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Who fixed the Going Merry in Skypiea? Going Merry is the first ship that the Straw Hats travel with, and there is no doubt that it will always have a place in our hearts. Unfortunately, the ship was destroyed during one of the crew’s many wars during the Enies Lobby Arc. Find out the real character behind the “resurrection” of Going Merry.

On Skypiea, Usopp observed the Klabautermann on The Going Merry fixing the heavily damaged ship. It informed him that it would try to take the crew further for a short time. The Klabautermann is believed to represent a spirit of water that “hides” on ships and is the incarnation of a vessel that is well-cared for.

Who Fixed The Going Merry In Skypiea?

When the other crew members were sleeping, Usopp woke up to go to the loo. After he had finished his work, he spots an individual repairing the ship. Then, wondering who it could be, Usopp strove to get a better glimpse at who it was. Then, without any warning, the person stared at him and smiled at him with a face with no features.

Usopp spots an individual repairing the ship
Usopp spots an individual repairing the ship

Scared by the sight, Usopp woke the crew to warn them about what he believed was an unidentified ghost. However, nobody was around when the crew got up to the deck to check for the mysterious figure. Thus, the crew dismissed the claims of Usopp as nothing more than imagination and went back to bed.

However, the next day they awake to an unexpected sight. Going Merry, though not perfect, was repaired overnight and could travel for a while more.

Later, it was revealed that Klabautermann fixed the Going Merry. The Klabautermann can be considered the ship’s soul. It appears when the ship has been cherished for a long time.

Going Merry’s Inspiring Journey With The Straw Hats

The Going Merry has had an amazing journey with the Straw Hat Pirates. Accompany us in this short tour on how much the ship has gone through and its epic story.

What episode Going Merry destroyed?

The crew reached Water 7 city, where they set up to meet shipwrights who could restore Going Merry for their next adventure. But, unfortunately, one shipwright, Kaku, informed that the ship was irreparable. The backbone of the ship or the keep was too damaged, which means the ship was no longer in condition to sail and withstand fights.

On Water 7, Iceberg tried to patch up Going Merry anyway. Then, suddenly, a strangely high and powerful wave was swept away into the sea.

In the Enies Lobby Arc, Going Merry saved the crew while fighting on the sea, appearing from nowhere. In the end, the team had to burn the ship, but the action wasn’t simply to destroy it. It was actually a Viking funeral in every aspect.

Does the Going Merry get fixed?

Going Merry got fixed on Skypiea and Water 7. It appears in the Enies Lobby Arc as the final goodbye to viewers. The original pirate ship has sailed with millions of readers’ childhood.

Who destroyed Going Merry?

The Going Merry suffered a lot of damage in her “lifetime.” She was destroyed and impaled numerous times, and then Wapol even took a bite of her. Nevertheless, merry has done her best to take the Straw Hats Pirates far into the Enies Lobby Arc.

How did Going Merry get destroyed?

Going Merry received a Viking funeral after fulfilling her mission of saving the Straw Hats and taking them on a short ride one last time. She was a real crew member, but we realized it late. That’s why fans were crying so hard when the ship got burnt by Luffy and the crewmates.

What episode does the Going Merry get replaced?

Going merry got replaced in episode 326 when Franky built the new ship, Thousand Sunny.

Does Franky fix the Going Merry?

No, Franky didn’t fix the Going Merry. But he was highly responsible for building the next ship for the Straw Hat Pirates.

Who gave Going Merry to Luffy?

The Going Merry was given to Luffy by Kaya as an offer to save her from Kuro, the caretaker. The ship was created by Merry for Kaya to be a luxurious vessel and carried flags bearing his signature on them before being replaced by the Straw Hat Pirates.

Does the Going Merry get repaired in Water 7?

Yes, she was patched up by Iceberg, the mayor in Water 7. He was in the middle of fixing it, asking himself why he even did it because there was no hope that the ship could sail again. Then he heard a voice and a giant wave suddenly took the ship from shore to sea. It was Going Merry that talked to Iceberg!

Going Merry was patched up by Iceberg
Going Merry was patched up by Iceberg

How did the Going Merry get to Enies Lobby?

It suddenly appeared out of nowhere when Luffy, Sanji, Robin, Usopp, etc. jumped into the sea. The ship saved the crew from enemy attacks.

Why did Nami steal the Going Merry?

While on the road with the crew to Baratie, Nami stole the Going Merry and left the crew. The reason was her agreement with Arlong in which she was required to get 100 million berries to acquire Cocoyashi village.

Who built Going Merry?

Going Merry was built by Merry. Merry is an elegant and formal butler whose main distinguishing characteristic is his lamb-themed look. Merry is a very faithful and compassionate servant of his lady of the house. He gave the ship to Kaya, who later sold the ship to Luffy.

How did Luffy get the Going Merry?

He saved Kaya, the original owner of the ship, from the hands of her caretaker. As a way to say thank you, she gave Luffy Going Merry.

How did Going Merry speak?

Even though its keel was fatally damaged, the Going Merry’s desire to sail on and explore with the crew gave it the capacity to speak up to request repairs from Iceberg to sail again and to say goodbye.

What episode does the Going Merry talk?

In episode 312, Going Merry gave a long speech to say goodbye to the crew. She also talked to Iceberg once when he was trying to patch her up in the same episode.

Will Going Merry come back?

No, Merry is totally broken, and she was given a Viking funeral by the crew already.

Where is Going Merry now?

Going Merry was burnt by the Straw Hats as a way to commemorate her. So the ship no longer exists.

Why Did The Straw Hats Burn The Going Merry?

Going Merry has gone through all kinds of damage, and she has finished her journey, even though it is earlier than anyone has wanted. She even saved the crew once and took them to land on her last ride. To honor Going Merry, the team decided to give her a Viking funeral, which included burning her. Luffy and Usopp were crying a lot while saying goodbye and thanking her.

Thousand Sunny: The New And Improved Ship Of The Straw Hats

The pirates can’t continue their journey if they don’t have a new ship. So Thousand Sunny appearance is very welcomed. Explore some exciting details about Luffy’s second ship.

Does the Thousand Sunny have a spirit?

Yes. From what we have seen in the anime and manga so far, Going Merry’s Klabautermann or spirit is currently occupying Thousand Sunny, or at least it can visit the ship. This detail soothes our souls.

What episode does the Thousand Sunny get built?

Frank built the Thousand Sunny in episode 326. The ship uses wood from Treasure Tree Adam. The wood is the strongest and most durable type in the One Piece universe.

Does the Thousand Sunny have a Klabautermann?

By far, we have seen Going Merry’s Klabautermann on the sails of Thousand Sunny. However, we have never spotted Thousand Sunny’s personal Klabautermann. So maybe the soul hasn’t appeared yet, or maybe Going Merry’s soul belongs to the new ship now.


Who did Usopp see fixing the ship?

Klabautermann, a kind of ship “fairy”, was spotted by Usopp while it was fixing the ship.

Does Franky fix the sunny in Wano?

Yes, Franky used Straw Hats’ money to purchase wood and materials to fix the Sunny.

What is Luffy’s current ship?

Luffy’s current ship is Thousand Sunny.

What episode does Franky build Thousand Sunny?

Frank built the ship in episode 326. It is at least twice the size of Going Merry and is made of the most durable materials possible by the best shipwrights in the world.

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