What Is Dead Hummingbird Symbolism? | Omen & 4 Encouragement Messages

The hummingbird symbolizes the joy and freedom in the Native American culture, but how about the dead hummingbird? Is it have the same symbolism and meaning when you find or see a dead hummingbird out of a sudden? Let’s find out the dead hummingbird symbolism, omen, and messages in this post.

When a dead hummingbird appears in front of your eyes, it gives you a sign that it’s time for you to change and regain your appreciation for a joyful life and your connection with your inner child.

What Does Dead Hummingbird Symbolize?

In Native American culture, hummingbirds are highly regarded as symbols of happiness and independence. Finding these birds dead may indicate that you have lost your appreciation for life’s little pleasures and the connection with your inner child.

If you have recurring dreams of hummingbirds’ demise or seeing the dead hummingbird repeatedly, it is often due to your mental state and identity confusion. You may be experiencing an overwhelming sense of self-consciousness, a sense of having made a mistake, a desire to turn back time, or a tendency to escape into a false reality.

In other words, an image of a dead hummingbird suggests that you have not been taking adequate time to relax and care for yourself. It serves as a reminder to prioritize your creativity and playfulness and focus on life’s enjoyment rather than being buried in work. You should appreciate all the great in your life presently and not dwell on things you don’t have. Everything we have in life is temporary, and what we desire in life is in our manifestations.

Finding a dead hummingbird can also signify that you must confront an ending or change that alters your perception of yourself. There may be a juncture that feels like a loss of innocence. It is time for you to recover from such losses and progress.

Dead hummingbird omen

The dead hummingbird omen is primarily a sign of caution about the ending and renewal of any event or circumstance in your life, even bad or good ones.

As the dead hummingbird symbolism is referred to as the sign of an ending and renewal, the omen would be the caution of upcoming changes in your life. So, take time to reflect and prepare yourself to avoid being overwhelmed when something comes not as you expected or planned.

The image of dead hummingbird means the time for changes and renewals
The image of dead hummingbird means the time for changes and renewals

Dead Hummingbird Symbolism Messages

From the demonstration of dead hummingbird symbolism, here are four messages implied from it to encourage you to live a better and more joyful life. By reflecting on the situations you have experienced, you can get the right message to go on.

Message 1: Time to leave past mistakes and regrets behind

None of us is perfect. We make mistakes and live in regrets for letting them happen. It is good when we feel bad about a mistake because it teaches us a lesson to be better people. However, holding the grief of mistakes and not leaving the past means you prison yourself in a cage for what happened. We cannot fix the past, but we can change the future, so just leave the past behind, learn from it, and move on.

Message 2: Time for changes and renewals

You may find yourself in a loop of events, and you want to get out of it. So this is the time. Summon your courage and take every small step to get out of it, even if you cannot well know what is waiting for you on the horizon. But sure, this new journey will be worth giving a try.

Message 3: You are good! You are self-sufficient!

You may not get support from other people, so you lack the confidence and motivation to do anything. However, it is not the case, and the universe does not agree to let you be laid back. With the image of a dead hummingbird, they remind you that you are self-sufficient, you are good and qualified to do anything you want to do. 

This means that you have everything necessary for success, despite the lack of support from others. Just encourage yourself to achieve your goal.

Message 4: Take a rest and love yourself

Seeing the image of or related to the dead hummingbird shows that your mental state is not stable. You are overwhelmed with so many things and worries in life that you forget to take care of yourself and your loved ones. So, this is the time for you to slow down, take a rest to recharge your energy, and reconnect with your inner child, with your loved ones, and with every beautiful little moment.

Final Thoughts

The dead hummingbird is a warning that something is going to happen in the future. It is a signal that something is about to change.  It’s not necessarily bad, but it’s something that you should pay attention to. This image also reminds you that you should not hold too tight to what happened as you cannot fix the past; instead, you need to take action and move forward. Be kind to yourself and be courageous!


Can seeing a dead hummingbird means death?

A dead hummingbird does not represent death. It indicates your situation of inactivity and lack of decisiveness. Particularly, observing a dead hummingbird reveals that you have neglected to complete a required task.

What does it mean to dream about a dead hummingbird?

A dead hummingbird can symbolize a part of yourself that is in the process of changing or must change and evolve. If you have felt lost and confused recently, now may be a good time to begin a spiritual practice and connect with your inner self.

What does it mean to find a dead bird outside your house?

A dead bird outside your home may represent the ending of something significant in your life. These changes could be positive, such as a new opportunity, or negative, such as the death of a loved one.

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