Akame Ga Kill Season 2: Release Date, News & More

Akame Ga Kill is an anime set in a feudal Japan-inspired world where the strong prey on the weak. Tatsumi, a down-on-his-luck outlaw, is taken in by a group of assassins known as the Night Raids. Tatsumi quickly becomes enamored with the lifestyle and the fierce competition among his new comrades. There has been much speculation following the conclusion of the first season of Akame Ga Kill, with many fans wondering if a second season will ever come to fruition. Keep reading, and you can find out the answer. 

The second season of the popular anime series Akame ga Kill has yet to be confirmed, but it is always possible to happen. 

Akame Ga Kill Season 2: Is It Coming?

A scene of Akame ga kill anime
A scene of Akame ga kill anime

A total of 24 episodes made up the first season of Akame ga Kill!, which ran from July 7 to December 15, 2014. The first season adapted the first eight volumes of the manga, or almost half of it, leaving the remaining four volumes unadapted. Unfortunately, the manga wasn’t finished when the first season of Akame ga Kill premiered, so the creators came up with a new conclusion.

Akame ga Killanime !’s adaption, I must admit, wasn’t all that popular. Although the series wasn’t truly planned, many critics were upset with the whole idea, and it wasn’t very well-liked either. This was presumably a factor in the show’s quick cancellation after its debut season, and the conclusion also had a part in that.

The anime had a unique finale, and the creators and writers chose to tie up the tale before it officially ended, wrapping up the adaptation of the first eight volumes of the manga as if it had been the entire work. Unfortunately, the conclusion was dubbed “miserable” by a number of outlets, which angered the audience. So what does that imply for the show’s future?

There is little chance that Akame ga Kill will have a second season. Akame ga Kill! will go down in history due to the unimpressive response to the show’s sole season and the time that has elapsed since it ended.

Akame Ga Kill Season 2 Release Date

The release date for Akame Ga Kill season 2 is still unknown. The production company has not yet made a formal announcement. That implies that Akame Ga Kill s2 will never be released, and the reasons why are merely based on what I already indicated.

It’s for financial reasons, in the case of this anime. Due to the first season of Akame Ga Kill’s poor financial performance, the second season was never released. A new anime season will only be released if the previous one was financially successful, which, as we have seen with the series in the question above, was not. Continue reading to verify the specifics in the following section.

The fact that this series had a unique finish is another issue. That indicates that there was never any intention to make a second season of it.

Akame Ga Kill season 2 trailer

As we’ve already stated, Akame ga Kill! is an extremely unlikely contender for renewal, given how disastrous the first season was and how many fans were dissatisfied.

There has also been so much time since the end of the first season that a continuation seems ridiculous, although there have been some instances of such continuation (most recently, Bleach: The Return is returning after almost ten years). Still, Akame ga Kill! is probably not going to be one of them.

Considering what we’ve discussed, a season two trailer for Akame ga Kill! is unlikely to surface.

Akame Ga Kill Season 2: Expected Plot & Cast

The anime series Akame Ga Kill is one of the most popular dark fantasy shows out there, and with good reason. The story is gripping, the action is fast and furious, and the characters are lovable (or hateable, depending on your point of view). As a result, if its next season is produced, it will raise concerns about how plots and characters will be developed. I have some ideas about this, and you can scroll down to learn more. 


Since the anime was canceled, volumes nine through fifteen have not been adopted. Therefore, in this section, we will provide you with their storylines. This would have happened if the anime had been allowed to go on without being canceled.

While Najenda has bolstered her determination for the pivotal battle, Mine is just starting to realize how she feels about Tatsumi in Volume 9. The Night Raid members attack the church, bursting with all manner of emotions. The “strongest of the Empire,” however, Esdeath, is the one who catches them.

The assassination of Bolic in volume 10’s opening scenes has sparked an open uprising by the oppressed people of the Empire. The Minister of State responds by appointing Syura, his son, as the secret police’s chief. As Syura, commanding a group of merciless warriors from all over the world, terrorizes the populace—regardless of their allegiance to the Empire—even the Jaegers start to doubt the Empire’s leadership.

Tatsumi and Lubbock are apprehended by Syura’s secret police at the start of Volume 11 while on a reconnaissance operation! General Esdeath challenges Tatsumi once more, but will they work together? If Tatsumi declines, what will happen to him? Death is entwined with love!


Night Raid
Night Raid

The cast of Akame Ga Kill Season 2 is unknown to us. I also don’t know who will return for the upcoming season because all the main characters end up doomed. You’ll get to know some of the key characters from Akame ga Kill, who you would have encountered had the anime been extended for another season.

CharacterVoice Actor
AkameSora Amamiya
EsdeathSatomi Akesaka
LeoneYuu Asakawa
ChelseaKaori Nazuka
MineYukari Tamura

Akame Ga Kill Profitability And Sales Figures

For the first season, the Akame Ga Kill Blu-ray only sold about 2,150 copies of each disk, which is poor for 2014.

Less than 3,000 Blu-ray sales aren’t excellent, especially for 2014, when disk sales were important for the prospects of a new season. It’s bad that there are just five figures. Less than 150 pieces of products were produced for this series as well.

Those are quite a few poor ratings for a show that has an anime adaptation. It’s now apparent, in my opinion, that this series barely turned a profit. Thus, finding funding for a new anime project in this series is a major challenge.


What is the number of volumes in Akame Ga Kill?

There are 15 volumes of Akame Ga Kill as of December 2021. Additionally, Akame Ga Kill Zero, a precursor series with adolescent volumes, is part of the Akame Ga Kill series.

Is Akame Ga Kill over?

The final volume of the Akame Ga Kill manga marked the narrative’s conclusion. The predecessor Akame Ga Kill Zero manga has also already come to an end.

How many seasons of Akame Ga Kill are there?

There is only a season of this anime. 

Will Akame Ga Kill get a reboot or a sequel?

The manga collection Akame ga Kill! continues with (ヒノワが行く!) strelka created the illustrations, and Takahiro wrote the book.


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