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When does One Piece animation get good? The anime One Piece has been around for a long time and has seen a number of changes in animation quality. At one point, the animation was good, but then it worsened for a few arcs. It’s only recently that the animation quality has been getting better again. What is the secret to this improvement?

The animation quality varies based on each Arc. Oftentimes, the animation isn’t that good if the Arc is too long and the release schedule of the animation studio is too hectic. On the other hand, fans have mentioned some episodes with superior animation quality: 313-489, around 516, and 890-897.

When Does One Piece Animation Get Good?

One Piece anime started airing in 1999; the animation quality wasn’t outstanding back then. The quality remained that way during the 2000s and didn’t change much over time. The improvement was subtle since around episode 220 when the animation slowly transitioned into a more digital style. Before that, it appeared very traditional, almost “hand-drawn”.

So when did the animation quality become really good? Starting from episode 313, viewers noticed a significant change in the animation. The characters’ movements became smoother and more adapted to modern tastes with a solid digital style. The coloration also was much better.

The animation was highly improved since ep 313
The animation was highly improved since ep 313

So if you are interested in viewing the anime again when it started to get animated in modern style, episode 313 is the one you are looking for.

One Piece Animation Evolution

How many changes has One Piece anime undergone to become the real visual feast it is today? Find out its animation evolution here!

When does One Piece animation get bad?

One Piece animation was bad before it changed to digital style in episode 313. But after that, the anime had some ups and downs in terms of animation, even after moving to Bandai Namco Entertainment.

During the Dressrosa arc, viewers notice a slight change in animation that makes the fight scenes lacking in every aspect. The special effects that characters deliver when blowing fast attacks weren’t well applied, and the fights’ pace is dull in every sense.

In episode 700, when Law fights Donquixote Doflamingo, the lack of dedication to the animation is very clear. They have too many pauses between hits, and while the characters fly around, they don’t have a good flowy effect. In fact, the animation makes their movements look very “Still.” The lousy animation continues to at least ep 879.

Ep 700 doesn't have good fighting sequences
Ep 700 doesn’t have good fighting sequences

When does One Piece art style change?

One Piece art style changed the most after the time skip in episodes 516-517, with Nami and Robin having the most changes that are easiest to notice. The animation team made the girls curvier, which caused a big stir in the fandom about whether the purpose of the change was good or bad. But, in general, it’s noticeable that the characters’ designs have improved a lot.

When does One Piece become HD?

One Piece became HD since episode 207, which was aired in 2004. But now, viewers can go on Crunchyrolls and enjoy the remastered version of the first seasons in HD.

When does One Piece become 1080p?

One Piece became 1080p since episode 619, aired on November 3rd, 2013. As a result, the quality went from 720p to 1080p. But during this time, the animation wasn’t that impressive yet regarding fight scenes.

Why Is One Piece Animation Bad?

The problem with One Piece’s animation is that the pace is too slow. The studio handles 1 chapter of manga only in each of its anime episodes, which is very slow compared to other animes. The golden rule is to adapt at least 2 manga chapters into 1 anime episode for it to have a good pace. Some even handle plots from 3 chapters at a time.

But due to production and manga release problems, Toei Animation can’t use more than 1 manga chapter at a time. And since the studio has to release 1 episode every week, it’s impossible to get heavy into details with the animation. So if you are curious about the best One Piece episodes with flawless animation and satisfying fight scenes, watch episodes 313-489, around 516, and 890-897.

One Piece Animation Quality Wano

Wano is one of the best animated Arc of One Piece and has an impressive plotline. So, there is no doubt that fans consider this to be one of the best Arc of the series. Find out about the animation quality of Wano Arc here!

Does the animation change in Wano?

Yes! And the change is highly positive. Fans notice much better special effects, and the pace is slightly faster as well. The Wano Arc has been great so far, and the animation plays a big part.

What episode does One Piece animation change Wano?

Wano is one of the best Arc of One Piece, and its animation also is the best so far. The coloration is absolutely perfect, and the fight sequences have epic effects. The lineart also became crisper with good shadowing. Check out this short clip and enjoy Wano’s epic sakuga sequence!

When does Wano animation start?

The first episode of Wano anime is 890, and it was aired on June 23rd, 2019. This is arguably the best One Piece Arc up to date, and many fans will agree. However, the Wano Arc hasn’t ended yet. Thus, fans of anime are likely to see more episodes.

But, considering that the Worst Generation pirates have already been fighting Big Mom and Kaidou, it is likely that the Arc is set to end later this year.

Why did One Piece animation change in Wano?

Naohiro Shintani, who was in charge of the animation of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, is now directing the animation of One Piece. He was heavily involved in the improvement of the animation, which is visibly evident in the Wano Arc. Overall, Toei Animation has witnessed many significant changes in its crew, and it is for the better. Fans are digging the new style!

When does Wano get good?

Wano has been an amazing Arc since the beginning. So it’s recommendable for viewers to start watching from the beginning. You will be blown away by the change of art style as well!

One Piece Animation Studio Change

One Piece hasn’t gone through a studio change, and Toei Animation has been in charge of One Piece’s animation ever since its release in 1999. However, the mother company Toei Animation belongs to has undergone some changes, and Bandai Namco is currently owning Toei.

Since Bandai is the third biggest toy company in the world, the budget has been improving a lot. This explains why the animation went through great improvement after the time skip in episodes 516 to 517. Bandai was already pumping money into Toei Animation at the time.

A few years ago, Toei changed their animation director and designer for the Wano Arc, one of the most epic changes ever.

Toei changed their animation director and designer for the Wano Arc
Toei changed their animation director and designer for the Wano Arc


How many times does One Piece animation change?

It’s not clear how many times One Piece’s animation changes, but it’s undeniable that after

Does One Piece animation change after timeskip?

Yes, One Piece animation changed after the time skip, after episode 517.

When did One Piece move to Bandai?

One Piece was under Bandai’s control after the time skip, so it was after episode 517 that One Piece moved to Bandai.

When does One Piece change aspect ratio?

The aspect ratio of One Piece anime changed since episode 207. It changed from 4:3 to 16:9.

When does One Piece become 16:9?

One Piece became 16:9 in episode 207, which aired on October 31st, 2004.

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