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Who is Ace father in One Piece? The character arc in this epic and long anime is so complicated that fans sometimes find it hard to keep up with the storyline. In this post, we will explain Ace’s relationships with other characters in the show. First, find out who Ace’s father is and his relationship with Luffy.

Gol D. Roger is the biological father of Portgas D. Ace. He was a renowned pirate who held the title of Pirate King. Unfortunately, the character is already dead by execution. But it wasn’t because he was caught. The character had discovered that he wouldn’t make it out alive with his disease, so he decided to go the pirate way and get himself killed gruesomely.

Who Is Ace Father?

The pirate life is full of danger; sometimes, characters have to give up things to ensure their loved ones are safe. Find out about Ace and his biological father here.

Is Ace Rogers son?

Yes, Ace is Roger’s son. Sadly, Ace badmouthed his father many times because of various reasons, one of which was because he was treated very poorly because people knew that Ace was the Pirate King’s son.

Ace is Gol D. Roger's son
Ace is Gol D. Roger’s son

Roger died before Ace was even born. So it’s not surprising that the young man doesn’t feel connected to his father in any way, even though viewers had seen him react when someone spoke ill about him. It’s a push-and-pull type of frustration between parents and children that don’t have a deeply connected relationship.

Is Ace Dragon’s son?

No, Ace isn’t Dragon. He is the son of Portgas D. Rouge and Gol D. Roger. His father died before he was born, and he was adopted since birth by a marine: Monkey D. Garp.

Does Ace know his father?

Yes, Ace knows who his father was and the stories behind the Pirate King’s adventure. But, knowing his father also means that he knew the bad things that he had done. And through people’s mouths, the crimes were heavily exaggerated and somewhat affected Ace’s way of thinking about his father, someone he had never met in his entire life.

Why Ace hate his father

There are various complicated reasons why Ace shows hostility toward his late father:

  • Lack of real interaction with the father
  • Being attacked and shamed for being the son of the late Pirate Kind
  • Feeling stuck and pressured under the title of Pirate King’s son
  • Feeling weak and small under the shadow of his father

Ace father revealed episode

In episode 459, Ace was caught by the marines, and one of the marines, Sengoku, asked him what his father’s name was. This was more of a rhetorical question because he already knew the answer. Ace said that Whitebeard was his father, only for the marine to reveal that it was actually Gol D. Roger.

Did Ace know he was Rogers son?

Ace knew he was Roger’s son, which explains why he has such a vivid and specific hatred toward his father. His father was the feared Pirate King that has committed many crimes. And Ace has to bear the weight of all the drama after his father’s death, even though they haven’t even met once.

Ace knew he was Roger's son
Ace knew he was Roger’s son

Did Ace Have A Child?

Ace was a young man when he died, but it isn’t probable that he had left a descendant before his death. The birth of a pirate child under the late Pirate King’s bloodline is a big deal and would have left the marines going crazy. Ace and his child would have been heavily hunted. Besides, we have seen his entire character arc, and there is no sign that he was involved with a woman romantically.

Why Did Ace Change His Name?

Ace was not his original name. Originally, he was meant to be Portgas D. Lang. Still, Eiichiro Oda decided to modify it so that the character would have a more appropriate name for his personality. Personally, we think that Ace fits him much better than Lang.

Also, Ace’s original last name was Gol D., which is expected because children normally go by their father’s last name. But, growing up, he became increasingly aware of his father’s infamous history and grew to spite him. So, Ace decided to take his mother’s last name instead, so he became Portgas D. Ace.

Luffy And Ace´S Relationship

Luffy and Ace are brothers in arms and share an incredibly similar appearance. Many people think that they are related by blood. So what is their real relationship and connection?

Does Luffy know Ace is Gol D Roger’s son?

Soon after meeting Ace and Sabo, Luffy discovered that Ace was Roger’s son. And, despite being as clumsy and talkative as he was, Luffy was able to keep that truth hidden for 10 years before mistakenly revealing it to Ivankov as they were getting out of Impel Down.

Who is Ace and Luffy’s dad?

Ace’s dad is Gol D Roger, and Luffy’s dad is Monkey D. Dragon. They aren’t related by blood but are more real brothers than anything. Even when Ace died, Luffy was the last one he saw, given that they were fighting side by side in a battle against Admiral Akainu. So it was a devastating moment for both guys when Ace died so young, and Luffy lost his last family member.

Is Ace Luffy’s dad?

Nooooo, they are brothers of different blood. Ace is only 3 years older than Luffy. So he can’t be Luffy’s biological dad, nor can he be considered an “emotional” one.


Garp adopted Ace from Gol D. Roger, who asked him to look after his kid. He was afraid of Ace being poorly treated because of his parents’ illegal moves as pirates. And Roger didn’t want him to suffer just because of his family’s name. So no, Garp isn’t related to Ace.

Does Whitebeard know Ace is Rogers son?

At first, he didn’t know about it, but Ace later told him that he was Roger’s son.

Is Gol D Roger shanks dad?

No, Shank’s dad is Rocks D. Xebec. Shank was just a crewmember of Roger’s ship.

Who is Sabo’s dad?

Outlook III is the spouse of Didit and Sabo’s biological father. He lives in the Goa Kingdom on Dawn Island.

Does Shanks know Ace is Rogers son?

When Ace opted to pursue Blackbeard, Shanks realized he was Roger’s son. Shanks wanted Whitebeard to stop Ace since he was worried for the descendant of his captain. Shank was very protective of Ace.

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