How Do I Find An Unfinished Post On Facebook? – Unpublished Facebook Posts Important Updates

You were typing a Facebook post but there was something up and you cannot finish or publish it. You have no choice but to exit the app to finish that thing first. After that, you want to finish and publish your post but didn’t know where to find it.

If you have experienced the same things, don’t worry, this article will help you find the right answer to the question “How do I find an unfinished post on Facebook?“. Also, it will also give you a way to avoid losing your unfinished Facebook posts.

How Do I Find An Unfinished Post On Facebook?

You can only find an unfinished post on Facebook if you have saved it as a draft or used Publishing Tools to create your post. This means you cannot find and recover an unsaved Facebook post.

  • For a personal Facebook account, you can find, view, and publish a draft post that you have been saved.

If you are typing a post and cannot publish it at the moment, you save it for editing and publishing later. This only works when using the Facebook app. To save a Facebook draft post you can do it as follows: after typing the content, press the back button of your mobile phone -> choose “save as draft” in the appearing box on your screen.

Save draft post
Save post as a draft

After that, you will see a notification showing that you have a draft saved.

Draft saved notification
Draft saved notification

To view and edit your saved draft post on Facebook, you just need to tap this notification. Remember, your draft will be discarded after 3 days since it is saved.

  • If you are running a Facebook page, an unpublished post can be either a scheduled post or a draft post. To manage these kinds of posts, you can use the Publishing Tools functions of Facebook.

To create and manage scheduled, published, and draft posts on your Facebook page, you can do as follows.

  1. On your page account, choose Publishing Tools in the Meta Business Suite sections on the left panel of your page.
  2. When the Meta Business Suite page opens, choose Posts and Stories on the left panel.
  3. On this page, you will see 3 sections: Published – where you see all the published posts on your page; Scheduled – where you find the posts you created and set time for publishing later; Drafts – where you manage the draft posts of your page.
  4. To make posts for publishing, scheduling, or drafting, you just need to choose the corresponding sections and click Create post on the top right corner of the page.
  5. Then, type your text and press Publish/ Schedule Post/Save Draft.
  6. After that, all the posts and drafts you made will show in the table of each section. You can choose to view and edit them from here.
Publishing tools
Publishing tools
Posts and stories
Posts and stories


For scheduled posts, you will see a box for choosing the time to publish your post, after you click the Create post button.

When you type a post to publish, if you click “Back” option to exit, you can save it as a draft by choose “Save as Draft” button on the box that appears on your computer screen. Then you can access the “Drafts” section to view, edit, and publish it if needed.

How do I find my drafts on Facebook on my mobile?

To find your drafts on Facebook, you must save them as drafts first. Then, you can find it in the Notifications tab on your account.

For the Facebook app on Android, you can follow the above steps listed in the first sections.

On iPhone, Facebook app allows you to save only one draft at a time. You can find it by opening the Facebook app and looking for the notification “Finish your previous post?” on the Home tab. Just tap it to see your last draft. Remember that when you save a new draft, it will overwrite the previously saved one.

How Do I Create An Unpublished Post On Facebook?

An “unpublished Facebook post” is often known as a “dark post” and it is a Facebook post created using Facebook Ads Manager. It can be used as an independent post for advertisement that is not posted on your newsfeed.

So, to start creating an unpublished post you should go to the Ads Manager. You can see it on the left side of your page.

Ad manager
Ad manager

Then, on the Ads Manager page, choose All tools (3 vertical dashes). Scroll down until you see Engage customers sections → choose Page posts.

Selecting page posts
Selecting page posts

Here, you have accessed Page posts page. Then, you choose the type of posts you want to create. 

Next, you add the text and other additional information for your posts. 

Once you finished all the information, click Share now/ Schedule post.

Publish posts
Publish posts

Note: For the types of Published posts and Scheduled posts, you can use “New post creation tool” to open the more detailed window for post creation.

How Do I Recover My Deleted Facebook Post?

You can recover your deleted posts by following these steps:

On your facebook profile, choose More (three dots) -> Choose Activity log -> Choose Recycle bin on the left panel -> Choose the post you want to recover and click Restore.

Activity log
Activity log
Recycle bin
Recycle bin
A deleted post
A deleted post

Note: For the mobile Facebook app, the steps are similar, but instead of “Recycle bin”, you choose “Trash” to access the list of deleted posts.

Are deleted Facebook posts really deleted?

The deleted Facebook posts are kept in the Recycle bin for 30 days. After that, they will be deleted permanently from your Facebook and unable to be recovered.

How Do I Publish A Draft Event On Facebook?

If you created an event on your Facebook page and save it as a draft, you can find it in the Upcoming events section. So just scroll down.

To edit and publish a draft event, just click on it. Then click Edit when the event page appears. 

On this page, you just need to edit the information of your event and click Next until it reaches the final stage in which you can see the Publish Event option. Just click on that option to publish your event.

Publish a draft event
Publish a draft event


How do I find deleted Facebook messenger posts?

If you delete message content from Facebook Messenger, it cannot be recovered.
However, other participants in your conversation may still see the messages you delete. Thus, you can ask them to help you get the content by sending it via email or simply a screenshot of that message.

How do I find old posts on Facebook?

Try searching for a keyword or phrase you remember from the post if you want to find an old post by choosing More (3 dots) → Search → type the word/ phrases. After that, you can see the posts that contain the words/phrases you searched. You can sort posts by Posts you’ve seen, Most recent, Tagged location, and Date posted.

How do I find saved posts on Facebook?

If you want to find posts you’ve saved on Facebook, you can find them in the Saved posts section on Facebook. Another way is choosing Menu –> Saved, then, you will see all the posts you have saved.

Why does a post disappear on Facebook?

If one of your posts disappears from a friend’s wall, it’s most likely that you or the profile owner deleted it – either intentionally or accidentally. In some situations, Facebook removes that post because it spots a rule violation.

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