Fortnite Can’t Shoot Glitch And How To Fix This Frequent Error

Want to learn how to fix Fortnite can’t shoot glitch? We have got you covered! Fortnite is an MMORPG, and it has experienced many bugs around weapons throughout the years. As we all know, what comes across as a minor glitch can affect the outcome of a Battle Royal. So don’t miss the tips we have about fixing the weapon glitches.

In fact, the fix is quite straightforward. Follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Simply exit Fortnite by using the alt-tab key.
  • Step 2: To resolve the issue, alt-tab back into the game.

If the trick still doesn’t work, you can opt for signing in and out of the game, checking for the internet connection, or looking at other tricks we will reveal below with more detailed instructions.

Fortnite Can’t Shoot Glitch

Fortnite has been frustrating to play these days due to the can’t shoot glitch. Instead, players are continuously stuck in switching animation from weapon to pickaxe. Find out the reason and how to fix it below!

Why can’t I shoot in Fortnite?

This is the problem:

Fortnite's weapon glitch problem
Fortnite’s weapon glitch problem

Players explain the reason behind this issue because Fortnite was testing the feature to nerf PC players, making them lose easier. Hence, console players are more willing to purchase extra items on the game because they can see they are winning. What an evil plan! But also genius…

Nevertheless, after investigating further, we found out that PS4 and PS5 players also were experiencing the same issue. So maybe it’s not a master plan by Fortnite after all?

We know this was an old update of the game, so users were facing weapon glitching problems due to the version they had on their gaming devices. Thus, updating to a newer version should address the glitch if Fortnite has already fixed it in the update.

Fortnite can’t shoot glitch 2022 switch

Fortnite bug can't shoot
Fortnite bug can’t shoot

The easier method: Relaunching Fortnite is most likely the best and simplest solution to resolve the White Screen problem. Restarting the game will end all open bugs and problems and force them to shut down immediately.

If the previous method doesn’t work, what you can do when you encounter this problem first-hand is:

  • Step 1: Simply exit Fortnite by using the alt-tab key.
  • Step 2: To resolve the issue, alt-tab back into the game.

In case these quick tricks don’t work, try following these steps:

  • Step 1: Unplug and then reconnect your Mouse or Controller.
  • Step 2: Check that you haven’t altered the shooting key in your keyboard settings
  • Step 3: Update your mouse or controller’s drivers.

Fortnite Can’t Use Weapons

If you can’t use your Fortnite weapon, whether it disappears or glitch crazily, check out our tips below.

How do I fix No Gun glitch Fortnite?

According to players, it’s a secret function available only to controllers. It’s not a glitch; Xbox platforms are already forced to play against PC players’ performance, which causes them to lose the bulk of the time; even the ping will soar occasionally exclusively around PC players to ensure you lose.

Many suspect that PC players get nerfed
Many suspect that PC players get nerfed

They need to generate money, which is why you virtually never see a PC label on a PC player. They’re concealed, and there’s no way to contact them to find out.

So do we just cross our hands and don’t do anything? Not exactly. Fortnite has been working on this feature during a testing phase, which means it shouldn’t last too long. So if you are still playing an old game version, it’s time to update!

Why can’t I swing my pickaxe on Fortnite?

If you wish to swing your pickaxe again, you must stop pressing the “fire” button and then press it again. Sometimes it just gets cramped and needs a release.

How do I fix the invisible gun glitch?

It’s possible that deactivating texture streaming in the game will prevent the invisible weapons issue from occurring. While it is not certain, it is worth a shot if it means you won’t have to deal with this game-breaking problem again.

How do you get the invisible gun in Fortnite?


Is there a glitch in Fortnite right now?

To check all the glitches in Fortnite at the moment, you can visit their Trello page. They update all the bugs and divide them into different tags according to the solution state, like fixed or in development.

Does Fortnite allow XP glitches?

The new Fortnite XP bug grants players thousands of XP in a short period of time. The bug is ideal for people who cannot play and complete their Battle Pass on time. Once again, the glitch is performed in Creative mode, and the best part is that it is fully AFK.

Why is my mouse not working on Fortnite?

Update or reinstall the device driver. Try reinstalling the device driver if you’re using a third-party mouse, keyboard, or headset. The most recent drivers for your device may be found on the manufacturer’s website. For instructions on how to install the driver, contact the manufacturer of your device.

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