How To See Who I Unfollowed On TikTok & To Keep My TikTok Followers

TikTok is a popular app that allows users to create short videos, add music and other content and share it with their friends. This platform also gives you a ton of information related to the aspects you are interested in based on the content you searched, liked, or shared, or TikTokers’ accounts you’ve followed. This means if you accidentally unfollow them you can miss their upcoming content on TikTok.

So, the concern here is how to see who I unfollowed on TikTok. Unfortunately, the answer is that TikTok does not provide such options. In other words, you cannot see and find the people you have unfollowed on TikTok.

Well, one possible way to find your favorite TikTok accounts that you have accidentally unfollowed, is to search the keyword related to the content that accounts provide and look for it in hundreds of suggestions. This may be time-consuming but there will be a probability for your to find those accidentally-unfollowed accounts.

Then, if your concerns are about how to see who unfollowed you on TikTok and how to unfollow other people on TikTok, keep reading the next sections.

How To See Who Unfollowed You On TikTok

When it comes to this question, the first thing you should know is that you cannot exactly know who unfollowed you on TikTok, except you have an incredible memory.

You can tell if someone has unfollowed or followed your TikTok account by tracking the number of Followers on your account. You will notice a drop or an increase in the number when people who unfollowed or followed you.

Besides, you can use third-party apps like Followers Analyzer or Tiktracker to see the list of unfollowers on your Tiktok recently.

Track TikTok followers number
Track TikTok followers number

How To Keep Your TikTok Followers

A drop in TikTok followers is undesirable, but there are things you can do to prevent or limit this issue.

  • Focus on creating impeccable content. Put your creativity to work, research your competitors, and set the tone for every content you produce.
  • It is critical to learn from feedback. You can get criticized and negative feedback, besides the good and positive ones. I know it hurts but you should be open and prepared for such situations. You can ignore the comments that insult you and consider the positive and constructive ones.
  • Catch up with the trend. It depends on the target audiences and the types of your content, so you should research and create content around the trending topic of your field to match your target audience’s needs.
  • Utilize TikTok analytics to learn about the preferences of your followers.

How To Unfollow People On TikTok

If you have found the content on a TikTok account does not attract you anymore and you want to unfollow that account, you can do it as follows.

Here are two ways to unfollow people on TikTok:

1. On your profile, tap the “Following” tab (under your avatar) –> look for the account you want to unfollow –> tap the rectangle “Following” box to unfollow.

Unfollow someone on TikTok - 1st way
Unfollow someone on TikTok – 1st way

2. Search the account you want to unfollow –> open their profile –> tap the square box next to the “Message” box to unfollow.

Unfollow directly from the user's profile page
Unfollow directly from the user’s profile page

Can I do mass unfollow on TikTok?

The answer to this question is “No”. You cannot select multiple accounts to unfollow at once so to do it fast, you can follow the first way I have mentioned above.

How can I remove someone from my follower list on TikTok?

You can remove the TikTok accounts from your follower list by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Tap the “Followers” tab on your account profile.
  • Step 2: Look for the account you want to remove –> tap the vertical three-dot button.
  • Step 3: Tap Remove this follower in the pop-up box.
  • Step 4: Tap Remove in the pop-up box to completely remove that account from your follower list. You can look at the image below for illustration.
Remove follower
Remove follower

Besides, you can remove a follower directly on their profile by tapping the three-dot icon on the top right corner of the screen –> choosing Remove this follower.

Remove follower directly on the user's profile page
Remove a follower directly on the user’s profile page

How can I unfollow banned accounts on TikTok?

It is simple and easy to unfollow banned accounts on your TikTok.

To do this, you need to do as follows: tap the “Following” tab on your profile –> type “Tik Toker” in the search bar –> tap the “Following” box on each account that appeared to unfollow. Let’s see the images for clearer illustration.

Unfollow banned accounts
Unfollow banned accounts

Why Do People Care About Followers On TikTok?

When using TikTok, you may see that many people play the follow/unfollow game, which you may feel it’s a waste of time. But, this game is relatively important for most TikTokers because it is a simple static to get more followers on social media platforms, including TikTok.

So, why do they care about the “Followers” number on TikTok? For content creators, including influencers, this number is important as based on this statistic, they can easily know whether their generated content has met the expectation and the needs of users so that they can modify and improve their channel of information. For example, if your TikTok account has a significant drop in followers, this may signify that your content has not provided enough information for your followers, making them lose their interest and decide to unfollow.

In short, the importance of followers on Tiktok depends on your purposes when using this social media platform. If you just want to get information about the fields you are interested in, e.g. tips to take beautiful pictures or cooking recipes, or just simply to see entertaining content, followers may not be that important to you. But if you’re a content creator, or starting your path of being an influencer, gaining more followers will be one of the critical concerns.


Does it show when you unfollow someone on TikTok?

No, Tiktok does not show notifications when you unfollow someone and vice versa. But when you follow someone, they will get notifications.

Can you hide who you follow on TikTok?

Yes, you can hide who you follow on TikTok by setting your account to private status.
To make your account private, on your profile page, tap the three-dash icon on the top right corner and choose Settings and privacy  –> tap Privacy –> tap Private account.

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