Overlord Evileye Death: Fact Or False? – Debunking Anime Rumours

Is Overlord Evileye death real? Overlord Evileye is a vampire who has been a fan favorite in the Japanese anime community for over 10 years. The anime has spawned several movies and video games and is a massive part of the Japanese anime fandom. However, a new theory has recently emerged that claims that the Vampire Lord, Evileye, has died. Is it true? Let’s find out!

Despite the rumour that she was wiped out by the Thirteen Heroes, the truth is that she is an immortal vampire that still lives on after the disbandment of the Thirteen Heroes, the group to which she belonged as a companion. 

Overlord Evileye Death

Every detail about rumors around Evileye’s death is here!

Does Evil Eye die in Overlord?

No, Evileye hasn’t died yet. But fans suspect that her fate had already sealed when she crossed Entoma. Entoma was in a battle of 1 vs 4, and the team barely managed to take her down temporarily. It’s a huge coincidence that Evileye possesses an insecticide spell, and Entoma was attacking with her Mouth-tongue Bug at the time.

Evileye Overlord death
Evileye Overlord death

Entoma lost but not definitely. When Ainz asks Entoma what she wants as a reward for completing her task in Demiurge’s operation, she is given permission to kill Evileye if she appears again.

Overlord what happened to Evileye?

So far, the character is still walking and alive. But with Ainz promise to Entoma, Evileye’s fate seems to be sealed already. What happens with Overlord is that it’s quite similar to Game of Thrones in the aspect that no character is untouchable. Anyone can be killed off at any moment despite being fans’ favorite or not.

Did Entoma kill evil eye?

No, Entoma didn’t get the chance to kill Evileye due to her unbalanced 1 vs 4 battle. Surprisingly, Entoma stood her ground pretty well. And with Ainz, the most powerful sorcerer of the world, permission, she will have the chance to have her second attempt at taking down Evileye, maybe in a more favorable condition.

Evil Eye Overlords

We all know what can happen to Evileye in a future scenario. But how much of this character’s background and the story have been revealed? This is a brief summary of this fan-favorite character on Overlord.

What level is Evileye?

Evileye level in New World is 50 according to the new calculating rule, Yggdrasil level.

Who is Evileye Overlord?

Keno Fasris Invern, formerly known as Vampire Lord, Landfall, and now known as Evileye, is a Blue Roses adamantite ranked adventurer and magic caster, as well as a former Thirteen Heroes companion.

Overlord Evileye face

Evileye resembles a twelve-year-old girl. She wears a reddish robe and a strange mask that conceals her face. Others regard her as an enigmatic woman as a result of this. Gagaran refers to her as “Shorty” because of her small stature. Evileye’s youth is most likely due to her immortal vampire status, which caused her body to stop developing at the age of twelve.

By far, her face has been exposed but not frequently. She has young features with red eyes. Her fangs are slightly prominent. Her hair is of strawberry blond color with a big strand covering the front of her forehead and nose. The Vampire Lord is a beautiful girl.

Evileye Overlord face
Evileye Overlord face

Is Evileye a vampire?

Before becoming an undead, Evileye was a Rainbow Eye. She possesses the ability to duplicate any spell. When she inadvertently copies Elder Coffin Dragon Lord’s vampire-turning spell, she accidentally turns herself into a vampire.

How old is Evileye Overlord?

Her appearance is a 12 years old girl, but her actual age has passed the 250 years milestone.

Evil Eye real name Overlord

Her real name is Keno Fasris Invern. Later, she was called Landfall. According to Brain Unglaus, Evileye adopted the name “Landfall” she made a country her capital and filled it with the dead.

Evil Eye voice actor

Evileye in Overlord II is voiced by Steph Garrett in the English dub and Yumiri Hanamori in the Japanese dub.

How strong is Evileye Overlord?

She is at level 50 of power dificulty by Yggdrasil standards. It was implied that Evileye’s innate talent could easily annihilate an entire city. Still, she didn’t want to dwell on the subject further. However, her build and gear aren’t the most impressive of the bunch, which was the reason behind her struggle when fighting Entoma, who is of insect race, a race that Evileye has a built-in spell to fight against. Entoma has much better gear.

What Does Evil Eye Look Like Overlord?

Evileye resembles a twelve-year-old girl. She wears a reddish robe and a strange mask that conceals her face. Others regard her as an enigmatic woman as a result of this. Gagaran refers to her as “Shorty” because of her small stature. Evileye’s youth is most likely due to her immortal vampire status, which caused her body to stop developing at the age of twelve.

Because of her vampiric nature, Evileye wears a cloak and mask to protect herself from sunlight and to avoid being ostracized for it.

Evileye And Shalltear

Evileye and Shalltear have a rivalry going on, the same way she is with Entoma. So how do these 2 powerful fighters stand their ground in par?

Is Evileye Shalltear?

No, they are two different characters. They share some similarities in their facial features, but nothing too much for them to be mistaken as each other.

Why does Evil Eye look like Shalltear?

There is no specific explanation. They are simply designed that way! Shalltear is a pure-blood vampire, which means she was born as one. Evileye, on the other hand, turned herself into a vampire with a spell. Therefore, it’s unlikely that there is any relation between them.

Shalltear is a pure-blood vampire
Shalltear is a pure-blood vampire

Is Evileye stronger than Shalltear?

Shalltear is a level 100 NPC best suited for one-on-one combat and has the most attack power of any of Nazarick’s Guardians. Shalltear’s level of 100 translates to 300 danger levels in the new world.

Evileye, on the other hand, has a danger level of 150, making her roughly equivalent to a level 50 player/ NPC. This already proves that Shalltear vastly outperforms Evileye in every way.

Did Shalltear die?

Shalltear was killed twice by Ainz while brainwashed by a World Item, before and after her resurrection. Shalltear fights until the bitter end, knowing that Ainz has turned the tables on her. Finally, she was killed by Ainz’s super-tier spell, Fallen Down.

Evileye And Momon/ Ainz

Evileye has a crazy and surprising crush on Momon or Aizn on Overlord. Let’s find out about how her emotions pain out in front of the Sorcerer King.

Does Evileye like Momon?

As we all know, she currently adores Momon, and viewers have spotted her with a blush gazing over her face. While some believe that she romantically likes him, other things that the feelings sprout from her admiration towards him as the King Sorcerer.

Does Evileye find out about Momon?

She hasn’t yet. But when she discovers that he is responsible for most of Jald and Ainz’s crimes, her image of him will be shattered. Ainz is extremely sensitive to anything involving Nazarick. Ainz will most likely feed her to Entoma once she becomes hostile or loses her value as a pawn, satisfying her wish and his thirst for vengeance.

Does Demiurge know Momon?

Demiurge believes that Ainz taking on the role of adventurer Momon was part of his master’s plan. It has become an excellent option for leveling a country. So he knows.

Does Evil Eye join Ainz?

She hasn’t done it yet, but it’s not out of the question if Ainz finds her useful enough. However, it is more likely that she will not participate. Ainz is already aware of Entoma and Evileye’s feud. And keeping two underlings fighting each other isn’t good for him.

Does Evil Eye like Ainz?

She currently adores Momon, as we all know, and viewers have noticed her with a blush on her face. While some believe she likes him romantically, others believe her feelings stem from her respect for him as King Sorcerer.

Does Evil Eye know Ainz?

Momon’s true identity as Ainz Ooal Gown is unknown to Evileye. Will his true identity be revealed to the Vampire Lord later on? Guess we have to wait to find out.

Momon's true identity as Ainz Ooal Gown is unknown to Evileye
Momon’s true identity as Ainz Ooal Gown is unknown to Evileye


Overlord does Evil Eye join Nazarick?

She hasn’t done it yet, but it’s not impossible if Ainz finds her useful enough. Though, it’s more likely that she won’t join. Ainz is already aware of Entoma and Evileye’s bad blood. And it’s not beneficial for him to keep 2 underlings fighting each other.

Is Evileye a player?

Evileye is not a player.

Overlord whose voice did Entoma take?

She stole the voice of Arche Eeb Rile Furt.

Overlord what happened to Arche?

According to Maruyama’s website, after Arche failed to return, her parents sold both of her sisters into slavery to begin repaying their debts. However, Overwork eventually killed the two there. Also, Arche’s voice was stolen by Entoma.

How does Evil Eye know Demiurge?

She didn’t. According to Overlord light novel: “Evileye hesitated. His dominating presence hit her as if her entire body had been struck by lightning. If she were to look at her right hand, she would discover that it was covered in sweat.” It was her instinct that told her Demiurge was dangerous.

What happened to foresight Overlord?

Foresight ran into hordes of undead sometime after the teams split up. While they had the upper hand initially, the increasing number of skeletons forced them to flee. During their retreat, they unintentionally activated a teleport gate. As a result, the Amphitheater was teleported to Foresight.

Does Tuare die in Overlord?

No, Tuare hasn’t died yet.

Is Arche still alive Overlord?

According to the light novel, yes.

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