Hundred Season 2: The Update News That You Should Not Miss

The brilliant Jun Masaki is the author of the Japanese light book Hundred. Who, amid complete chaos, managed to write a lovely tale of love and adventure. Anyone who has read the light novel will be familiar with its beauty and compelling narrative. That is precisely why fans anxiously Hundred season 2’s arrival.

When Is Hundred Season 2 Release Date

No confirmation of the director’s return has yet been given. The second season of Hundred will never air because it was a flop financially. As a result, this anime season was never scheduled a second time and the animation company that produced it shut down in 2018. There is nothing to promote because there is no second season to advertise.

Reasons why Hundred Season 2 Never Released

Despite receiving high ratings, the anime series Hundred was a financial loss. Only one figure and one Blu-Ray were manufactured for this series, and sales of Blu-Rays were only about 1 350, which is quite a few. I don’t think there will be a second season of Hundred because the most recent volume of the light novel only sold about 5,000 copies after the anime adaptation.

Additionally, the show’s animator, Production IMS, declared bankruptcy in 2018. With Volume 16, the light novels came to an end as well. Therefore, there are no justifications for the production committee to support the show’s second season.

What Can We Expect To Hundred Season 2

The fourth volume of the light novel concludes Season 1. There is still a ton of content for season 2, which will start with volume 5, even if the light novel is finished with its 16 total volumes.

a fight scene in hundred season 1
A fight scene in Hundred Season 1.

The major revelation that Emilia is a princess of the Gudenburg Empire comes at the end of Season 1. Hayato and Emilia encounter further challenges as they declare their love for one another. Hayato and Emilia return to her nation in the future season because she suffered abuse there for being an unwanted kid. Hayato also has to deal with Douglas Wenz, Emilia’s fiance.

Which characters may appear in Hundred Season 2?

If we have Hundred Season 2 in the future, maybe some characters in this list will continue to appear:

  • Emile
  • Claire
  • Sakura
  • Karen
  • Hayato
  • Charlotte
  • Miharu

Hundred Season 2 trailer

We’ll update this page if a Season 2 trailer for Hundred is available. Watch the first season’s English sub-trailer if you haven’t already. It is right below.

What Is Hundred Anime About?

Hundred, also known as Handoreddo in Japan, is a well-known light novel initially released in 2012. The literature on which the anime series is based. The Hundred Light Novel series was written by Jun Misaki, while Nekosuke Kuma did the illustrations.

The mecha-harem anime series Hundred is incredibly well-liked all over the world. It also has action components. The novel’s protagonist is Hayato Kisaragi, a young man adept at using the Hundred technology.

As a result, he receives an invitation to attend a prominent military institution on a battleship to hone his abilities. Studio Production IMS animation Hundred Season 1 was the only season of Hundred that has been produced so yet. Tomoki Kobayashi served as the show’s director.

Hundred’s Plot 

The “Savages,” an alien race and monster, are attacking Earth. The Savages are horrifying creatures that have turned the entire world into a huge, bubbling, scorching war zone.

However, only a select few people can use this powerful weapon and take on the Savages head-on. The warriors who possess the Hundred and can end Earth’s suffering are called Slayers.

claire harvey in hundred
Claire Harvey in Hundred anime.

This is the tale of Hayato Kisaragi, a young man who aspires to become a Slayer in the future. Hayato boards the Little Garden, a marine academy city ship, to realize his ambition. A girl named Emile Crossford, his roommate welcomes him when he enters. With time, Hayato starts to experience an odd sense of familiarity with Emile. He starts to question whether he is related to her in some way. He is bothered by other things as well, though. As soon as he enrolls, Hayato is challenged by Claire Harvey, the academy’s most formidable slayer.

Review Hundred Season 1

Hundred Anime Rating

As Hundred is TV-14 rated, it contains certain content that many parents deem inappropriate for kids under 14. Parents are cautioned against allowing children under the age of 14 to watch this program unattended and are asked to monitor it more carefully. Intensely suggestive discourse, strong coarse language, severe sexual circumstances, or intense violence could all be present in this episode.


Where To Watch Hundred Online?

Several anime streaming services, like Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Amazon Prime Video, provide the Hundred anime series. This series is not currently available on Netflix or Hulu.

How Many Episodes In Hundred?

There are 12 episodes in the first season of Hundred.

Who does Hayato end up with?

Claire Harvey. Hayato accidentally groped her during the combat, which led to her going all out and winning; yet, the duel was declared a tie, and the students were permitted to stay. She falls in love with Hayato after he saves her from a Savage and then unintentionally kisses her.


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