When Does Eren First Turn Into A Titan? [Heavy Spoilers!!!]

When does Eren first turn into a titan? With so many flashbacks and truths revealed, viewers may have a hard time following the storyline of Eren and the acquisition of his many titan forms. This post will uncover everything about Eren’s road to becoming a hero/ villain that we all root for.

Eren became a Titan through his father, who owned the Attack and Founding Titan. But the first time we see him transform was in episode 7 of season 1. He was eaten by a titan but didn’t die when he reached the stomach. Instead, his titan blood kicked in, and he transformed for the first time, ripping the titan that ate him from the inside out.

When Does Eren First Turn Into A Titan?

When the story reveals the reason why Eren possesses the ability to transform, we know that his first transformation wasn’t as cool as the Attack titan that we know he owns. Learn everything about Eren’s first titan here!

How did Eren turn into a titan the first time?

Eren first became a Titan when his father injected him with the titan serum after the event of the breach of wall Maria. He became a mindless titan and then obtained the power of the Attack and Founding titan by eating his father, who previously got them from eating Eren Krueger – previous owner of the Attack titan, and Frieda Reiss – previous owner of the Founding titan.

If we count the first time viewers see him transform without taking into consideration the timespan, Eren first turned into a titan when he was a teenager after the event of wall Maria was taken down by a colossal and armored titan. An army of mindless titans attacked his hometown, and he was eaten by a bearded titan. He transformed while still in the titan’s stomach and ripped him apart inside out.

Eren first turned into a titan when he was a teenager
Eren first turned into a titan when he was a teenager

Who was the first titan in aot?

The first Titan was Ymir Fritz, who became one after merging with a strange spine-like creature in a tree. Ymir’s subjects are all distantly linked to her, linking them to the avenues that allow metamorphosis.

Eren first titan

Eren’s Pure Titan form was significantly smaller than his current Attack titan form. It stood 4 meters tall, with short, ragged hair and a jagged, lipless mouth that showed his entire set of teeth. His Pure Titan form featured a large head, enormous ears, and a bulky physique.

What Episode Does Eren Turn Into A Titan?

Eren has obtained various titan forms over the years. Here is the list of episodes around the transformations of Eren into a giant killing machine throughout the airing of existing AOT seasons.

What episode does Eren turn into the Founding titan?

Eren turns into the Founding titan in season 4 part 2, episode 5. His head was blown off of his body by a heavy shoot from Gabi. The primordial worm later emerges from his body, now separated from his flying head, and latch onto the base of the head, triggering Eren to turn into the Founding titan form. This is an epic but tragic scene.

What episode does Eren turn into a titan season 1?

When does Eren first turn into a titan? Eren transformed for the first time in the show in episode 7 of season 1. His instinct kicked in when he was already in a titan’s stomach. He emerged from the inside and turned into the Attack titan, the first titan power that people discover about Eren.

What season does Eren become a titan?

Eren becomes a titan right in season 1. At first, the idea of him transforming into the likes of his enemy was weird and random for most anime fans. But as the story progresses, we learn from where he inherited this ability, and suddenly everything makes sense.

What episode does Eren turn into a titan season 4?

Season 4 is made into 2 parts, and here is the list of all episodes where Eren turns into a titan:

  • Part 1: Ep 5, 6, 7, 16
  • Part 2: Ep 5

What episode does Eren turn into a colossal titan?

Since the manga has ended, we know that Eren has turned into a colossal titan to fight with Armin briefly. But the anime production hasn’t reached that part yet. If you want to read the manga, visit chapter 138, A Long Dream, to see how the scene unfolds.

What episode does Eren learn to control his titan?

Eren learns how to transform on command in season 3, episode 1. The boy has gone through a long road because, during practice, he can’t transform various times while maintaining his form.

Which Titan Is Eren?

Throughout the show, Eren has gained different titan types and has performed epic transformations. What titans does Eren own, then? Find out below!

Can Eren transform into any titan?

Eren gains the power of three Titans in Attack on Titan: the Attack titan, the Warhammer titan, and the Founding titan. So he can definitely manipulate the powers of these titan types.

What surprises us the most is that in chapter 138 of the manga, the man can take the form of a Colossal titan while he had never consumed the spinal fluid of a Colossal titan, now belongs to Armin, before. So, it’s safe to say that Eren can transform on command into any titan without eating the previous possessor.

In chapter 138 of the manga, Eren takes the form of a Colossal titan
In chapter 138 of the manga, Eren takes the form of a Colossal titan

Eren pure titan

Eren’s Pure Titan form was smaller than his current Attack Titan form. It was 4 meters tall, with short, tattered hair and a jagged, lipless mouth that revealed all of his teeth. His Pure Titan form was characterized by a big head, massive ears, and a hefty frame.

Eren titan form season 1

When Eren transforms into the Attack Titan, his appearance changes dramatically. Like previous Attack Titan bearers, Eren’s Titan form was well-proportioned and physically fit, with a well-defined, lean, and muscular physique. His height swelled to 15 meters, his hair grew to graze his shoulders, and his tongue and ears got longer. His facial characteristics changed as well.

He gained a large, hooked nose, his eyes got profoundly sunken into their sockets, and his mouth took on a strange, jagged shape that rendered comprehensible speaking impossible. Despite this, he could wail and shout in order to communicate his tiredness and rage. In addition, he also lacked lips and flesh on his cheeks, so his teeth were exposed.

Eren Yeager final form

Eren’s final titan form is Colossal titan, not the big ribcage one. Levi blows Eren’s Colossal titan’s mouth with a thunder spear, and Mikasa flies into his mouth and delivers her final cut on Eren’s head.

How Did Eren Become A Titan?

After all the powers that Eren has gained, how did he become a titan in the first place? You have the correct answers here!

What age did Eren become a titan?

Eren turned into a titan at the age of 15. His father found him in a refugee camp after the event of the breach of wall Maria. He dragged Eren into the wood and passed the titan power down to him.

Why does Eren turn into a titan?

He already possessed the titan power when he was swallowed alive, so at the time, his instinct and will for revenge kicked in, making him transform into a titan for the first time on screen.

How did Eren turn into a colossal titan?

Eren and Zeke were caught in the Path of Ymir. Eren escapes his shackles and arrives at Ymir before Zeke. Recognizing that Ymir has her own will, Eren embraces her and begs her to assist him rather than try to order her.

Eren asks Ymir whether she was the one who summoned him to the Coordinate, remarking that she has been waiting for him for 2000 years. Ymir begins to weep and lends Eren her Hallucigenia, making him the owner of the nine titans. That’s how Eren can turn into a colossal titan even if he didn’t eat Armin. And he can turn into any other titan of his will.

How did Eren survive being eaten?

The titan that ate Eren only bid his arm off, and it swallowed him whole. He reached the stomach alive and was able to turn into a titan. Of course, we aren’t considering the medical fact that the esophagus contracts to break down food. After all, it’s an anime/ manga of fantasy. We shouldn’t bring too much logic into the conversation.

Eren Becomes Founding Titan

The Founding titan is undoubtedly the most powerful and controlling titan of them all. Eren has managed to become a master in leading his plan through it. These are the details of Eren becoming the Founding titan.

Eren Becomes Founding Titan
Eren becomes Founding titan

How did Eren turn into the founding titan?

Eren intends to release the Founding Titan’s godlike power, believing that the only way to protect his comrades is to annihilate everyone else. Eren runs toward Ymir before his elder brother, Zeke, and convinces her that he recognizes her as a human being with a mind of her own, making her understand him and lend him her power. Eren then transforms into the Founding titan.

Eren Yeager founding titan form

The torso looked to be empty of flesh, like a massive ribcage. The backbone knobs and ribs had been greatly elongated, with the ribs touching the earth and the spine arch extending high into the sky.

However, the pelvis and legs were significantly small and seemed worthless. Regardless, they were taller than any Wall Titan. The Titan walked with its “ribcage,” the ribs moving like millipede legs. It was quick enough to keep up with the Rumbling.

Eren Yeager founded Titan Height

Wall Titans are around 55-60 meters tall, while Eren’s Founding Titan might be four to seven times their height, depending on the angle. As a result, Eren’s Founding Titan’s theoretical height range is between 220 and 420 meters. Of course, if the Founding titan stands up straight, the height will be even more unimaginable.

Can Eren turn back into a human from founding titan?

No, Eren Yeager perished when his spine was cut. Titan shifters cannot recover when their spines are severed. Eren’s fate has sealed the instant Gabi fired the shot, not when Mikasa cut his head off. If they hadn’t killed him, he would just turn into different titan forms until he eventually burns out.

Eren can't turn back into a human with a severed head
Eren can’t turn back into a human with a severed head


What episode does Eren come back in season 1?

They are astonished to witness Eren emerge from the body of the mystery Titan as it defeats all of the other Titans before collapsing. Mikasa approaches Eren and sobs at learning that he is still alive, while Armin discovers that Eren’s severed leg and arm have also regenerated.

Why can’t Eren transform sometimes?

If an injury happened after a recent transformation, the capacity to change into a titan might be hampered. Alternatively, if the changes occur frequently, the host may become exhausted and find it challenging to transform.

What episode does Eren get eaten season 1?

Eren first got eaten in episode 5 of season 1 by a grey-beard titan.

Does Eren turn into a titan?

Yes, Titan obtained some of the most potent nine titans’ power.

Why did Eren turn into a titan when he touched the spoon?

The transformation was random, and there isn’t any good explanation behind it. Eren’s arm was hurt, so he shouldn’t be able to transform at the moment. So the only possibility is that he was worried and determined to transform at the time, and the instinct that was passed down to him by his father kicked in.

How did Eren accidentally trigger his titan transformation?

He was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to morph as ordered by his team leaders, but he was determined to transform at the time, and his father’s sense kicked in.

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