What Did Patrick Bateman Do With The Coat Hanger??? | Fun Facts About American Psycho

What did Patrick Bateman do with the coat hanger? What is his IQ number? There are so many questions about American Psycho’s loving protagonist that, to this day, fans are still debating for answers. Find out how Patrick used the coat hanger to harm Christie, a poor prostitute who didn’t know her life was about to take an even darker twist.

So far, no one is confident enough to declare how Patrick really used the hanger. But based on some minor details in the book and movie, 2 famous theories have surged: or Patrick shoved the coat hanger inside of Christie because he can and is a sick sociopath, or he did it as an attempt to perform a “homemade” abortion. Which theory do you believe in more? Here is our analysis!

What Did Patrick Bateman Do With The Coat Hanger?

Both the book and film don’t precisely explain the use of the coat hanger. The last paragraph of the chapter “Girls” describes Christie with deep scratches over her bum, which suggest aggressive beating. However, there is more to it. Christie later mentioned that she had to undergo surgery. IF the beating was only superficial, why did she have to go to a hospital? Things are not adding up here.

Some fans have given theories around the use of the hanger as well. It is believed Patrick Bateman used it on Christie’s private part to stimulate his sexual desires. He is believed to have shoved the entire hanger, including the hook, inside of her. He then gave the women a check, and Christie underwent surgery to remove the hanger.

Other fan theories mention manual abortion, but there isn’t any proof that Christie was pregnant

What Did Patrick Bateman Do To Christie And Sabrina?

Women in American Psycho share a dark fate that all links back to Patrick Bateman. And the coldest attacks must be those of Christie and Sabrina. Find out what he did to them here!

What did Patrick Bateman do to Christie?

The first time that Patrick harmed Christie was when he invited her and Sabrina to Paul’s apartment. After engaging in sexual activity with Bateman, Christie had to go to a hospital for surgery after being hurt by a coat hanger.

The second time, Patrick killed her off by dropping an electric chainsaw onto her when she was running for her life down the stair. Before that, she found dead bodies inside the apartment where she, Elizabeth, and Patrick met up.

American Psycho is a violent cult classic
American Psycho is a violent cult classic

What did Patrick Bateman do to Sabrina?

He brings Christie and Sabrina back to his apartment to perform a threesome with the women while videotaping their actions. Later, he attacked both of them, leaving Sabrina with external wounds over her body. Sabrina was lucky enough to escape death as she is not on the list of victims that was fatally harmed by the charming banker Patrick.

Extra!: What did Patrick Bateman do to Elizabeth?

Bateman brought Christie and Elizabeth to Paul Allen’s home, where he drugged Elizabeth, and the three engaged in a sexual act. Later, he stabbed Elizabeth to death and chased Christie with an electric chainsaw. This is the second time that Patrick brings Christie to Paul’s apartment. The first time she went with Sabrina, a fellow prostitute.

Busting Myths About American Psycho

There are many fan theories around American Psycho that to this day, we don’t have a concrete answer to them yet. Here is how we interpret some of the most famous myths of the movie.

I have to return some videotapes meaning

We see Patrick Bateman saying this quote various times in the movie as a way of escaping a difficult situation or place without having to explain it further. The character constantly uses the quote as a form of running away quickly and easily. Or, he simply is too sick of the conversation to care enough to carry on with it.

One of the most memorable “I have to return some videotapes” scenes is when he was in the restroom with Luis Carruthers. Patrick attempted to kill the guy but found it impossible to do so when he found out the guy was gay and into him. Christian Bale did a phenomenal job when he uttered the phrase. That scene was peak dark comedy.

Rewatch the iconic scene here!

Patrick Bateman overcoat

If you are wondering about Patrick’s coat when he kills Paul Alen, yes, it was a raincoat. Paul even asked Patrick, “Is that a raincoat?”.

Suppose you are wondering about the brand of Patrick’s high-end overcoat. In that case, we know how big of a fan he is of Valentino and Giorgio Armani. From how he describes his sense of style, we know that Patrick is very serious about creating a flawless facade for himself. The unlucky man, however, failed to distinguish himself from others due to the abnormally similar mindset of men of yuppie culture.

Patrick Bateman IQ

There is no exact number that we can offer. We know that Patrick is quite smart, for he is holding a high position in a bank, even though he doesn’t engage in actual work much.

Patrick escaping the punishment of the law for killing people is more due to the unfazed and non-caring attitude of the entire society back then than due to Patrick being smart. Even his lawyer didn’t believe him when he confessed his crime. What a lucky guy! (Not really)

Patrick confesses his crime to his lawyer
Patrick confesses his crime to his lawyer


Why does Patrick Bateman kill?

Patrick Bateman is a sociopath who didn’t realize his problem until he started his killing spree. He has so little sense of self-identity that he eventually grows tired and sick of how things go in his life. Killing is the way he relieves his craziness and anger.

Does Patrick Bateman get caught?

No, Patrick Bateman never gets caught in American Psycho. He was never questioned about his action. His co-workers continued with their usual materialistic life as if no one had disappeared. Maybe they didn’t even realize it because there were too many people like them.

Is American Psycho in Bateman’s head?

The book’s author, Bret Easton Ellis, and the film’s creator, Mary Harron, stated that Patrick was a serial killer. In the movie, when Patrick talks with the realtor of Paul Allen’s apartment, the lady gives off a conservative and defensive attitude the first second she sees Patrick, which is a big giveaway of the fact that she knew what happened in Paul’s apartment.

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