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Blue Heron is a bird with which Native Americans have shared a profound connection for a very long time. The Blue Heron is often seen in the region of fishing spots, such as lakes and small bays. The Blue Heron, a wading shorebird, is mystically linked to the process of development and change between feeling and realization. Good fortune, perseverance, and prosperity are all ideas associated with the blue heron.

In this article, we will demonstrate the Blue Heron symbolism and meaning along with messages when seeing this divine messenger bird.

Blue Heron Symbolism & Spiritual Meaning

Presence of the gods

A Blue Heron is a sign from the gods that a blue heron has visited your home, your dream, or flown over you. They guard and guide you into profound spiritual knowledge and enlightenment, even if you are unaware of their presence.

The heron is a cultural symbol for following one’s intuition. Because of their blue color related to the Divine Feminine, many people consider the Blue Heron symbolism of the Goddess. Whenever you spot a Blue Heron, you know it is time to use your intellect. It is indeed possible you will need to use more ingenuity than usual.

It has been commonly believed throughout history that the blue heron is a direct symbol of the gods, and as such, anytime the blue heron appears in a neighborhood, the residents of such areas will give devotion to the blue heron.

Love and compassion

The blue heron represents feelings, healing, compassion, and relationships because of the mystical link between the blue coloration and the water element. Additionally, the blue heron symbolism is considered a symbolic representation of Aphrodite in Greek mythology, and thus, it symbolizes love, beauty, the arts, and harmonious interpersonal connections. 

There are two possible interpretations for a blue heron symbolism meanings in terms of love and compassion: either be cautious about letting your guard down or be more empathetic than usual. Seeing a blue heron can also be a sign that romantic opportunities are opening up or that your current relationship is about to take a positive turn. 


According to Greek mythology, the Blue Heron is a messenger sent by Athena, the Goddess of War and Wisdom. Furthermore, the blue heron is associated with water, a source of knowledge and understanding.

Therefore, the blue heron can be regarded as a symbol of one’s wisdom and awareness.

Patience and concentration

The blue heron symbolism can be connected to patience and concentration. As the blue heron represents calm and concentration, it serves as a reminder that these qualities are within our reach.

This bird is known for being a patient hunter, waiting for long periods of time to catch its prey. They are frequently seen wading through shallow waters looking for fish, standing motionless for several hours to wait for the perfect moment to strike.

Self-determination and self-reliance

In North American tradition, the blue heron is a symbol of self-determination and reliance, implying the potential to develop and improve. The blue heron’s long and slender legs are a metaphor for the importance of independence and the realization that one cannot rely on the support of others.

Blue heron symbolism meanings: patience, determination, and wisdom
Blue heron symbolism meanings: patience, determination, and wisdom


As a result of their tendency to congregate in areas with plentiful food sources, blue herons have come to represent good fortune and prosperity.

Historically, settlements were established near blue herons’ territories. This means that the presence of Blue Herons in your area indicates that the living area is prosperous in natural resources.


Blue herons are well-known for their adaptability. In terms of diet, they are able to survive on a variety of fish and small animals. Seeing a blue heron means that you should make the most of what you have and strive for success no matter what your circumstances.

Other Blue Heron Symbolic Meanings

Great blue heron totem

Great Blue Herons are tenacious, resourceful, and self-sufficient. They are also intelligent and observant. Those who have a Great Blue Heron as their totem will have a strong focus in their life on creating and maintaining inner peace and harmony.

Blue heron tattoo meaning

The great blue heron is a symbol of tranquility, patience, longevity, harmony, and peace for those who are spiritual and believers. Thus, they have a great blue heron tattoo on their body as a reminder to maintain their calmness in a chaotic world.

Besides, for those who enjoy water and fishing, having a tattoo of a great blue heron is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. They dedicate themselves to linking with the water energy.

Meaning of the blue heron feather 

You might feel fortunate if you discovered a feather from this mystical creature. The meaning of the blue heron feather relates to your forward-thinking ideas, which will help you progress. Your divine guardians allow you to understand that you are on the right path and that you need to keep following your emotions and intuition.

Blue Heron Dream Meaning Interpretation

Dreaming of a blue heron is a good omen, as they represent patience, determination, and wisdom.

Be patient

Seeing a blue heron in your dreams could indicate that you need to be more patient in real life.

Having more patience when making decisions can only prove beneficial. The more patience one has in life, the greater their situational awareness and ability to act accordingly. Making hasty decisions can be detrimental in numerous ways.

You are self-reliant and self-determined

If you dream about a blue heron, it can signify that you are determined and self-reliant.

You are ultimately responsible for all of your actions and decisions. Developing independence and resolve is a difficult and lengthy process. The earlier you embark on your journey, the better.

Concentrate on the inner wisdom

Seeing a blue heron in your dreams is symbolic of increasing your focus on your inner wisdom.

You possess the wisdom necessary for success, so you should believe it more. One of the things you must focus on and cultivate is your inner wisdom, regardless of the discouragement of others.

Dreaming of a blue heron meaning
Dreaming of a blue heron meaning

Great Blue Heron Symbolism Spiritual Messages

Follow the promptings of your heart

Blue Herons possess the innate intelligence to navigate life and re-design their own situations.

Blue Herons symbolize the need for those with this totem to follow their own unique wisdom and path of independence. These individuals must follow their hearts and soul rather than the advice of others because they understand what is best for them.

Embrace and nurture your inner-self

Blue Heron encourages introspection and the cultivation of all aspects of your true self.

Self-love involves accepting your “flaws and imperfections,” uniqueness, and a sense of shame. Once you are able to love your whole self and find inner peace, you will be capable of bringing peace to others and healing the world.

Take a deep breath, be present in each moment, experience the full range of feelings, and lead with your emotional core.

Sharpen your awareness

Blue Herons walk slowly or remain motionless for extended periods of time when waiting for fish, having faith that what they require will arrive at the appropriate time. Which aspects of your life could benefit from more patience? 

Enhance your awareness in order to be prepared whenever things arrive.

You do not have to be in the center of everything.  Once you have heightened your awareness, you can confidently rely on your observation and intuition to determine the optimal moment to strike.

Trust yourself

Many of us have failed to seize favorable circumstances because we lacked confidence in our own abilities.  Hence, the universe will show up as a blue heron to remind us not to doubt our abilities and to think about how we view ourselves. 

Your perceived strength is exactly how strong you really are. You will make the most of the chances life presents you with if you develop faith in yourself and your abilities.

Final Thoughts

The blue heron symbolism is regarded as a divine messenger who imparts godly knowledge to humans in many different cultures.  The blue heron is also a symbolic bird of peace and contemplation. It represents your wit and ingenuity. Your new role as a potential protector of secrets and techniques requires your full attention.

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What does seeing a blue heron symbolize?

Seeing a blue heron is a signal that you should tend to your more inward feelings. Heron represents your innate, intuitive wisdom, so now may also be a good time to pay attention to it.

Is seeing a great blue heron good luck?

It is said that spotting a blue heron brings good fortune. If you have been applying for a job for so long, you might get it. Just make sure you are prepared to make the most of any openings that present themselves.

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