Who Does Tengen Love The Most: Revealed His Ideology

Uzui Tengen has great regard for and affection for his wives. Tengen told his wives when he enlisted in the Demon Slayer Corps that they should put themselves first rather than the mission and make sure to come home to him. Tengen wanted it known that the safety of the people was second only to his wives. You can see the feeling he is far from “love,” but many people still wonder, “who does tengen love the most.” So this article is written to give you the answer after several hours researched.

Who Does Tengen Love The Most?

One of the best characters in the series, The Sound Hashira, has unquestionably earned his place. Tengen Uzui has demonstrated his strength with his outsized demeanor and spectacular combat maneuvers. Besides, his love story is one thing that takes attention.

Who is Tengen’s favorite wife? There’s no one. Tengen Uzui adores each of his wives equally. He is loyal to his wives, and so they are. All three girls deserve the most beautiful love, and there shouldn’t have a personal favorite.

Who Are Tengen’s Wives? 

who does tengen love the most
Their romantic scenery under cherry blossoms.

They are Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru (Hina). Despite their many differences, they share one thing in particular: their love for, fidelity to, and loyalty to Uzui.

They are all brought up to be female shinobi or kunoichi. They were all drawn to Uzui’s flamboyance and ended up as his wife. Every task that Uzui carries out involves them working as a single team. For your information, they all have consent in the context of their relationships with one another.

Who is Tengen’s first wife? 

A few people know that his initial intended bride would have been Suma’s younger sister. But Suma had other ideas. Suma burst through the door while the interview was taking place because she desperately wanted to attend. The interview’s specifics are unknown, but Suma became his first wife. Therefore, it was successful.

Why does Uzui have 3 wives?

Uzui can marry three ladies because of a family custom that comes with being a shinobi. The family’s chief had already selected three women for Uzui when he turned 15 based on their compatibility.

Shinobi adhere to the custom of polygamy not just to increase the number of spouses but also to increase the number of warriors available to support their families.

Does Tengen Uzui Love His Wives? 

Does Tengen love his wives equally? Yes. I’m sure several people find it hard to believe he could marry three women and not love them equally. It may cause many unnecessary emotional damages.

Uzui holds his spouse in the highest affection and admiration. The fact that he loved them all so much shows how much he cared for them. This is also depicted in the anime’s Entertainment Arc, where his three wives nearly perished due to Daki’s demonic abilities.

Did Tengen Marry His Cousin? 

makio was tengen cousin
Makio was Tengen’s cousin before their wedding.

Makio was, as was previously said, Tengen’s cousin before the couple wed. Makio exhibited great bravery and fortitude. Even though she knew her life would be at risk, she went undercover as a courtesan. When she was taken prisoner by Daki’s obi, she showed her valor once more. She might have easily disclosed all the details out of fear for her life, but she decided not to.

Why is Tengen married to his cousin? 

There is no exact answer to this question just because Tengen has impressed by his wife’s braveness and her crisis and wants to marry her. 

Is Tengen polyamorous?

Not really. He has to marry 3 women according to his family tradition. Although we can’t be sure how much his love is, his noble purpose and personal ideology are the things we should talk about.


How many wives does Tengen have?

Three. They are Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru (Hina).

Can Tengen have more than 3 wives?

Yes, but he won’t. At the end of the Entertainment District Arc, he said that he would retire and live happily ever after with his three wives.

Is Makio tengen cousin?

Yes. Makio was, as was previously said, Tengen’s cousin before the couple wed.

Does Uzui love Hinatsuru the most?

No. Tengen Uzui adores each of his wives equally.

Who has the most wives in Demon Slayer?

Uzui Tengen. He has to marry 3 women according to his family tradition.


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