What Happened In The Last Episode Of Emergency!?

If you are wondering what happened in the last episode of Emergency!, read this article to find out the answer and more about it.

Emergency! is not just one of the best classic TV shows of the 1970s, it’s also a series that changed the way fire departments handle medical emergencies for the better. Many people feel regret when this TV show ended.

In the last episode of Emergency!, Gage attempts to create his own TV game show. An elderly musician suffers from heart trouble. As a result of a car running a stop sign, three people are injured. There was a tightrope walker who gets stuck between two buildings.

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Last Episode Of Emergency!

What happened in the last episode of Emergency!?

In the last episode of Emergency!, “All Night Long”, John Gage tries to create his own TV game show. In the end, he gives up on his idea when it turns out that it isn’t original. When Roy offers the idea of writing a show about paramedics, Johnny responds, distractedly, “Story of my life.”

There have been some other events: an elderly musician (Bill Walker) was experiencing heart trouble and the firefighters assisted him. Lt. Crockett explained the patient’s condition to Lt. Dixie in the hospital. An auto accident occurs when a driver runs a stop sign, causing an accident that results in three injuries. There was a tightrope walker who gets stuck between two buildings.

What was the last episode of Emergency!?

The last episode of Emergency! TV series is “All Night Long”. It is the 24th episode of season 6. And the amazing fact is, Kevin Tighe, who plays Roy wrote the script for this episode.

When was the last episode of Emergency!?

The last episode of Emergency premiered on May 28, 1977.

How Many Seasons Did Emergency! Run?

The first episode of the television series Emergency aired on January 15, 1972, and the show lasted until May 28, 1977. The show ran for six seasons, with 122 episodes aired in total. In addition, the show was followed by six television films over the following two years.

Below is detail about each season of the show and the number of episodes for the people who wonder how many episodes of Emergency were there.

SeasonEpisodesFirst airedLast aired
111January 22, 1972April 15, 1972
221September 16, 1972April 7, 1973
322September 12, 1973March 23, 1974
422September 14, 1974March 1, 1975
522September 13, 1975March 6, 1976
624September 25, 1976May 28, 1977
Television filmsJanuary 7, 1978July 3, 1979

Why Was Emergency! Canceled?

Emergency! was a television show that aired from 1976 to 1977 on NBC. The show featured a group of paramedics, who were always in the middle of an emergency. The show had a lot of fans. But, it was canceled after only six seasons. Why was Emergency! canceled?

It is not due to low ratings. In fact, Emergency! receive very good ratings and have a lot of fans, this show was still canceled after 122 episodes in 1977. This cancelation is due to the possibility of Robert Fuller leaving the series (he wanted to do other projects). NBC has replaced EMERGENCY! with Bionic Woman. In the end, it was a decision that was regretted by many people. 

However, some of the cast members appeared in six made-for-TV movies between 1978 and 1979. Those movies are considered “Season 7.”


Did the actors on Emergency! do their own stunts?

Many of the stunts that Mantooth and Tighe performed were their own. A rule of thumb that Mantooth shared was: “If you see our faces, we’re doing the stunts. If you can’t see our faces, we did not do the stunts.”

What episode of Emergency! does Johnny get hurt?

In “The Nuisance” episode, Johnny gets hit by a hit-and-run driver.

Who played Joanne Desoto on Emergency!?

Joanne Desoto played by Kathryn Kelly Wiget.

Did they ever show Roy’s wife on Emergency!?

Roy’s wife is Joanne DeSoto. She only appeared in the pilot episode. This is her only appearance on screen in this show (as far as I know), despite Roy mentioning her dozens of times.

What happened to Boot on Emergency!?

Boot was a mutt dog of the iconic TV series Emergency!. During seasons two and five, he served as the mascot for station 51. Interestingly enough, Boot’s first appearance on E was also Travolta’s first appearance on TV series.
He passed away during the filming of the 5th season of Emergency!. Despite my best efforts, I cannot find any more information about it.


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  1. I am in process of watching Emergency from the beginning. I am on final episode of season 6. You stated this was their last episode but I have recorded season 7 which has 12 episodes. So how can season 6 episode 24 be the last episode? Plus I have never seen any or heard about made for tv movies about Emergency.


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