Cockatoo Price Guide: A Cockatoo’s Cost To Own And Food & Cages For 1 Year.

If you wish to buy a cockatoo, you will need to know its price. So let’s investigate this blog!

Cockatoo prices between $2,000 and $4,000. Because many cockatoos are rare, they are expensive. A cockatoo can cost anywhere from $80 for a cockatiel to $40,000 for a red-tailed black.

Before buying a cockatoo, remember that they require much attention and time out of the cage. Now I’ll go over each species of cockatoo and their price ranges. This will help you choose your next parrot companion while keeping your budget in mind.

Cockatoo prices are also affected by their age, rarity, training, color, and the breeder's reputation.
Cockatoo prices are also affected by their age, rarity, training, color, and the breeder’s reputation.

Cockatoo Species and Price

If you want to buy a cockatoo, you’ll want to know how much it costs. Cockatiel prices vary depending on the type of cockatoo you want as a pet.

Let’s look at the most common cockatoo species and their prices:

Palm Cockatoo Prices

The big-backed palm cockatoo is a high-priced species. The Palm cockatoo is the most expensive in the world on average. The average cost of a Palm Cockatoo is around $16,000 (USD).

It is so costly because palm cockatoos are extremely difficult to breed, and thus demand exceeds supply. 

Umbrella Cockatoo Prices

The umbrella cockatoo is a popular large species of cockatoo. 

Because of its high breeding success in captivity, it is a common species in pet stores and among pet owners. As a result, prices vary widely. For example, an umbrella cockatoo will cost between $1000 and $3000. 

The umbrella cockatoo is a popular large species of cockatoo. 
The umbrella cockatoo is a popular large species of cockatoo. 

Moluccan Cockatoo Prices

This is another common type of cockatoo, especially in the United States. The price for this bird ranges between $1,400 and $3,500, and it is popular among bid sellers and will be easy to find.

Goffins Cockatoo Prices

Another popular type of cockatoo that can be found in most pet stores is Goffin’s Cockatoo. It is simple to care for and breed, costing you between $1,000 and $2,000.  

Galah Cockatoo Prices

This smaller bird species is pink in color and breeds easily. The bird is reasonably priced, ranging between $ 700 and $2,200.

Cockatiel Cockatoo Prices

Cockatiels are miniature versions of cockatiels. Their adult height is only 14 inches. However, they became the most popular pet bird in America due to their small stature and fun personality.

Another factor contributing to their popularity is their low cost. A cockatiel can be purchased for as little as $80 to $250. They also come in a variety of lovely colors.

Slender-Billed Cockatoo Prices

Slender-billed cockatoos, also long-billed corellas, are often overlooked as pets because they lack the colorful crests found on other cockatoo species. They are, however, endearing, charming, and good talkers.

However, they still require regular exercise and mental stimulation. In addition, they cost between $3,000 and $4,000.

Sulfur-crested Cockatoo Prices

Cacatua galleries are large parrots found in Australia, New Guinea, and some Indonesian islands. They’re a popular option, ranging from $2,000 to $4,000 per month.

Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo Prices

Yellow-tailed black cockatoos are pricey, ranging from $7,500 to $15,000 on average. They are one of the most distinctive cockatoos, with yellow cheek and tail panels and all-black plumage.

What’s The Average Cockatoo Food Price?

The average cockatoo food bill varies depending on size but plan on spending $20-$40 per month on food and treats.

The average cockatoo food bill varies depending on size
The average cockatoo food bill varies depending on size

How Much Does A Cockatoo’s Cage Cost?

The size of the bird determines the cost of a cockatoo cage. For example, the smallest size cage for a cockatoo should be 20 inches (wide) x 20 inches (long) x 24 inches (high). This is equivalent to 50cm x 50cm x 60cm.

Medium-sized cages start around $200, while large cells range between $400 and $500. The best quality cages can cost $1,000 or more.

What’s The Annual Cost Of Owning A Cockatoo?

After you subtract the price of the bird and the cage from the total, annual care for the bird won’t break the bank, especially if you have insurance.

The cost of caring for a cockatoo, including food, toys, and vet care, can run anywhere from $400 to $780. In the case of a medical emergency, however, this price could rise significantly


Which Cockatoo Is Cheapest?

The cockatiel is the least expensive species of cockatoo. 
These are small members of the parrot family whose personalities are known for being both calm and humorous.

Are Cockatoo Good Pets?

Yes. Cockatoos make excellent pets if they are hand-reared and socialized early. In addition, they are renowned for being enthusiastic, devoted, and quick learners.
Paying them enough attention is critical, so they don’t develop behavioral problems later.

How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a Cockatoo From a Shelter?

If you cannot afford to purchase a cockatoo as a pet, you can always adopt one from a bird rescue center. The adoption fee ranges from $50 to $400 for these parrots.

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