Darker Than Black Season 3: If You Don’t Know Its Release

One of the numerous unique treasures that have successfully stood out since it was originally made available to the public is Darker Than Black. The show is classified as mystery, action, and sci-fi, as its title suggests. After two interesting seasons, everyone wants to know if there will be Darker Than Black Season 3. After researching many websites, Anime news, this article will bring you all you need to know.

Will Darker Than Black Season 3 Be Released?

Many fans have been considering this query ever since 2010. Unfortunately, the director and studio didn’t prepare for the second season, so Darker Than Black Season 3 will never be made. This anime series appears to be over.

If we discover any official announcement on the Darker Than Black official website regarding the release of the third season, we’ll update this post. However, there is nothing else in Darker Than Black to watch or read. However, you can try reading manga if you are still interested in Darker Than Black.

Why Would Darker Than Black Season 3 Never Happen?

havoc in darker than black
Havoc is a character in Darker Than Black.

There is no use in spending money on creating an anime series that was last released ten years ago, which may depress many anime viewers. The franchise is too old for the series to produce a new season.

The fact that the series writer and director left the Bones production company is another issue with Darker Than Black. Therefore, a new studio, cast, staff, and possibly even a new portfolio would be involved if a third season is proposed. Because it will be a complete remake of the anime series and we even don’t know how well it will sell, in my opinion, it is not worth undertaking. 

What Can Happen If We Have Darker Than Black Season 3?

Hei’s existence was revealed at the end of season 2, but Yin’s fate is still a mystery. The focus of the two seasons was Suou, a 13-year-old Russian girl.

Because Yin reappears at the end of the anime and begs Hei to kill her, he accepts, and we can deduce that she is no longer in this season. 

Suo is duped by her friends, loses her family, and is duped by her comrades, all of which make her upset and urge her to fight. No one is aware of the outcome of this fight until the third season makes hints about it. With additional new characters, Season 3 may change the tone of the narrative once more, and it is yet unclear where the third season will ultimately go. The entire fan base is curiously anticipating its release, nevertheless.

Which characters may appear in Darker Than Black Season 3?

Although it is not yet known when the new season will air, we can anticipate that the entire cast from seasons 1 and 2 will remain, and it will be safe to anticipate some new faces further to enhance the intrigue and fascination of this anime. Here is the cast for the upcoming film that we may anticipate.

  • As Hei, Jason Liebrecht
  • As Kirihara, Kate Oxley
  • Christopher Sabat plays Saito
  • Yin by Brina Palencia
  • Mao by Kent Williams
  • Hei, Matthew Leonhart
  • Jack is Troy Baker
  • Simon portraysNewton Pittman
  • Todd Haberkorn as Genma Shizune

Is there any Darker Than Black Season 3 trailer?

No. Darker Than Black Season 3 has yet to receive a trailer, but we will update this post as soon as one is made available. The first season’s trailer for Darker Than Black may be seen below.

What Is Darker Than Black About?

Season 3 of Darker than Black is highly awaited. It is a Japanese anime television program that Bones and Tensai Okamura animated. This science fiction anime had a 2007 nationwide debut and now has a 7.7/10 IMDb rating. Like most Japanese anime, the series was adapted from two manga that is shown in Monthly Asuka and Young Gangan.

What happened in Darker Than Black Season 1?

darker than black ss1
A scene in Season 1’s trailer.

Hei, a contractor with superhuman abilities, was shown to be in charge of looking into the mysteries surrounding The Hell’s Gate in season 1. This search quest causes dark and depressing days in Tokyo! The United States lost the conflict to a mysterious group called The Syndicate, of which Hei was a part. Huang, Hei’s team captain, gives instructions to his team members regarding their assassination responsibilities. He avoids working with Hei since he doesn’t like him.

Even the series’ female lead, Yin, who was a synthetic human or “Doll,” could be found in season 1. She was the spiritual medium, and it was her responsibility to use

What happened in Darker Than Black Season 2?

The second season follows the story of Suo Pavlichenko, a Eurasian girl whose life is altered by a terrifying meteor shower catastrophe, and the assassin Hei, who is still on the run from the Syndicate two years after the previous season’s events.


Where can we watch Darker Than Black?

Funimation used to have Darker Than Black available, but they didn’t renew the license. Therefore it’s no longer there. Unfortunately, there isn’t a streaming service available to watch the Darker Than Black anime series. It implies that Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation do not offer access to this anime series.

How many episodes are in Darker Than Black?


Does Hulu have Darker Than Black?

Yes. You can currently watch Darker Than Black, an anime produced by the same people who made Cowboy Bebop and Fullmetal Alchemist, on Hulu.

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