What To Say When Someone Asks For Your Snapchat

What to say when someone asks for your Snapchat? This is always the hard question when beginners start to play it. If you want to know more about this, keep reading until the end.

There are many ways to refuse a stranger when they want to ask for your Snapchat, such as: “Sorry, I can not make friends without knowing who you are,” or saying: “Sorry, I have to go now, see you later.”

What Does It Mean When Someone Asks For Your Snapchat

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What does it mean when a guy asks for your snapchat

What to say when someone asks for your snapchat
What to say when someone asks for your snapchat

The following is a list of probable reasons why a guy might want your Snapchat and what would make it more likely for him to do it.

Your presence attracts him

You may be attracted to him, so that is why he asked for your Snapchat account, and he may be attracted to you as well.

There would have been a better chance of this happening if he asked for your Snapchat specifically when it is more likely that he would have asked for other people’s Snapchats as well.

The likelihood of something like this happening would also be higher if he showed different body language around you when compared to when around other people.

You can see whether he is interested in you by his body language when he performs actions such as the following:

  • Standing the closest to you
  • Positioning himself to be nearer to you
  • Asking you the most questions
  • Having dilated pupils when looking at you
  • Raising his eyebrows when he sees you
  • Sitting or standing straighter when he sees you
  • Touching you the most
  • Holding prolonged eye contact with you
  • Looking at you when laughing
  • Telling more jokes when you are around
  • Talking more when you are around
  • Pointing his feet at you
  • Talking with a deeper voice than usual

You are considered one of his friends by him

In addition to this, it is also possible that he asked because he views you as a friend, and he would like to keep in touch.

In order to make this more likely, it would be best if he also asked for the Snapchats from his other friends and if he showed similar body language to you with his other friends as he does with you.

Apparently, he wants to speak with you about something

In addition, it is possible that he requested your contact information because he wanted to get in touch with you about something.

The odds of him asking for it when he was asking if you would like to do something would be higher if he asked for it at the outset.

What does it mean when a girl asks for your Snapchat?

When she does this, she means that she has an interest in finding out more about you, she wants to know more about you. Unless you live in a region that is far from her, she will not be bothered if you live in the same region as her. As to whether she’ll commit to you, this depends on whether she likes you, whether she saw something unique about you, and whether she wants to see you in person.

How To Reject When Someone Asks For Your Snapchat

How To Respond When A Guy Asks For Your Snapchat

In the situation where a stranger wants to contact you through Snapchat. Here are a few ways to say no to a stranger when they ask for your Snapchat.

The first way is to refuse them directly but politely, for example, we would say: “Thanks, but I’m not interested in this”.

The next way, we can politely decline by saying:”Thank you, but I think this is not the right place and time to date through this app”.

Another way, which sounds a bit cold but is extremely effective, is not to give your Snap to any strangers or people who have only met 2-3 times.

You can come up with an alternative which is to ask for the other person’s Snap back by saying very subtly: “You know? I don’t like giving my information to others but I would be happy if I get your information. We can be friends, can’t we?”

The next way that is seen as an option that many people apply it is to be clear from the beginning that we are just friends and nothing more.

Save the best for last, people usually use it too much to tell them that you have a partner already. This is considered as the optimal method so that guys no longer bother you persistently.

What’s Your Snap Meaning?

The fact that a message from Snapchat is so transient, fleeting, and fast means that users can send whatever they want, be it an ugly selfie or a video that has been processed with one of the company’s iconic filters.

The word Snapchat is the name of the mobile app that allows users to capture pictures and videos through their mobile devices.

As a result of that self-destructing process, it should be explained or taught to another person in a practical manner, which is difficult to accomplish within 10 or 15 minutes, and thus the question is “what is your snap score?”.

According to Snapchat, your score is calculated based on the number of Snaps you’ve sent and received on the app. You will receive a point for each Snap you send as well as a point for each Snap you receive.

Allow Snapchat access your contact
Allow Snapchat access your contact

What To Say To Someone On Snapchat?

There are 3 ways to start a text conversation with someone on Snapchat:

The first one, it would be great if you could text them about something you did together. You can always make the subject of the initial text about the last time you spent with the individual if you recently spent time with them. A reference point such as an event can be used as a way to start a conversation and allow them to share their opinion with you.

  • As an example, you can say something like, “Wow, I’m so full after that lunch. I really enjoyed that restaurant.”.
  • The other option would be to say the following: “Wow, Ms Thornberry’s class today was so boring. I was falling asleep in her class.”.

Next, do not hesitate to ask them a question. It is important to remember that when you send your first text, you are giving them the option to respond or ignore you, depending upon how you phrase it. Be sure to follow up with them if they respond with another question after you have the first one answered.

  • I would like to know what kind of shoes you wore today and I need to buy the same kind of shoes as you wore today. You can be as simple as “What are your plans for the weekend?” or “What kind of shoes did you wear today?

The last way, sending a text with something attention-grabbing is a good idea. In order to get the ball rolling, adding humor to your first text is one of the best things you can do. When you send your first text, you shouldn’t use mundane openings such as “Howdy” or “What’s up?”. In order to increase your chances of receiving a response from the person you text, make sure it’s something that they’re not used to seeing.

  • As an example, you might say, “Well, I just went for a sandwich after walking 20 blocks only to realize that it’s a Sunday, and the store is closed today. Is everything okay with you guys?”

What Does It Mean When Someone Sends You A Snap With No Words?

Does it make sense to reply to someone if they send you a Snapchat of them without the ability to reply, or is the conversation over? In such situations, either the person forgets about what they said last time, or they have forgotten about the conversation altogether. 

You are being sent a mass snap (perhaps they are trying to keep up streaks or something), so they are not responding to your message.

Add new Snapchatters
Add new Snapchatters


How do you give someone your Snapchat?

The Snapchat capture screen can be reached by swiping down from the snap camera screen, selecting ‘Add Friends’, and then selecting ‘Share Username’.

By doing so, you are able to copy your unique URL or instantly share it through other apps such as Twitter. The “Add” button appears in the bottom right-hand corner of the Snapchat preview when you tap it on your mobile device.

What is my Snapchat username?

The username is a piece of information that is displayed under your display name if you don’t know what it is.

You can find it by tapping on the Profile icon at the top of the screen. There is still a chance that you can find others on Snapchat by searching their display name or their last username in case you are interested.

What does blank Snap mean?

In other words, the ball is now in your court and you have to take control of it. There’s nothing accusatory in what I’m saying, but you seem to be a bit self-centered in how you approach this issue.

Consider the other person’s perspective on this and try to visualize how they would interpret it. The person you’ve been in contact with for quite some time has been on a Streak with you when suddenly, they receive a blank Snap from you.

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