How To See Who Liked You On Bumble Without Paying

With the rapid development of technology and the internet, all human activities are technologicalized and have become very convenient and easy, impossibly not to mention dating. Online dating has now become a method for people to find their favorite partner and lead to a relationship. There are so many applications that can help us fulfill our desires, especially Bumble. Bumble is one of the top dating apps with over 30 million users. But have you ever wondered whether you could see who liked you on Bumble without paying or not? or How to see who liked you on Bumble without paying?

Well, if you are searching for the same idea, you have found the right place.

Without paying, you can use two methods to see who liked you on Bumble, there are: expand your distance and Web Browser code trick.

What Is Bumble?

Bumble is a dating app in which users are shown profiles of possible matches, and they may “swipe left” to reject a candidate or “swipe right” to signal interest. Only female users can initiate contact with matched male users in heterosexual matches. However, in same-sex matches, any individual can send a message first.  The app is a product of Bumble Inc.

Bumble was founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd shortly after she left Tinder. Wolfe Herd has described Bumble as a “feminist dating app”. Bumble is the second-most popular dating app in the United States behind Tinder as of January 2021, with 42 million monthly users. According to a poll conducted in June 2016, 46.2% of its customers are female. According to Forbes, the firm was valued at more over $1 billion in 2017 and has over 55 million members in 150 countries as of 2019.

How Bumble works

how bumble works

You can get the Bumble app from the App Store or Google Play:

You may also sign up using Bumble Web, the web version of the Bumble app.

After that, you may create a Bumble profile or use your Facebook account to utilize your mobile number. Using Facebook expedites the process because Bumble will collect information from Facebook such as your name, age, education, and employment to establish your profile.

Bumble requires three things, according to their terms & conditions:

  • You must have a Facebook account
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You are legally permitted to use the App by the law of your home country.

Setting up your Bumble profile is simple. First, choose up to six photos from your Facebook page or phone. The Best Photo function even suggests which one should be your lead image.

Then fill in the other details if they weren’t populated automatically.

Aside from selecting your images, all you have to do is write a brief bio of 300 characters or fewer and select three prompts (formerly known as My Move Makers) to respond to.

You may also connect your Instagram to your Bumble profile. You have no control over which photographs appear at the bottom of your profile. It selects the most recent 24 from your Instagram feed. Your Instagram handle will not be visible to other users.

Next, under the Settings area, choose your match preferences so you can start browsing potential matches. Distance, gender, and age range are all filters.

Use the advanced Bumble filters to refine your match queue further. You can only choose one filter in each Bumble Mode without a paying subscription.

It couldn’t be simpler when browsing through profiles. Simply swipe right if you’re interested and left if you’re not. When there is a mutual interest, a Connection is created.

If you’re a woman, you only have 24 hours to send the first message. Otherwise, the connection is lost.

If you’re a man and you notice the clock ticking on a match you’re interested in, you may prolong the connection for another 24 hours. You can only do this for one match per day unless you pay to Bumble Boost, but it’s a great way to show her you’re serious.

How To See Who Liked You On Bumble Without Paying 2022

method how to see who liked on bumble

We discovered two simple methods for displaying who swiped right on your profile for free! Continue reading to find out how to find out whether someone likes you on Bumble without paying for an upgrade.

Method 1: Expand your distance.

  1. Wait for a notification or message that says someone likes you.
  2. Open the Bumble app. You can use your Android, iPhone, iPad, or even a web browser on a computer.
  3. Tap the filter icon at the top-right corner of your swipe queue. This opens your filter preferences. If you’re using a computer, click your profile photo and select Settings instead.
  4. Increase your distance to the maximum. You can change this back later.
  5. Close and reopen the app. Now that you’ve changed your distance, the people who’ve liked you within that distance will now appear at the top of your match stack.

Method 2: Web Browser source code trick.

  1. Open your Bumble matches in Chrome on your computer. This trick will only work if you use a computer to access Bumble. If Bumble figures out this workaround, they might make changes so it no longer works. Try it while you can!
  2. Press Ctrl+⇧ Shift+J (PC) or ⌘ Command+⌥ Option+J (Mac). This opens your Chrome developer console.
  3. Click the Network tab. It’s at the top of the right panel. If you don’t see it, click the two sideways arrows >> at the top to expand more options.
  4. Refresh the page. You can do so by clicking the curved arrow at the top of Chrome or by right-clicking a blank area of the page and selecting Reload. Now you’ll see several URLs in the right panel. If you don’t see anything in the “Name” section, double-check to make sure there is nothing typed into the “Filter” field above it.
  5. Click the special URL. Scroll through the options under “Name” until you find /mwebapi.phtml?SERVER_GET_ENCOUNTERS. You may need to make the window larger to find it.
  6. Click the Response tab. This is parallel to the “Name” field in the right panel.
  7. Copy the information in the Response box. To make sure you get everything in the box, click inside the box and press Control + A (PC) or Command + A (Mac) to highlight everything, and then press Control + C (PC) or Command + C (Mac) to copy.
  8. In another browser tab, open an online JSON reader.
  9. Right-click the blank area in the JSON reader and select Paste. This pastes a big chunk of text with assorted URLs into the reader. If this doesn’t work for you, you can also paste it by clicking in the typing area and pressing Control + V (PC) or Command + V (Mac).
  10. Click the Viewer tab in the JSON reader. This organizes that mess of data into something you can browse.
  11. Navigate to the ClientEncounters/Results menu. Once you do this, you’ll have a list of potential matches. Here’s how:
    • Expand the body menu.
    • Expand the 0 menu.
    • Expand the ClientEncounters menu.
    • Expand the Results menu, where you’ll find a set of folders numbered from 0 to 9.
  12. Expand all of the numbered folders. To do this, just click the + next to each of the numbers. Under each number, you’ll see another folder called user. The information you’re looking for is in the user folder. Each of these numbered folders represents the first 10 people in your queue.
  13. Expand the first user folder. As you can see, the name and age will match up with the person that’s active in your match list.
  14. Look at the value of “has_user_voted” above the user folder. The value will either be true or false.
    • If the value is true, the user probably liked you—to confirm, look for match_message in their user menu. If you see “They like you too! Now X has 24 hours to message you, the person definitely liked you.
    • If the value is false, the either didn’t swipe right. This could mean they haven’t seen you yet, but it also could mean they swiped left.
    • You can now repeat this process for the next 10 people in your queue.

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Can I see who liked me on Bumble without paying?

Fortunately, you can see your mutual matches for free, but those who “liked” your profile are masked; you can only see who they are when you swipe, or you’ll have to pay to see your Beeline.

Why can’t I see who liked me on Bumble?

If you are a regular user, you can only see who liked you on Bumble after you like them back. On the other hand, subscribers to Bumble Boost have access to numerous benefits, such as viewing their admirers. Admirers are people who liked you but you didn’t like them back.

Do you have to pay for Bumble to see who likes you?

Yes, or simply if you also have an interest in that person who likes you, you can swipe and see who he is.

Can you match on Bumble without paying?

You don’t have to pay to make excellent relationships on Bumble. You may swipe through members’ profiles, establish matches, and send messages for free.

Do I have to pay to see my Beeline?

Beeline is a particular function on Bumble that allows you to see who admires you, and of course, you have to pay to use this feature.


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