Where To Start Vinland Saga Manga After Anime

If you are a huge fan of action or adventure manga or anime, you shouldn’t miss Vinland Saga which is a Japanese historical manga series. From July to December 2019, Wit Studio’s adaptation of an anime television series with 24 episodes was broadcast on NHK General TV. Season 2 will be back in January 2023.

While waiting for the second anime season, many fans are impatient and want to know what happens in Vinland Saga Manga after anime. But it takes a long time if they read from the first chapter. So this article is written to help Vinland Saga fans find out where to begin after anime.

Where Does Vinland Saga Leave Off In The Manga?

After chapter 54: End of the Prologue. The first arc of Vinland Saga manga is divided into 54 chapters. Its name is War Arc. This arc was animated from 1,602 pages of manga to 576 minutes of film by Wit Studio. It ended in Episode 24 which is also named End of the Prologue.

Thorfinn is the main character of Vinland Saga.
Thorfinn is the main character of Vinland Saga.

How Many Chapters Does Vinland Saga Cover?

195+ chapters. Now, the nearest chapter is in Vinland Arc. The author is continuing to indite for new details. The Vinland Arc is the final arc of this series.

Vinland Saga Arc List?

Vinland Saga’s story arc is divided into 4 parts.

  • War Arc.
  • Slave Arc.
  • Eastern Expedition Arc.
  • Vinland Arc.

How many episodes of Vinland Saga Anime?

24 episodes. It’s all in season 1 which animated the first Arc: War Arc.

Is Vinland Saga Finished?

Not yet. Maybe Vinland Saga manga finished in 2024. Thorfinn’s journey will inevitably come to an end because it is loosely based on real history, as series creator Makoto Yukimura has long warned fans about his manga series.

What Chapter Does Vinland Saga End In Manga?

It’s not revealed by the author but we guess the manga’s creator has stated that the book entered its last arc with Chapter 167. He believes that the final chapter of the Vinland Saga will be Vinland Saga 216, which indicates that the conclusion to Volume 28 will be released in 2024. (barring any unexpected hiatus).

When Does Vinland Saga Get Good?

According to a social platform, many Vinland Saga fans are discussing this topic.

I’m presently watching episode 8, and I feel like the plot is just standing still. Thorfinn does, after all, wish to kill Askeladd, but they are merely passing through.” – A fan said.

There are many different opinions. “The plot starts for me just before episode 20, but once you get there, it’s really worth it.

How about you? Leave a comment below to share the get-good Vinland Saga chapters in your mind.

Review Vinland Saga Anime Vs Manga?

Watching anime first is an interesting experience. Some scenes have a bigger impact than reading a manga book.

Because the ending to the Vinland Saga anime is not a particularly satisfying one, I advise seeing the anime first before reading the manga in order to enjoy it in terms of art direction, emotional impact, story beats, structure, pacing, and character characterization. The anime does an astounding job of properly reinterpreting the Vinland Saga manga.

Thorfinn's appearance in Vinland Saga manga.
Thorfinn’s appearance in Vinland Saga manga.

What Chapter Does Thorfinn Go Home?

No matter how far he traveled, Thorfinn always made it back home as seen in Chapters 100 and 166. He has a deep connection to his mother, his sister, and the residents of his community.

Thorfinn has a long adventure and many fellows too. Canute is one of them. Many fans may have questions about this character.

What chapter do Thorfinn and Canute meet again?

Chapter 48: Reunion. Maybe that’s the reason why this chapter is named Reunion.

Canute Helmet in Vinland Saga anime
Canute Helmet in Vinland Saga anime

Canute friends with Thorfinn?

Yes. Canute refers to Thorfinn as a dear colleague who shares his objectives but goes about it in a different way.


Who is the Vinland saga author?

Makoto Yukimura is the author and illustrator of the historical manga series Vinland Saga. The series, which is published by Kodansha, began as a serial in the Weekly Shonen Magazine for young adults before shifting to the monthly manga publication Monthly Afternoon. Its chapters have been compiled into 26 tankobon volumes as of May 2022.

Is Vinland Saga Worth reading and watching?

Yes. The quality and other characteristics of Vinland Saga, among others, have demonstrated that it is one of the best anime to be released in 2019. It is safe to conclude that the series has firmly established itself in that category of success as the year comes to an end and the season is well underway.

Does Thorfinn go home Vinland Saga?

Thorfinn always made it back home no matter how far he traveled, as seen in Chapters 100 and 166. He has a deep connection to his mother, his sister, and the residents of his community.

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