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In this post, we explain how to see who is on someone else’s private story. Sometimes, we just get curious and want to know people that might be on our special someone’s VIP list. But is it possible? Let’s find out!

To give you a quick answer, it’s impossible to know who is on someone’s personal story. The only person that you can check is yourself. If someone adds you to their private story on Snapchat, their story thumbnail will appear with a purple ring around it, and there is a small lock of the same color right under the thumbnail. As for Instagram, the color of the thumbnail ring is green.

Snapchat’s Private Story

Every question you may have about Snapchat’s private story feature is here!

If I added only one person to my private story on Snapchat would they know?

More or less, yes. But they won’t know whether they are the only ones on your private story list or there are many more who share the same special treatment. On Snapchat, people who are on someone’s Private Story list can only know if they are on it or not. They can’t check the whole list of all persons that also can view their personal stories.

So, there is not an affirmative answer for how to see who is on someone else’s private story! Simply because their isn’t a way.

Can you see who else is in a private story Snapchat?

No, there is no way to see who else is in a personal story on Snapchat. This social media protects users’ privacy this way. Imagine if your friend finds out that you have someone they don’t like on your private list, which is quite shocking for many people, you will be put in a tough spot where you have to start explaining yourself. Snapchat avoids the possibility with its “100% private code”.

Other than this, Snapchat also shields users from the possibility of having their photos and conversations leaked unwantedly. Before that, many took screenshots of the chats and shared them with others behind people’s backs. Now, Snapchat will notify the chat participants if the other parties save a photo or screenshot anything in the message.

Snapchat will send you a notification when someone saves your pic
Snapchat will send you a notification when someone saves your pic

How to check if your on someone’s private story on Snapchat

Go to the stories section and search for that person’s story bubble (it only works if the person posted a story under 24 hours ago). Around the story bubble, there will be a ring with color. If the ring is purple and there is a lock symbol at the bottom, you are on the list of private story viewers. You are on the standard list if there is no lock symbol under the story bubble.

How to know if someone has a private story on Snapchat

Go to Stories and look at the line of story bubbles right on top of the tab. A colored ring will surround the narrative bubble. If the ring is purple with a lock symbol at the bottom, you are on the list of private story watchers. If there is no lock symbol beneath the story bubble, you are on the usual list.

Instagram’s Private Story

What about Instagram? How do its private stories work? We have the answers for you.

How to see if you’re on someone’s private story Instagram

To check if you are on someone’s personal story on Instagram is actually much easier than on Snapchat. Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Search for the person you want to check in the search bar on Instagram
  • Step 2: Click on their account to access their profile
  • Step 3: Look at their story bubble. If it’s in the color green, it means that you have access to their private stories. Or, more correctly speaking, that person has you on their close friend list.

Remember that people can only choose to post publicly for their close friends list. So, in case the person has you on their list but opts for posting all the time publicly, there is no accurate way to check it.

How to see private story on Instagram

If you have sent a follow request, but the person hasn’t accepted it yet, there is no way for you to see their private story when their account is open for friends and families only.

There is no way for you to see private story on Insta without invitation
There is no way for you to see private story on Insta without invitation

How to know if someone removed you from their private story Instagram

All you have to do is visit their account more frequently and see their most recent story update. In the case of Instagram, if you have been watching closely for a few days but the story ring remains in the same pink and orange color, you are very likely to be out of the Private Story list. If you have been on Snapchat, the lack of the lock icon for a few days or weeks will be the most vivid clue.

Can People See Who Is On Your Private Story?

No, people can’t see who is on your private stories. Suppose your account is set to personal, other than your friends or followers. In that case, anyone that isn’t on your list won’t be able to view any content that you post on Snapchat and Instagram. So you can relax and enjoy your privacy.

How To See Who Else Is On A Private Story

No, there is no way to see who else is in a Snapchat private story. This social media site safeguards its members’ privacy in this manner. Imagine if your buddy discovers that you have someone on your personal list who they dislike, which is pretty significant for many people. You will be forced to explain yourself. Snapchat overcomes this problem by using “100% private code.”

How To See Who Joined Your Private Story On Snapchat

To see who joined your Snapchat private story, check the Snapchat app notification. However, if you missed the notification, touch on the “Eye” button on the private story page.

  • Step 1: To begin, go to your profile page by pressing on your Snapchat Bitmoji.
  • Step 2: Then, briefly scroll down and touch on the chosen private tale.
  • Step 3: After that, you can see who entered your story by looking at the list of people who have viewed your story.
Check the Snapchat app notification
Check the Snapchat app notification

How To See Someone’s Private Story

No way or tool can help you access someone’s private story on Instagram and Snapchat if you don’t belong to their friends or followers list. The feature is designed to protect citizens or users from the possibility of being exposed to the public or wrong hands unwantedly.

If you are verified to be able to access their content, go to that person’s Instagram profile to view their story. In the case of Snapchat, there is a separate Stories section on the main toolbar. Search for the story you want to view on Snapchat, then.


If you tag someone on your private story can they see it?

If you make your Instagram account private, only your approved followers will be able to see the content, and the person you tag will only be notified if they follow you.

Can someone tell if they are the only one on your private story?

No, they will not be informed if they have been included in the private tale. It’s only that your story will be kept from the rest of the world. Other people won’t be unable to see the article because you have restricted access.

Can you see how many people are on a private story?

No, you cannot see who else is in the private story section. If you can view the story, you know you are in on it. But you can’t check other people’s status.

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