Can Vtubers Show Their Face: 3 Vtubers Revealed Their Face

Because Vtubers don’t show their faces while entertaining millions, like Voice Actors more, VTubers get famous to a lesser extent and live normal lives, but many people are curious about the real face behind the Vtubers. So this article will tell you can Vtubers show their face and who did that.

Can Vtubers Show Their Face?

Yes. But many VTubers are run by companies, live outside their job as entertainers, and want to keep it that way. Getting famous ruins your life so that it will never be the same again. 

There may be reasons you shouldn’t want to know their face, and many probably aren’t fans of the VTuber, just people who don’t like the idea of people being popular without having to deal with the consequences.

Nijisanji Face Reveal?

A Nijisanji member lives.

In the NIJISANJI Project, NIJISANJI is the main branch. It was sometimes unofficially referred to as “NIJISANJI JP” to distinguish it from overseas branches before April 2022. On 15 April 2022, the Indonesian and Korean branches merged with the main branch.

Are Nijisanji Members Allowed To Face Reveal?

Yes. There is no need for a Live2D avatar. If you wish, you may use a dummy image/static avatar. To be considered for the audition, you must play a character from your imagination. 

Are Vtubers Real People?

Why Do People Want To Be Vtubers?

For the real people behind the animated facades, this phenomenon provides them with a sense of security and frees them from viewer expectations of how they should look (after all, it’s much easier to slip into a virtual avatar than to get ‘camera-ready’).

As a result of the global pandemic of 2020, more viewers tuned into gaming live streams and watched more YouTube videos than ever before. In Japan, VTubers were already popular at the time, but this peak connection brought characters into the mainstream, and more VTubers began recording and streaming in English. 

VTubers are also popular with anime fans, who often have hobbies in common with VTubers, such as gaming and Japanese pop. As avatars break the boundary between the virtual and real worlds, VTubers can produce innovative and creative content. The VTuber community tends to be less drama-filled and more positive when compared to other online communities because virtual avatars do not carry any human baggage. 

Vtuber Face Reveal?

Are there any Vtubers revealing their faces? Let’s check around!

Cimrai Face Reveal

Cimrai face reveal
Cimrai’s face revealed.

For Cimrai, live streaming was an entire production. On social media, she built hype around her debut for two months. Her debut stream reached around 700 concurrent viewers when she finally arrived on Twitch. It is rare to find a streamer of this caliber. 

Sakura Miko Face Reveal?

Sakura Miko face
Sakura Miko’s face is cute too.

The full face of Sakura Miko has not been shown on social media. The eye and forehead parts were revealed in a video on TikTok.

The Hololive Face Collection channel shared a video where people could see her face. It lasted about 0.12 seconds. The video shows her cute face with bangs and short hair. Millions of game lovers were captivated by her soft sound. 

Tokino Sora Real Face

Tokino sora face
Tokino Sora’s face was revealed too.

As a founding member of Hololive, Tokino Sora is a Japanese Virtual YouTuber. While she debuted alone before generations were established, she is currently part of the “hololive 0th gen” alongside Roboco-san, Sakura Miko, Hoshimachi Suisei, and AZKi.

Hololive Face Reveal

The Oldest Hololive Member?

As of today, Sana is the oldest Hololive member with age stated in a number. At least two million years older than humans, Takanashi Kiara is the oldest animal on Earth (at least two million years). In Mori Calliope, an abstract concept is personified and has no age. The age of Ouro Kronii is infinite since she is time itself.

Who Is The Youngest Hololive Member?

The Princess of Candy Kingdom and the youngest member of Hololive, Luna, has a sweet and innocent personality. However, she always seeks attention from the older Hololive members, especially Natsuiro Matsuri.

Are Hololive Members Allowed To Show Their Face?

There are no problems if the Hololive members show their faces. But if their faces are leaked without their expectations, it’s big one.


Why Don’t Vtubers Show Their Face?

VTubers usually conceal their real identities for privacy and to maintain the illusion of their established character lore. With a fictional narrative, VTubers can keep their real identities anonymous while establishing close relationships with their fans.

Do Vtubers Use Their Real Names?

Maybe yes or not. Using real names is not restricted on YouTube, so users can use any name they like. YouTube channel names have nothing to do with a channel’s success. 

Do Vtubers Have To Be 18?

Yes. It is required that you are at least 18 years old.


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