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If you are looking for the answer to your question “Where Is The Expiration Date On Neutrogena Products?”, you are in the right place. This article will help you find the answer and know how to define the expiration of Neutrogena products.

For the answer to your question, it is common for Neutrogena products to have the expiration date labeled on their packaging. Usually, the expiration date on cosmetics and perfumes is not clearly stated. This is the same case with Neutrogena products.

The brand also stated that their products usually do not have a specific expiration date, but if their products do have, the date will be clearly shown on the packaging. You can find the date often located on the bottom side (often on the Hydro Water boost gel product) or the top edge on the back or sometimes on the front sides (for the tube packaging) of the product packaging. Moreover, if you want to know the exact expiration date of the product, you can contact the brand.

How To Know The Expiration Of Neutrogena Products?

Here, we will talk a little bit more about the expiration date of beauty products in general and Neutrogena Products in particular. Generally, the lifetime of a cosmetic product usually depends on the period after opening and its production date. This may explain why the specific expiration date is often not labeled on the packaging of the cosmetic products.

The period after opening  (PAO) is represented by the symbol of an open jar with a number inside. That number will indicate the time period that is best for you to use the product. Besides, for most cosmetic products, the expiration is about 12 months (1 year) after opening. Depending on the product and its formula, this expiration period can be shorter.

The production date is the date when production is produced. An unused and unopened cosmetic product can lose its freshness so based on the production date, the customer can know the period that is considered best to use that product. According to EU law, a product with a shelf life of less than 30 months must be labeled with the “Best before” date. If the production date is not printed on the product packaging, you can check the lot code to look for this information.

Back to the expiration date on Neutrogena products, don’t worry if your Neutrogena tube of sunscreen or jar of moisturizer gel/cream does not have a specific expiration date. The brand also states that this is normal and if the product has an expiry date, it must be printed clearly on the product packaging. Usually, the date of expiration (EXP) will be located on the bottom of the packaging. For the tube packaging, the EXP can be stamped on the crimp of the tube (usually on the back side) in the format of “EXP year/month”.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost expiration date
Neutrogena Hydro Boost expiration date

For the product with a shelf life of 30 months or above, it is not required to have an expiration date on the packaging, there will be used PAO instead. Since Neutrogena said that their products’ shelf life lasts 3 years, so you can look for the PAO symbol to know this information. Also, you can check the LOT number for the production date to know the estimated end of the Neutrogena product’s shelf life.

LOT number and Period After Open data on Neutrogena product
LOT number and Period After Open data on Neutrogena product

If you are unsure about the date you have searched, you can contact the customer care of Neutrogena and provide them with the full product name, UPC code, and lot/batch code. Then, they will give you the answer on EXP or the estimated EXP of that product.

Where is the lot/batch code on Neutrogena products?

You can find the Neutrogena product’s batch/lot code on the bottom of the jar or bottle or on the top edge of the tube. This code is also printed on the paper packaging box, so ensure you check the box carefully before throwing it away (see the image above).

Neutrogena sunscreen batch number
Neutrogena sunscreen batch number


Can I use expired Neutrogena?

It’s not recommended to use expired cosmetic products, including those from Neutrogena. The formulas and ingredients in an expired product will lose their effectiveness and even cause damage to your skin like irritation or acne breakouts. So, do not use expired Neutrogena products.

Where is the expiration date on Neutrogena Hydro Boost?

For the Neutrogena Hydro Boost line, you can find the expiration date on the bottom of the container and on the packaging box of the product. It is printed in the format of “EXP month/year” and usually goes with the LOT number.


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