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Orbeez is small, absorbent beads that expand into squishy, bouncing balls when soaked in water. Orbeez may be grown from a packet at home, or a “water marble,” which is an edible variant of this product, can be made using tapioca pearls. They’re also a great way to do a quick and fun science experiment. But, if you want to grow orbeez, you need to know how long they take to grow. This post will explain the process of increasing orbeez and tell you how to make them grow faster and bigger. Keep reading to find out!

Depending on the temperature and humidity of their environment, orbeez can take anywhere from four hours to a few days to grow.

How Long Do Orbeez Take To Grow In Water?

The orbeez are growing
The orbeez are growing

Orbeez is small, water-absorbing beads that grow in size when submerged in water. Depending on the ambient temperature and the time they are allowed to soak, they can take anywhere from four to two days to reach their maximum size. While the average orbeez is about 1 millimeter wide at first, they can grow 100 times larger in water.

Because of this high expansion rate, they are often used for sensory playtime with children. When wet, the beads are soft and squishy and offer a fun tactile experience. In addition, they are available in a variety of colors that are permanently attached to the clear polymer. This allows the wearer to choose the color and pattern of their orbeez. 

The Scientific Explanation Of Orbeez 

Orbeez is a fun little experiment for kids of all ages. They’re also a great way to learn about science. But how do they work? What makes them grow into bouncy, bouncy balls? Check out the science behind Orbeez and learn more.

How do orbeez grow?

Orbeez develops for a cause. When the Orbeez are immersed in water, they absorb the water molecules like a sponge. The water molecules are then absorbed into the Orbeez by the Duffision Gradient of the sodium neutralization generated by the Polymer Backbone. Water enters the Polymer Chains after being absorbed by the Duffision Gradient.

After a while, when a large number of water molecules are absorbed, the Polymer Chains begin to grow due to a large number of water molecules entering them. So, after the Polymer Chains have grown large enough, the Orbeez begin to grow since the Polymer Chains have taken up all of the space in the Orbeez. As a result, as additional water molecules enter the Orbeez, it begins to expand.

Why do orbeez grow in water?

Water does cause Orbeez to expand, but a specific chemical reaction causes the polymer that makes up its structure to lengthen its polymer chains, absorbing the water into them. So don’t anticipate water to seep from an Orbeez bead when it breaks. It is a constant gel-like material rather than a shell filled with water.

Do Orbeez Shrink?

The shape of orbeez after shrinking
The shape of orbeez after shrinking

If you’ve grown a lot of Orbeez for a particular game or decoration and no longer need them, you might wonder if it’s feasible to downsize them. Yes, is the reply. Because Orbeez is reusable, you may use them for additional enjoyable activities by having them shrink and then grow in the water again.

How long do orbeez take to shrink?

You can reduce their size by leaving your Orbeez in an open container for 24 to 48 hours. 

How to make orbeez shrink

Leaving Orbeez out in the sun is the simplest way to shrink them. Once the water is released, it will return to its former size. Make sure to create thin layers because they will make the task easier. It is preferable to lay them out on something absorbent, like a kitchen towel, to catch the water they emit. If you want to place them in a bowl, you will see that they will somewhat contract and that water will surround them. You won’t get the intended outcome unless the bowl has holes for draining the water and letting the beads dry. Orbeez won’t be able to dry out or shrink since they’ll be swimming in the water they discharge.

Why do orbeez shrink?

Only when you leave Orbeez in a container to dry will water “leak” from them. The beads will gradually begin to release the water and contract in size.

Does salt shrink orbeez?

You may add some salt to the mixture to hasten the process since the salt will cause the beads to leak water. However, you must set them down on a level surface or in a container that enables the water to drain. Alcohol reduces Orbeez balls’ size by roughly 25% but does not cause them to completely dry out.

How To Make Orbeez Grow Faster And Bigger?

When you’re looking for a fun and easy activity with your kids, or when you’re simply bored, making orbeez grow can provide hours of entertainment. But did you know there are ways to make orbeez grow faster and bigger? Following simple tips can make your orbeez thrive and grow into an impressive display.

How to make orbeez bigger (Including Soap Method)

Using distilled water will cause Orbeez to grow larger than usual. This is because no contaminants in pure water can prevent the water beads from absorbing water. This way can help you gain the best results. This water is perfect for developing bigger Orbeez because it is impurity-free.

Consider using warm distilled water when it is practical. As we all know, the beads can somewhat enlarge in size in response to a rise in temperature, which enables them to take up more water and broaden even further.

If you’re looking for another way to make your orbeez bigger, you can try adding soap. Adding just a small amount of soap can cause your orbeez to grow by up to 50%. Soap is a surfactant that helps liquids and solids mix together. When you add soap to water, it breaks the surface tension and causes the orbeez to sink in and expand.

How to make orbeez grow faster

When you make orbeez, you can do a few things to make them grow faster. One is to use warm water – the warmer the water, the quicker they grow. You can also add a small amount of sugar to the water, which will help them grow even more quickly. Another trick is to use an aerator or stirrer to keep the water moving; this will help the orbeez get more oxygen, which will help them grow faster. Finally, ensure you store your orbeez in a cool place – if it’s too warm, they will not grow as quickly.

Does salt make orbeez grow faster and bigger?

You’ll get conflicting information if you search online for how to make huge Orbeez. For example, some sites say adding salt or sugar will make them grow.

Not true. Salt or sugar causes osmotic pressure, driving water molecules to migrate from low to high solute concentration (within the beads) (the water outside).

Salt or cold water should do the reverse for your beads. If you want Orbeez to grow larger than average, avoid solute-rich water.

How Does Water Temperature Affect Orbeez?

Can the temperature of water change orbeez?
Can the temperature of water change orbeez?

Water is the main component of orbeez. It’s what they’re made of! So, it’s not surprising that water greatly impacts orbeez. The more water there is, the bigger and more vibrant orbeez become. This is because water helps to stimulate the growth of the orbeez crystals. To be more specific, let’s keep reading!

Do orbeez need hot or cold water?

If you want the greatest results, cultivate Orbeez in cold or warm water. They will expand if you use hot water, but they will also be more prone to rupture. So stick to cold or warm water to avoid it.

One common question from parents is whether to use hot or cold water for water beads. Of course, the solution is to stay away from hot water since it will cause the beads to shatter.

In many applications, hot water performs better than cold water. However, this is not true for water beads. The beads will enlarge due to the high temperatures but may also weaken them.

Do orbeez grow faster in cold water?

Do orbeez grow faster in cold water? This is a question that many people have asked, and the answer is yes! When placed in cold water, the tiny beads will start to grow much faster than if placed in room-temperature water. This is because when water is colder, it has a higher density. This means that the molecules are packed more tightly together, creating a tighter environment for the beads to grow.

Do orbeez grow faster in hot water?

There seems to be no clear answer, as different people seem to have conflicting reports. Some say that orbeez do grow more quickly in hot water, while others maintain that the opposite is true. There is no doubt, however, that orbeez grow faster in warmer climates. 

In warm water, how long does it take for orbeez to grow?

In fewer than twenty-four hours, more little water beads will be available for use in games. However, the growth of larger water beads might take up to 36 hours to reach their full potential.

How much water do orbeez need?

Every 100 Orbeez, add 1 cup (240 mL) of warm water. Although the Orbeez won’t be as big, they will hold onto the water for longer. You can still manufacture Orbeez if you don’t have filtered water.

Can You Dry Out Orbeez?

Drying out Orbeez is possible, but it takes patience and a little luck. If you’re willing to wait long enough, the water inside the Orbeez will slowly evaporate until they’re nothing more than small, shriveled pellets. However, there’s no guarantee that your Orbeez will completely dry out, especially if the weather is humid or there’s a lot of moisture in the air.

In the following sections, you will learn more about the time it takes and how you can speed up the process. 

How long does it take for orbeez to dry out?

Leaving Orbeez in the sun will cause it to dry out in a day. However, it can survive for weeks or even months when kept in a closed container out of the light. 

How to dry orbeez fast?

You may lay them down in a single layer and let them dry out if you want to dehydrate them. This will take some time. It is ideal to find an area with minimal humidity when time is of the essence. 

Youtube: How To Grow Orbeez


Do orbeez stop growing?

Orbeez may stop growing once they reach their maximum size. 

How big do normal orbeez get?

Each orbee is around 0.5 inches or 1.3 centimeters in size. When submerged in cold water, they can develop for four to seven days and reach a maximum length of 20 inches (50 cm).

Can you leave orbeez in the water forever?

Orbeez will reach their maximum size, become more fragile, and potentially develop mold if submerged for an extended period. Consequently, avoid leaving immersed water beads for more than two days.


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