Where To Find Patreon Content? – How To Get Free Patreon Content

This article will help you know how and where to find Patreon content to see and support your favorite creators. If you are dying to know the answer, keep reading the rest of this article!

Where To Find Patreon Content On My Account?

You can find the Patreon content after logging into your account using the search bar. Besides, if you are following a creator, their public content will appear on your feed. You can also see who you are following in the Following section on your home page.

Patreon platform was founded in 2013 by developer Sam Yam and musician Jack Conte. This platform is used by many online content creators, including YouTube videographers, webcomic artists, writers, podcasters, and musicians. They can easily run their community members and get paid for uploaded content through fans’ subscriptions. The platform fee for creators when using Patreon is 9-12% of their monthly income, in addition to the payment processing fees.

Can you search for videos on Patreon?

Yes, you can search for videos of your favorite creators on Patreon.

If you have already subscribed to a creator page, you can find and access their Patreon videos via email notifications if you enable this feature. Besides, when you log in to your account, you will see the posts and videos of your subscribed creators on your home feed page. Additionally, you can find the video content directly on the creator’s page.

To search video content on the creator’s page, you can do it as follows. After navigating to the creator’s page, choose the “Posts” section and filter the results by media type, tags, and date (optional). Here, you can choose the “video” media type or select the video tags (if any). If you remember the keywords related to the videos you want to find, you can type them in the “Search posts” bar and press “Enter” on your keyboard to find them. 

How to find Patreon creators?

You can easily find your favorite Patreon creators using the search bar. Just simply click on the Find Creators button and type their page’s name in that bar to search for their accounts.

Besides, you can search the Patreon creators using Google or other favorite search engines. And if you have followed the creators’ social media accounts like Instagram or Facebook, you can find their Patreon link in the bio or description box, where they often added the Patreon URL.

You should subscribe to Patreon creators to get member-only content
You should subscribe to Patreon creators to get member-only content

Can You View Patreon Content For Free?

Unfortunately, you cannot view the video or other content of Patreon creators for free if they do not release the content publicly.

According to the website, Patreon is the membership platform that helps content creators get paid easily. With Patreon, creators can easily run a community of subscribers for their creations. This means that to get exclusive content from the creators you like, you need to be one of their subscribers and pay a few bucks per month or per post.

But, it’s free to create an account on Patreon. Besides, if you cannot afford the subscription now, you can follow the creator you like on Patreon, and it’s also free. When following their page, you can see all their public posts. And, of course, you will have to pay for the “member only” content.

How to see Patreon posts for free

As I mentioned, you can follow can the creator and see all their public posts on Patreon for free.

It’s simple to follow your favorite creators on Patreon. Just log in to your Patreon account, search the creator name using the search bar, and press Follow button under the creator’s membership offerings. When you see the button shows the Following status, you have followed them successfully.

Besides, there are also websites that offer free access to exclusive Patreon content. However, using these websites may not be safe to protect your account security. If you want to try, let’s take a look at the following section.

Patreon viewer website free

Here is the website that I found on Youtube for seeing the content on the Patreon app, and it works for me. I used the website ogrocket.com. But before accessing this website, you need to take some steps on your phone.

  • For iPhone:
  1. Go to your phone Settings -> Battery -> turn off Low Battery Mode.
  2. Go back to the Settings home -> General -> Background App Refresh -> WiFi & Cellular Data.
  3. Head back to the Settings home -> App Store -> in the CELLULAR DATA section, turn on Automatic Downloads.
  • For Android:

It will be different and may be more complicated when done on Android mobile phones.

  1. Open your phone Settings -> Connections -> Data usage -> turn off Data saver -> in the Mobile section, turn on Mobile data.
  2. Back to the Settings home -> Device care -> Battery -> turn off Battery Saver (in some phones).

In this step, if you use Samsung Galaxy, after selecting the Baterry section, continue selecting the Power mode -> choose the “High performance” option and turn off “Adaptive power saving” (see image below).

Samsung Galaxy Data usage
Samsung Galaxy Data usage
  1. To turn on the auto download features like that on iPhone, you need to turn on the auto updates and change the download reference in your Google Play or Play Store.

To do this, you need to back to your home screen and open the Play Store app. Then open your account and choose Settings. Next, in the Network preferences, choose App download preferences -> Over any network -> Done, and then select Auto-update apps -> Over any network -> Done.

Android auto updates and downloads in Play Store
Android auto updates and downloads in the Play Store
  • After completing these steps, you open your web browser on your phone and type “ogrocket.com.”
  • Then, find Patreon in the search bar, tap on the result, and select Inject Now. After the process is done, you unlock the Patreon content successfully!

You can watch the embedded video of this Youtuber below.

  • Besides the “ogrocket.com” website, you can use the “tweakpanda.top” website and choose Patreon++ for unlocking Patreon content. Similarly, you should turn off the battery saver or low battery mode, turn on the cellular data, and download by doing the same step demonstrated above.

You can see the tutorial here:

Is Patreon Viewer (beta) safe & legit?

It’s hard to tell whether third-party tools like Patreon Viewer (beta) are legit and safe because these apps or websites are not affiliated with Patreon. It can be scammed and even try to steal your information by asking permission to log in to your Patreon account.

So, it’d be better to subscribe to the creators to see the original and legit content on Patreon and also to support their creations and efforts.


How much does it cost to watch and subscribe to someone on Patreon?

The subscription fees you have to pay for the Patreon creators depend on the tier you choose and the price that the creator sets for that tier.
Once you subscribed, Patreon charges at the beginning of the month, regardless of the time you started your subscription.

How do I find my posts on the Patreon app?

If you are a creator on Patreon, after logging into your account, tap your profile avatar and select Switch to Creator Profile. Then, you can find your posts when heading to the Posts page selected from the bottom menu. After that, you can edit and delete your posts or publish your drafts.

Is Patreon only for YouTube?

No, Patreon has other options for uploading videos on your Patreon account instead of YouTube. You can use Vimeo video hosting or other video hostings, such as SproutVideo, Wistia, or Streamable.

Video: What is Patreon and How Does it Work?


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