Squirmy And Grubs Are Fake: Here’s The Answer

Hannah and Shane are a young couple who are both extremely popular on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. The pair have been comfortable talking about their love line on their own social media channels and even posted a wedding video online. However, there are many questions that we have about their actual relationship. In this post, we discuss the results of an investigation into their relationship, including whether they are a real couple or not. 

The “Squirmy and Grubs” YouTube stars wed on September 4 in a small ceremony in Minneapolis and uploaded pictures and videos to YouTube. They had been dating for about 4 years. 

Squirmy and Grubs Are Fake: Is It True or Not?

Shane and Hannah are very happy in 2022
Shane and Hannah are very happy in 2022

We’ve seen a number of couples who have created fake profiles and relationships. The reason for this is that they are looking for fame and fortune. They may be actors or actresses. They may also be models. In order to get famous, they create fake profiles.

They may pretend to be someone else, they may pretend to be a celebrity, or they may pretend to be a couple. Some people believe that these couples really are a couple. However, others think that these couples are just actors who are pretending to be real couples. The truth is that Shane Burcaw and Hannah Aylward are real ones.

Aylward posted on Instagram, “On Friday, September 4, I married the love of my life.” And “It wasn’t the big gathering we had always planned on having, but it was perfect. Thank you so much to @sburcaw for officiating over Zoom. We love you!”

What Happened to Squirmy and Grubs?

Aylward and Burcaw highlight several facets of their integrated relationship, particularly those pertaining to Burcaw’s handicap. The spinal muscular atrophy that Burcaw suffers from is the root cause of his skeletal muscle weakness. Because of his disability, he is confined to using an electric wheelchair. Aylward provides day-to-day care. On the other hand, there are some concerns about this couple’s life, which will be revealed below.

Squirmy and grubs pregnancy Concern

Both Hannah and Shane have expressed that they are not particularly interested in having a child. They simply anticipate leading a pleasant existence. They have posted about this issue on their channel on YouTube. They have faith that the audience will comprehend what they really want.

Shane Burcaw Life Expectancy

In the past, Shane believed his life expectancy was 30 years. “A long time ago, I came to terms with that idea,” he explained. “I accepted and decided that I was gonna live as hard as I could and love as hard as I could, no matter how weak my body got.”


How About Hannah and Shane Burcaw house?

Their current house is in Minneapolis.

Are Shane and Hannah still together?

Yes. They’re married and have lived together until now.

How did Hannah and Shane meet?

The year 2016 was the first time the pair connected virtually. After viewing a short documentary on Burcaw directed by Rainn Wilson, she decided to reach out to the community. Aylward gained further insight into her future spouse, his best-selling books, his vlog, and his overall philosophy on life as a result of this discovery.

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  1. I don’t know, I think a real couple. Maybe not always honest because Hannah has to do everything and surely gets stressed sometimes but she never expresses it. It could lead to other people entering relationships naively. It’s more helpful for people to understand sometimes it’s difficult. I do like them both though and their channel. And as weird as it sounds if one was using someone, it would likely be Shane and not Hannah as everyone thinks. Given his history of trying to start a you tube channel and promoting a book with a previous girlfriend. He seems desperate to create some image as his legacy before he passes. I don’t know. I can’t help but see all the angles even though I like them both hope it’s true and hope they last a long time.


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