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This article concentrates on the topic “where to get icee near me”. In this article, I collected and showed the places where you can buy Icee in the US. Other information related to the Icee product produced by The Icee Company is also presented.

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Where Can I Get An Icee Near Me?

You can get an Icee product in freezer sections at most gas stations self-serve stores, convenience stores, and some of the big markets or grocery stores. Some of the names you can put on the list are Burger King, Target, Wawa, Circle K, Walmart, Valero, and Sam’s Club.

At Sam’s Club and Burger King’s restaurants in Canada and the US, you can buy both Icee slushies and Icee Floats. In Mexico, Sears and Walmart department stores are popular places selling Icees. Also, Icees are a favorite beverage in convenience stores like Wawa and Quick Chek in the Middle Atlantic states. If your neighborhood has Rainforest Cafe, you can also order an Icee with your favorite flavor.

Gas stations selling Icees near me

Besides, the convenience-store chains, fast-food restaurants, and big department stores, you can get Icees at the gas-station stores. One of the most famous gas-station stores that sells Icees is Valero with its CornerStore mart. Other big gas stations with stores selling Icee slushies include BP gas stations, Maverik, Buc-ee’s, Quik Chek, and Wawa.

Where to get coke Icee near me?

If Coca-Cola or Pepsi flavor is your Icee favorite, you can get the coke Icees at Burger King and MacDonald’s restaurants. Also, the stores at Sam’s Club, Walmart, Target, and Valero have Icee machines with coke flavor.

Icee machines at Crowley's Walmart gas station
Icee machines at Crowley’s Walmart gas station

Icee Brand

Icee is the brand name for a slushy beverage, a frozen carbonated drink, produced by The Icee Company. It created about 150 flavors with over 30 flavors currently offered in stores.

The one who makes Icee

Icee is a carbonated slushy product that was invented by Omar Knedlik, a Dairy Queen, in 1958.

Knedlik accidentally created this Icee carbonated drink thanks to his broken soda machine. At the time that the soda machine broke, he had to keep the soda bottles cold by placing them in the freezer. When he sold them and customers opened the bottles, the soda became a slush, which then became popular.

The name Icee and the logo design were suggested by Knedlik’s friend, Ruth E. Taylor. Then, an artist who was a staff at Mitchell Company, Lonnie Williams, completed designing the snow-covered “Icee” word. The first Icee machine, patented in 1960, was fabricated from a car air conditioning unit by Knedlik and John E. Mitchell Company.

The company that bought Icee

In 1987, the Icee Company was bought by J&J Snack Foods, a leader in the snack food industry.

In 1966, 7-Eleven had a licensing deal with The Icee Company for selling this carbonated slushy. And at this time, the brand name Slurpee was created. In other words, Slurpee is the Icee slushies that are sold by the convenience-store chain 7-Eleven.

Icee flavors

There are over 40 flavors currently offered on the website of the Icee Company, such as:

  • Fruit flavors: Banana, Blood Orange, Blue Lemonade, Frosted Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Blue Strawberry, Boysenberry, Cherry (The Original), Cherry Lime, Strawberry Kiwi, Green Apple Watermelon, Grape, Mango, etc.
  • Other flavors: Blue Vanilla, Bubble Gum, Cola, Cotton Candy, and Mermaid.

You can visit the Flavors page on the Icee Company’s website for more details on their slushy drink flavors.

Slushies vs. Icee vs. Slurpee

As mentioned, both Icee and Slurpee are carbonated slushies sold by different companies. Icee is apparently distributed by the Icee Company. Meanwhile, Slurpee is distributed by 7-Eleven and its subsidiaries.

A slushy is a frozen drink made of flavored ice and soda. Besides the carbonated slushies, there are non-carbonated slushies, which are sold under the brands of Slush Puppie and Del’s.


Does Walmart have Icees?

Yes, Walmart does have Icees. You can also buy Icees at McDonald’s and Subway restaurants inside Walmart centers.

Does ICEE own Slurpee?

No, ICEE does not own Slurpee. Slurpee is a brand name for slushy products owned by 7-Eleven. Meanwhile, ICEE’s parent company is J&J Snack Foods.

Is ICEE owned by Coca-Cola?

No, the Icee Company (ICEE) is not owned by Coca-Cola. J&J Snack Foods has been the parent company owning the ICEE since 1987.


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