Does Christina Win The Harper Avery? – Cristina Yang Vs Meredith Grey

Does Christina win the Harper Avery? Christina is among the brightest doctors of Grey’s Anatomy, and people are dying to see her successes outside of the hospital frame. Meredith Grey, the show’s protagonist, has equal footing with Christina. So how do these brilliant doctors compete in the race for awards? Let’s find out who wins!

Cristina Yang did not obtain the Harper Avery in Season 10 despite receiving votes since she worked for a hospital partially owned by the Harper Avery Foundation. Meredith wins the Harper Avery in Grey’s Anatomy season 14, distinguishing herself from colleague surgeon Christina Yang, who is nominated for the same award but fails to win it in Grey’s Anatomy season 10.

Harper Avery Award Meaning

Harper Avery Award
Harper Avery Award

The Harper Avery Award honors people who have overcome challenges, changed course, and invented the future of how we will live, heal, and flourish. It was designed by physician Harper Avery to challenge surgeons who are currently at the top of their game to push themselves even farther. In addition to the distinction, the winner receives a cash prize of $500,000.

While the above-mentioned prize has a formal name, it is more often known as the Harper Avery Award after the surgeon who initiated the ceremony. They were renamed the Catherine Fox Awards when Avery was accused of sexual harassment.

Does Christina Win The Harper Avery?

Get to know the journey of Christina with the HaerperAvery ward here!

How many Harper Avery’s does Christina win?

Cristina Yang never wins Harper Avery award. She was nominated and received votes for the top spot but didn’t win in the end. The reason was that she was working in a hospital that belonged to Harper Avery Foundation, which supposedly would raise questions about a possible connection-related win.

Nevertheless, viewers suspected the loss was due to the actress’s departure from the show. After season 10, actress Sandra Oh no longer participated in Grey’s Anatomy, and they needed to give a twist and a reason for her to leave the hospital where she was working with a good reason. Cristina was later offered a job in Zurich, Switzerland, where she became the director of cardiothoracic surgery at Preston Burke’s hospital.

When does Christina get nominated for a Harper Avery?

She was nominated in episode 19 of season 10. Besides Meredith and Bailey, her coworkers are pleased about her nomination. Meredith makes a toast to Cristina to disguise her envy. At the same time, Bailey, on the other hand, is less adept at concealing her emotions.

She was nominated in episode 19 of season 10
She was nominated in episode 19 of season 10

Does Christina win the Harper Avery in season 10?

No, she didn’t. Viewers were left with a bitter taste in their mouths when Cristina didn’t win the award before she left the show.

When does Christina win the Harper Avery?

She never wins, but she was nominated for the award in season 10. Ronald Myers was the final winner of the prize.

Will Cristina Yang win the Harper Avery?

Season 10 was the last time that she saw our beloved Cristina Yang. She lost the Harper Avery award and won’t make a comeback in the series anymore. So, there is little to no chance for her to be crowned for any award in the following years.

Why Didn’t Christina Win The Harper Avery?

Despite receiving the most votes, Christina is unable to qualify for the Harper Avery since Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, where she works, is owned by the Harper Avery Foundation. A victory for Cristina would thus be considered a conflict of interest.

Meredith And Her Award History

Meredith is a formidable doctor. But like any character on Grey’s Anatomy, she has troubles of her own. But do they keep her from winning prestigious awards for doctors that stand out the most?

When does Meredith win the Catherine Fox award?

In season 14, Meredith won the Catherine Fox award (previously called the Harper Avery award) while she was still at work in the hospital. She watches Jackson accept the award on her behalf while her colleagues cheer for her.

In season 14, Meredith won the Catherine Fox award
In season 14, Meredith won the Catherine Fox award

However, Meredith Grey believed that the medal was pointless and that all she and her mother, Ellis Grey, had fought for was a deception, so she returned both her and her mother’s awards. Later, when she and Jackson proposed changing Catherine’s name, she agreed as long as the trophies were re-engraved.

Does Meredith win a second Harper Avery?

No, she only won one Harper Avery in 2017. However, she even returns the award the she and her mother have gained through their career.

How many Harper Avery’s does Meredith win?

Meredith won 1 Harper Avery, and her mother won 2. After she found out about the sexual assault scandal of Harper Avery, the original creator behind the award. So she decided to return her and her mother’s awards.

When does Grey win the Harper Avery?

She won the award in season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy in 2017.

Does Meredith win a Harper Avery in season 14?

Yes, she won in season 14 and even called Cristina to tell her about it while Alex popped a champagne bottle to celebrate with her.

When does Meredith get nominated for a Harper Avery?

In season 14, episode 6, Meredith enters the hall and her colleagues Bailey and Richard tell her that she was nominated for the Harper Avery award. Right before that, she lost a patient, so she was confused and amazed at the same time.

How Did Meredith Win The Harper Avery When Christina Couldn’t

Meredith’s Harper Avery triumph in Grey’s Anatomy season 14 seemed implausible due to Christina’s disqualification, as she also works at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. However, by the time Meredith gets the Haper Avery prize, Harper Avery has died, making the rules no longer the same. Now, people involved with a hospital that was originally under Harper Avery Foundation’s protection are no longer bound by the rule. Thus they can still win the prize.


Who wins the Harper Avery award?

All past winners of the Harper Avery award include:
– Ellis Grey
– Margaret Goodwin
– Preston Burke
– Ronald Myers
– Meredith Grey

Does Derek win a Harper Avery?

He has never won a Harper Avery.

Does bailey win a Harper Avery?

No, she has never won a Harper Avery.

Who won the Harper Avery award in season 10?

The honor was granted to Ronald Myers of Johns Hopkins Hospital the year Cristina was nominated.

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