150+ Beautiful Elemental Names For Girls & Boys (with meanings)

The article has included more than 150 Elemental names with origins and meanings, categorized based on elements and genders. If you are looking for beautiful Elemental names, just stay here and read this article!

Names For Air Element

The names in the list are related to the “sky; air; wind; fog or mist.”

Names for Wind/Air elements
Names for Wind/Air elements

Female names

  • Abelia: Hebrew origin, meaning to “the breath or even a sigh.”
  • Aura: Greek origin, meaning “wind, gentle breeze, or breath.”
  • Audra: Lithuanian origin, meaning “storm.”
  • Alizeh: Persian origin, meaning “wind.”
  • Anemone: Greek origin, meaning “daughter of the wind.”
  • Aria: Italian origin, meaning “air.”
  • Araceli: Spanish origin, meaning “altar of the sky.”
  • Azure: English origin, meaning “bright blue color of a cloudless sky.”
  • Flurry: English origin, meaning “sudden, strong blasts of wind.”
  • Iris: Greek origin, inspired by the goddess of the rainbow.
  • Kasumi: Japanese origin, meaning “mist.”
  • Misty: English origin, meaning “foggy, cloudy air.”
  • Noelani: Hawaiian origin, meaning “heavenly mist.”
  • Skylar/Skyline: meaning “beautiful sky”.
  • Samira: Sanskirt origin, meaning “gust of wind; cool breeze.”

Male names

  • Akash: Indian, Sankirt origins, ,meaning “open space or sky.”
  • Anani: Hebrew origin, meaning “a cloud.”
  • Anil: Indian origin, meaning “the air” or “wind.”
  • Anvidr: Norse origin, meaning “against the tide” or “wind.”
  • Bayu: Indonesian origin, meaning “wind.”
  • Guthrie: Scottish origin, meaning “places full of free wind.”
  • Naseem: Middle Eastern origin, meaning “a gentle breeze of soft air.”
  • Nimbus: Latin origin, meaning “a luminous cloud surrounding saints.”
  • Zephyr: Greek origin, the Greek god Zephorus of the west wind.
  • Napoleon: German origin, meaning “son of mist”
  • Guthrie: Scottish origin, meaning “from a windy place”.

Unisex names

  • Haneul: Korean origin, translating into “sky.”
  • Nebula: Latin origin, meaning “mist.”
  • Saar: Hebrew origin, meaning “a storm marked by strong wind.”
  • Scirocco: Italian origin, meaning “hot air accompanied by dusty wind.”
  • Skye: Scottish origin, while it means “sky.”
  • Stormy: American origin, meaning “a violent windstorm accompanied by rain or snow.”
  • Sora: Japanese origin, meaning “sky.”
  • Fei: Chinese origin, meaning “dancing in the air.”

Earth Elemental Names

The names in the list are associated with the meaning of “earth; land; mountain; forest.”

Names for Earth element
Names for Earth element

Female name

  • Acacia: a tree from warm regions of the world, a symbol of the “human immortal soul.”
  • Avani: Sanskrit origin, meaning “Earth.”
  • Clarimond: German origin, meaning “the sunshine of the Earth.”
  • Demeter: is the “goddess of agriculture” in Greek religion.
  • Diana: Indo-European origin, named after the goddess of the moon, forests, and hunt.
  • Ela: Indian origin, meaning “Earth.”
  • Eden: Hebrew origin, meaning “a paradise of happiness.”
  • Flora: Latin origin, named after the Roman flowers.
  • Gaia: Greek origin, the ancestral Earth mother.
  • Hailey: English origin, meaning “a meadow.”
  • Hermione: Greek origin, the messenger of the Earth.
  • Ilesha: Hindi origin, meaning “an earth lord.”
  • Isla: Spanish origin, meaning “an island.”
  • Laurel: European origin, meaning “a small tree with consistent shiny leaves.”
  • Nirvana: Sanskrit origin, meaning “an idyllic state.”
  • Savannah: Spanish origin, meaning “a grassy plain with few trees,” found in tropical regions.
  • Sena: African origin, meaning “the beauty of the Earth.”
  • Sienna: Italian origin, meaning “a reddish-orange color close to that of the Earth.”
  • Terra: Latin origin, meaning “the planet Earth.” In Roman mythology, Terra was the goddess of the Earth.

Male names

  • Aaron: Hebrew origin, meaning “a high mountain” associated with strength.
  • Adam: Hebrew origin, meaning “son of the red Earth.”
  • Dion: French origin, meaning “the son of both the heaven and the Earth.”
  • Digby: Norse origin, meaning “from a ditch by a farm.”
  • Glenn: Scottish origin, meaning “nature” and “Earth.”
  • Jahan: Sanskrit origin, meaning “the Earth and the world.”
  • Lambert: French and German origin, meaning “bright land.”
  • Manson: Scottish origin, meaning “stone worker.”
  • Roland: German origin, meaning “glorious land.”
  • Peter: Greek origin, among the common boy baby names meaning “a stone.”
  • Ridge: English origin, meaning “the long, narrow elevation of a hilltop, mountain, or watershed.”
  • Slate: English origin, meaning “a dense, fine-grained metamorphic rock.”
  • Terran: Latin origin, a name for Earth.
  • Vale: Latin origin, used in place names to mean “a valley.”
  • Vermont: French origin, meaning “green mountain.”

Unisex names

  • Greene: English origin, meaning “the green nature of the Earth.”
  • Kaj: Danish origin, a unique name given to Earth.
  • Wekesa: Kenyan origin, a name meaning “someone who was born during the crop-gathering time.”

Water Elemental Names

The names in the list carry the meaning of “water; sea or oceans; rivers; rain.”

Names for Water element
Names for Water element

Female names

  • Assana: Irish origin, meaning “a waterfall.”
  • Darya: Russian origin, a unique girl name that also means “the sea.”
  • Halcyon: Greek origin, a bird with the ability to calm the rough ocean waves in mythology.
  • Lana: Hawaiin origin, meaning “clam and still water.”
  • Maris: Latin origin, meaning “of the sea.”
  • Maya: Hebrew, Spanish, Greek origin, meaning “water.”
  • Moana: Polynesian origin, meaning “deep ocean.”
  • Meredith: Welsh origin, meaning “protector of the sea.”
  • Meri: Finnish origin, meaning “sea.”
  • Mira: Sanskrit origin, meaning “sea; ocean.”
  • Naia: Hawaiian origin, meaning “to flow; wave, sea foam.”
  • Nanami: Japanese origin, meaning “seven seas” (七海).
  • Noelani: Hawaiian origin, meaning “a heavenly mist not found on Earth.”
  • Nomvula: Ndebele origin, meaning “the mother of the rain.”
  • Pavati: Native American origin, meaning “crystal clear water.”
  • Reva: Hindi origin, a name after a river in India.
  • Shannah: Irish origin, referring to “slow-moving water.”
  • Talia: Hebrew origin, a name for the “dew water in the form of droplets of heaven.”

Male names

  • Bourne: English origin, referring to someone who lives near water.
  • Delamere: French origin, meaning “forest of the sea/lake.”
  • Dylan: Welsh origin, name of the son of the sea.
  • Flynt: English origin, meaning “a stream of water.”
  • Ghadir: Arabic origin, referring to “a pond of water.”
  • Jorah: Hebrew origin, meaning “early rain.”
  • Lwandle: South African (Zulu) origin, meaning “an ocean.”
  • Nereus: Greek origin, the Greek god of the sea, the father of the Nereids.
  • Pule: Zambian origin, meaning “waterfalls; rain.”
  • River: Latin-English origin; as indicated by the name, it means “a naturally flowing path of water.”

Unisex names

  • Afon: Welsh origin, meaning “river.”
  • Beck: English origin, meaning “small stream, mountain stream.”
  • Brook: English origin, meaning “a small stream of water.”
  • Cove: meaning “small bay.”
  • Everest: English origin, named after the Everest mountain and also refers to “dwellers of the river.”
  • Kai: Hawaiian origin, meaning “the ocean water.”
  • Lake: English origin, referring to “large bodies of water that run deep within land.”
  • Rio: Spanish origin, meaning “river.”
  • Sevan: the name of Armenia’s largest lake

Names For Fire Element

The names in the list carry the meaning of “fire; sun; light.”

Names for Fire element
Names for Fire element

Female names

  • Adara: Hebrew origin, meaning “fire.”
  • Angarika: Hindi origin, meaning “the flames produced in forests.”
  • Alba: meaning “dawn” in Spanish and Italian
  • Azar: Persian origin, named after a goddess associated with fire.
  • Blaise: French origin, inspired by the “blaze” of fire.
  • Bridget: Irish origin, after a female god of fire also known for her love of poetry.
  • Ember: English origin, the embers of a fire are the last sparks it produces.
  • Fioralba: Italian name, meaning “flower of the dawn.”
  • Helene: French origin, meaning “bright, shining one.”
  • Hestia: Greek origin, meaning “hearth, fireside.”
  • Lesedi: South African origin, meaning “light,” and associated with girls of shy personalities.
  • Lucia: Spanish, Italian origin, meaning “light.”
  • Lucasta: Latin origin, meaning “pure light.”
  • Maletshatsi: Lesothan origin, meaning “the daylight’s sunshine.”
  • Mmakganya: African origin, a name used for a girl who is a ray of sunshine.
  • Naledi: South African origin, meaning “a star.”
  • Nomalanga: South African (Zulu) origin, meaning “sunny.”
  • Pele: Hawaiian origin, named after a goddess of volcanoes and fire, is among the girl names that mean “fire.”
  • Soleil: French origin, meaning “the sun.”
  • Tanwen: Whelsh origin, meaning “white fire.”
  • Tesni: Welsh origin, meaning “warmth of the sun.”
  • Enya: Irish origin, meaning “fire.”
  • Idalia: Greek origin, meaning “behold the sun.”
  • Tana: Greek origin, meaning “fire or star goddess.”
  • Roxane: Greek origin, meaning “dawn.”
  • Sunna: Norse mythological name and Scandinavian, meaning “sun.”
  • Sunniva: Norwegian origin, meaning “sun gift.”
  • Vesta: Latin origin, meaning “goddess of the hearth.”
  • Zora: Arabic, Slavic, African origin, meaning “dawn.”

Male names

  • Aidan: Gaelic origin, Aidan was among the names that mean fiery.
  • Amarkeeri: Hindi origin, meaning “an eternal flame.”
  • Agni: Hindu origin, meaning “fire.”
  • Anatolius: Greek origin, meaning “sunrise.”
  • Apollo: Greek origin, meaning “father light.”
  • Belenus: Irish origin, name of a sun god, meaning “brilliant, bright.”
  • Brantley: German origin, meaning “fire.”
  • Cyrus: Persian origin, meaning “sun.”
  • Flint: Dutch origin, a material you can use in combination with steel to ignite fire and spark.
  • Ignacio: Spanish origin, meaning “fiery.”
  • Joash: Hebrew origin, meaning “a fire given by the god.”
  • Helios: Greek origin, meaning “sun.”
  • Keahi: Hawaiian origin, meaning “fire flames.”
  • Kenneth: Irish origin, meaning “a handsome man born of fire.”
  • Langa: Nguni origin, referring to the different types of light of the Earth, including light and sunshine.
  • Mishal: Persian origin, meaning “a bright flame by a source of light.”
  • Mogotsi: Tswana origin, meaning “someone who lights the Earth.”
  • Nkanyezi: South African (Zulu) origin, meaning “star.”
  • Orion: Greek origin, the name of a constellation of stars and a hunter in Greek mythology.
  • Samson: Hebrew origin, meaning “sun.”
  • Sorin: Roman origin, meaning “sun.”
  • Sirius: Latin origin, meaning “burning.”
  • Vulcan: the Roman god of fire.

Unisex names

  • Lebone: Lesothan origin, meaning “light.”
  • Masana: Bantu origin, meaning “the sunrise.”
  • Phoenix: Greek origin, after a bird in Greek mythology associated with fire and sun for its ability to regenerate.
  • Dian: meaning “candle” in Indonesian and Javanese.

Tips To Easily Create Your Unique Elemental Names

Here are some tips for creating your own elemental names for your characters in games or stories.

Make it short and simple but unique

If you want to pick a name for your character in a game using classical religious elements, you can try mixing them up a little bit. You can look up the elemental names on the Internet and combine them together. This will make the name not too common but still familiar. However, do not choose too long and hard-to-pronounce names, as it may make other people difficult to remember your character’s names.

Make the name memorable

Short and easy-to-understand names are often easy to remember. Using fire elemental names can be a great choice since it is short but still have a warm and strong sense, making it more memorable to other people.

Try not to use difficult name

Difficult names are names that are hard to understand and spell. When you choose these names, it may take a long time for people to remember the name of your characters.

Using elemental names generators

If you don’t want to spend too much time thinking of a name for your character, you can use elemental names generators. Just by doing some simple clicks, you can pick the satisfactory names for your characters, which are easy to write, pronounce, and remember. You can see the list of elemental names generators in the next section. 

Elemental Names Generators

Here are some elemental name generators for you to use:


What are the basic elements?

In Greek religion, the basic elements include the physical elements: fire, air, water, and earth, and the Spirit or Quintessence element.
The fire element is connected with strength, activity, blood, and life force. The air element is related to intelligence, creativity, and beginnings. The water element is associated with emotion and the unconscious. And the earth element is about stability, groundedness, fertility, materiality, potential, and stillness.

What name means air?

The popular names that carry the meaning “air” are Aura and Sky. Besides, the names of Luna, Lyra, Amaya, Sunny, and Iris are also on the list of 100 favorite air-meaning names.

Video: Perfect BABY NAMES for all 4 ELEMENTS


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