop w32time && w32tm /unregister && w32tm /register && net start w32time && w32tm /resync 

Start your computer again after completing these three.

Fivem fullscreen fix

In FiveM or GTA, go to your options/graphics and enable the “Ignore Suggestions” feature. It should be at the top of your graphics settings. The Video Memory Exceeded Screen will never again exist.

How To Make Fivem Run Better And Smoother?

One of the most common issues that FiveM players face is lag. If you’re experiencing lag or something similar, there are a few things you can do to try and improve your FiveM performance.

Step 1: Firstly, right-click FiveM and select the Compatibility tab from the menu. Disable fullscreen optimizations by checking this box. Next, go to High DPI Settings by clicking. Remove high DPI settings by checking the box next to it. Select Application from the dropdown menu that appears. Use your modifications.

Step 2: Go to Windows and type “GPU Settings” into the search box. To locate FiveM in your File Explorer, click “Browse.” Click Add after selecting it. Click Options now, and then choose High Performance. Check the box to optimize games for variable refresh rates.

Step 3: Now, use Windows search to look for game mode options. Utilize the landing page to activate Game Mode. Disable the option to “Open game bar with this button” under the “Game bar” menu.

Step 4: Run can be accessed by right-clicking your Windows logo. Run the “msconfig” command in the dialog box. Select the advanced settings option under the boot tab. Select 8 from the dropdown box below after checking the number of processors setting.

Step 5: We initially check the box labeled Hide all Microsoft Services under the Services tab because we don’t want to tamper with those. Disable as many of the services you see right now as you can. Your processor has more room as a result.

Step 6: Use the Windows search to look for Power Plan. Next, select “make a power plan” under the power settings menu. Next, check the level of performance. Now that you can use this power plan, your device will be turned up anytime you play the game.

Step 7: Next, look for background applications. Turn off the background running of programs. This implies that FiveM and GTA V will receive all of your device’s resources.

Fivem Settings For Low-end PC

How to set up Fivem to optimize graphics
How to set up Fivem to optimize graphics

In general, you’ll get better FPS the lower your graphics settings are. Play around with your graphics settings to achieve a frame rate of at least 30. On most desktop PCs, you should be able to play the game with low to medium settings. The texture quality is the major item to watch out for and should be returned to “normal.”

A contemporary, entry-level desktop computer like a Dell Inspiron will include at least 8 GB of RAM and a Core i3 processor with four cores operating at 3.6 GHz (with turbo-boost, a single core can reach 4.2 GHz if power and thermal restrictions allow).

If so, your graphics card and settings will likely be your performance bottleneck as most entry-level desktops and laptops rely on the integrated graphics processor built into the CPU. You should thus pay attention to your graphics settings. Don’t anticipate high-quality 3D graphics, but you don’t have to turn down the graphical settings to the point where they look comical.

Additionally, GTA V won’t operate on a budget laptop with a CPU like the Intel Celeron (2 cores @ 1.8 GHz).


What is the Fivem benchmark?

Fivem benchmark is a performance testing tool for Fivem. It lets you see how well your Fivem server performs under different conditions.

What is a Fivem lag switch? 

A lag switch is a gadget installed on a home network that intentionally allows the user to cause a momentary disruption in the network connection. It can be used to create a “lag” in online games, which can give the user an advantage over other players.

Why is FiveM not working?

These might be the causes: Interference from security software: Windows Firewall or your computer’s antivirus application may prevent FiveM from operating.


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