How To Comfort Someone Who Got Robbed: Best Advice For This Unfortunate Case

You may want to learn how to comfort someone who got robbed, so you are always prepared when bad things happen to your loved ones. Of course, this is not something that anyone wants to learn in their life.

When someone informs you about a robbery that they went through, try to remain patient and calm instead of interrupting them. Try not to pass judgment on the person or question them about how or why the crime occurred. Instead, assure them they are not to fault for what happened. Be patient, listen intently, and allow for emotional responses.

How Do People Feel After Being Robbed?

How do people feel after being robbed?
How do people feel after being robbed?

According to Attorney general Tom Miller on the Crime Victim Compensation Program of Iowa Department of Justice, here are some of the most common emotional reactions of people after being mugged:

  • Sense of violation
  • Anger and frustration
  • Increased fears
  • Loss of control
  • Sense of guilt, and “Why Me?”
  • Loss of trust in other people
  • Am I going crazy?

All of these sentiments and behaviors are normal reactions to victimization trauma. Your experience will be unique, yet many victims have similar reactions. After the first three to six weeks, the intensity of feelings and emotions should begin to fade. You’ll feel better when some time has gone, but you’ll never forget the incident.

What To Say To Someone Who Got Robbed?

Different types of burglary happen in various locations with distinctive details. But the way we comfort is very much alike. Here are our tips on how to comfort someone who got robbed.

What to say to someone who was robbed at gunpoint?

Getting robbed is one thing. Having it happen to you with a weapon involved is another. There is no doubt that being threatened at gunpoint is highly traumatizing and will be almost impossible for your loved one to recover.

Saying too much won’t work in this case. So instead, we encourage you to spend time with your friend or family. Comfort them with genuine but simple phrases, like: I’m here for you if you need anything; I’m so sorry for what you have gone through. I wish I could have come sooner; etc.

Don’t try to give them any advice of some sort because this will very likely backfire, more when you yourself haven’t experienced the same thing. Instead, just be calm, patient, and present. Your loved one will appreciate it.

Don't try to give them any advice
Don’t try to give them any advice

What to say to someone who was robbed at their house?

There isn’t much I can say that will help them. However, you may be able to do something. Offer to assist them in changing their locks and other security measures if they don’t feel comfortable in their house. If the house was damaged, such as by shattered doors or windows, assist them in arranging repairs and offer to let them remain with you until the work is completed.

When you talk to them, focus on the materials being the only things taken. Your money or your life. But don’t use harsh words to describe it, gently focus on the positivity of having your loved one still safe and sound.

What to say to someone who was robbed by an acquaintance ?

How to comfort someone who got robbed by an acquaintance? The same goes for this case.

Soothe them with sincere but straightforward remarks such as: I’m here for you if you need anything; I’m very sorry for what you’ve been through; I wish I could have arrived sooner; and so on. Avoid mentioning the person who robbed them because it will put your friend into a fit of rage. It’s not easy to forgive someone so close that betrays and steals from us.

How Do You Feel Better After Being Robbed?

The negative impact of the robbery is very real
The negative impact of the robbery is very real

The negative impact of the robbery is very real. You will feel anger, frustration, denial, fear, and a whole package of other emotional turmoil. But how do we deal with it and get better with time? Here are the kindest self-loving tips we can give you:

  • Don’t abandon your daily routine: Work, study, cook, clean, and rest. Do everything you used to do that makes your day full of activities that help distract you from thinking about the burglary all the time. But it’s not good to throw yourself into the work and overexert your energy. So try to stay as close to your past routine as possible instead of adding more things.
  • Talk to your friends and family about it: Let all the fear and frustration out and talk to your loved ones about your struggle. There is no reason for them not to listen and support you, someone important in their life.
  • Talk to the police and ask for better house safety advice: This is helpful and helps build up your sense of safety in your home once again.
  • Remind yourself that you have survived this painful incident and that it is time to move on: You are your best friend. Give yourself time to move on from the incident and remind yourself daily that the robbery was in the past.


How do you say encouraging words for someone who was robbed?

Don’t overdo it, and just be there for your friend or family. Say simple things like it’s all over or you have made it, you are a survivor, and you’re safe now. You can say so many short things that can assure the person that they are now safe.

What should I do if I get robbed?

Here are the things that you should do while and after you get robbed:
– Try to remember the face of the robber without staring too much
– Don’t fight back because it will likely make things worse, especially when the robber has a knife
– Go to a safe spot and report the crime to the police through a phone call. If you can, go to the nearest police station
– Give yourself time to heal. After 6 weeks, things will start falling back into place, even if it takes longer to overcome the trauma completely

How can bank robberies be prevented?

Maintain a well-lit and visible building from the street. Bank robbers may be discouraged if the actions within a building are readily apparent to passersby. Also, protective material should be provided between the cashier’s glass and the area where customers stand. This reduces the possibility of a successful armed robbery.

Can you get trauma from being robbed?

Researchers discovered that muggings can have long-term consequences, such as paranoia and PTSD, emphasizing the significance of mental health assistance for victims of violent crime.

What should you do if your house is robbed?

These are the things that you should do:
– Get out of the home and dial 911.
– Nothing should be touched.
– Wait at a secure location.
– Contact your insurance company.

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