What Is Beetlejuice’s IQ? – What We Know About Him

Lester Green or Beetlejuice intelligence is still a mystery to the entire world. So what is Beetlejuice’s IQ? Many wonder how his dwarfism and microcephaly affect his health and intelligence and if the fun entertainer is still safe and sound to this day. Here is what we know about the comedian so far.

There is no official confirmation about Beetlejuice IQ, and the comedian didn’t take a test to know the real number either. But, judging from his level of ability to write and speak, alongside the difficulty in articulating a coherent sentence, his IQ can vary from around 60-70.

What Is Lester Green Beetlejuice IQ?

Lester Green IQ is still a mystery, and we don’t think he will take an IQ test anytime soon. But, many factors help round up an approximate number:

  • Lester can write, not much, but he can
  • He is a comedian and can crack some jokes
  • He speaks English well enough for people to understand what he is trying to say, even though it’s not necessarily coherent with what the conversation was about

Judging from these factors and compared to the average 85-115 IQ number of average people, it’s safe to say that his IQ is around 60 to 70.

Beetlejuice's most recent photo
Beetlejuice’s most recent photo

Why Is Beetlejuice So Famous?

Even though the guy no longer makes headlines, it is undeniable that Beetlejuice was an internet sensation about 10 years ago. But his rise to fame was long before that. He was famous for many reasons, and not all are good. Due to microcephaly, his head appears much smaller than an average person’s, which caught the public’s attention. So this is one of the biggest triggers that brought him to the small screens.

He started appearing on The Howard Stern Show and has gained popularity. He became a comedian, rapper, and overall a good-hearted entertainer. To this day, many fans still admire him for his laid-back and genuine personality and for things he said in the past, which come across as “philosophical” to many people.

Lester Green was a very active entertainer
Lester Green was a very active entertainer

Beetlejuice’s Medical Condition And Life

Ever since Beetlejuice stopped appearing on Howard Stern’s show in 2016, the entertainer seemed to fly under the radar and didn’t make any significant appearance. Not until 2021. He returned to Stern’s radio program. How is his life so far deep?

Beetlejuice’s health condition

The entertainer is safe and sound. There is no major problem with his health, and he still actively tweets his answer to followers’ questions on this social media platform.

Latest activities of Beetlejuice (Lester green)

Beetlejuice’s latest appearance was in December 2021, on Howard Stern’s show. The all-time favorite Wack Packer talked to the host through a videocall from his hotel room. Here is the video!

What is Beetlejuice’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Beetlejuice’s net worth is around 200 thousand dollars. His net worth comes from being a frequent guest on Howard Stern’s show and other musical and movie projects. Some of his most considerable works featured were Scary Movie 2 and Bubble Boy.


How old is Beetlejuice in real life?

The entertainer was born on June 2, 1968. So he is 55 now.

Was Lester Green in the military for real?

In 2016, Lester Green tweeted about how he served in the army and has been to Vietnam, indicating that he fought a war there. However, given his disorder and the timestamps, it’s unlikely that he has served in the military for real.

How tall is Beetlejuice?

Beetlejuice is 4’3 inches tall, which is about 1.3m.

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