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Did Elvis die from pooping? Elvis’s death was one of the biggest losses in the world’s music, and fans are still sad when mentioning Elvis’s passing away. But did the great singer truly die from pooping too hard? Find out about Elvis’s passing moment here!

Presley died while on the toilet. He was overweight and was taking medications to manage his weight. They could have been prescription medications, but they contributed to the singer’s death. He was suffering from chronic constipation, a medical reaction to the losing-weight pills.

Did Elvis Die From Pooping Too Hard?

Yes, Elvis died on his toilet while trying to relieve himself. According to the news, he died from heart failure at the time, but this was the result of many months, even years of chronic constipation. Elvis Aron Presley was one of the greatest artists in the world at the time. He died in his mansion, located on Graceland, on August 16, 1977, at the age of 42.

Elvis died on his toilet
Elvis died on his toilet

How Did Elvis Die From Pooping?

Like many artists at this time in the past, Elvis used to be a regular user of various prescribed medications, including opiates, barbiturates, and sedatives. Unfortunately, Presley was an avid addict of opiates, which do not just kill the pain but also trigger severe constipation. According to autopsy results, Presley was constipated four months prior to his death.

On the day of his death, Elvis took a book with him to the bathroom. Later, people found him dead on the toilet and revealed that he died of heart failure. So overdose and pooping were some of the things that did happen to his death while not being the concluding factors.

The doctor who prescribed Elvis all the medications, George C. Nichopoulos, faced many legal actions and even lost his medical license due to overprescribing Elvis.

There were various celebrities that had to pass the last moments of their life on a toilet. Who are they? We have the answer prepared for you below!

Celebrities who died of constipation

While many celebrities died on the toilet, Elvis is the only by far registered as the one who died of constipation. Even though most don’t say it, many fans think this is one of the most embarrassing deaths in history.

Elvis is the only celebrity registered as the one who died of constipation
Elvis is the only celebrity registered as the one who died of constipation

What famous person died from pooping?

Some famous figures that died from pooping are:

  • Judy Garland
  • Catherine the Great
  • Arius
  • George Dyer
  • Christopher Shale
  • Toufiq M Seraj
  • Jim Morrison

Medical Reasons Behind Death From Pooping

There have been pooping-related deaths registered in history. But what caused the deaths to happen? What is the medical meaning behind it? And has anyone truly passed away because of this? The answers are right below!

Can you die from pooping too hard?

If you are strained while pooping, you might want to think of an alternative strategy. Continuously constipation that requires physical effort and strain could cause health issues. One of the most infamous reactions to straining while pooping is defecation syncope, which simply is fainting while discharging feces.

There is a chance that defecation can cause death, but this could only be the case in extreme situations. The first is having been the victim of an injury to the heart or vascular system. Another is experiencing bathroom issues involving too dry or hard excrements.

When someone strains too much while pooping and has had heart problems, this can cause the blood flow to cut off and lead to a quick death of heart attack.

Has anyone died while pooping?

Yes, various persons have died while pooping. In the older times, many political figures were assassinated while in the bathroom, trying to relieve themselves. This is certainly an ungraceful death that easily goes down in history.

Who died from pooping?

Defecation is a common cause of elders’ death, given that it is the reason behind 20% of the death. The risk of dying from defecation syncope among older people can range between 25% to 30%. Many elders have been reported dead on the toilet. Also, if someone suffers from constipation, defecation or heart failure are very possible to happen.

Death from pooping can also occur to young people, but the possibility is significantly lower.


What is it called when you die from pooping too hard?

Defecation syncope is the professional medical term for fainting when having too much bowel movement, which is caused by pooping. Its symptom can cause death to the patients.

Who died while peeing?

Tycho Brahe was a Danish astronomer who died from not being able to pee while he was peeing. He was attending a royal banquet and found himself too polite to go to the bathroom. This caused his bladder to explode and thus, led to his death.

Are you constipated before you die?

Constipation may not be accompanied by the usual amount of stool movements. You may not eliminate your bowel completely, or you might have trouble moving hard stool. As you approach the close of your life, you can still expect to experience some bowel movements even if you’re not eating a lot.

What celebrities overdosed on toilets?

Various celebrities overdosed and died on toilets: Judy Garland, George Dyer, Elvis Presley, and Robert Pastorelli are the most recent names.

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