Stop Whole Foods Self Checkout Stealing Unless You Want To Get Banned For Life!

Shoplifting is a common phenomenon in grocery stores, including Whole Foods. So, how does Whole Foods deal with this issue? To find the answer, this article focuses on the topic “Whole Foods Self Checkout Stealing.” You will find out how Whole Foods acts against shoplifters and also learn about the new cashier-less Whole Foods stores that opened in March this year.

What Happens If You Get Caught Whole Foods Self Checkout Stealing?

If you get caught stealing from Whole Foods, you will be banned from shopping in Whole Foods, even if it is an accident. They will ask you to fill in a No Trespass form and take your picture and ID information.

After a suspected shoplifter is stopped and questioned by Whole Foods security, the New York City Police Department is called, and the person is taken into custody. Later, the person suspected of shoplifting can be given a desk appearance ticket and charged with petit larceny and possession of the stolen property at the arraignment in court.

With the “one-strike” policy against shoplifting, Whole Foods will initiate an alleged lifetime ban for people who get accusations. In 2010, a woman told the Chicago magazine that she was banned from Whole Foods for accidentally walking out with an item she did not buy. She explained that she putting the item in her bag without recognization because she was late to pick up her husband, and her children wanted to go to the toilet.

Whole Foods Loss Prevention & Theft Policy

The notable rule for Whole Foods’ theft policy is the “one-strike” rule that the shoppers who get caught stealing from Whole Foods will be banned for life. They may also face money charges to recover monetary damages from shoplifters. Even the employees can get charged if they are caught stealing from the stores. In 2013, an employee was charged $1.2K for stealing beer from the Whole Foods store where he was working, after being captured on surveillance footage.

Whole Foods will ban customers who steal from the store
Whole Foods will ban customers who steal from the store

Besides, according to Whole Foods retailer’s policy, Whole Foods employees are not allowed to touch customers physically, even if they notice the shoplifters. There was a case that Whole Foods fired its employee because he stopped a shoplifter. This happened in 2007, a manager working at Whole Foods confronted a shoplifter and grabbed his leg, and then he was fired for violating the retailer’s policy.

For noticing and preventing shoplifters, Whole Foods stores have undercover loss prevention guards on duty. If the guard is not on shift, the employees can notify the managers on duty so that they can ban thefts from the store.

New Whole Foods Stores – Cashierless & Hundred Of Cameras

In an article by KCRW, on March 16, 2022, Amazon opened two new cashier-less in Sherman Oaks, which are powered by new technology from Amazon, the “Just Walk Out” technology. 

In these cashier-less Whole Foods stores, hundreds of black cameras are hanging from the store’s ceiling, watching you move through the aisles. Those machines track what you pull off the shelves, what you put back, where you linger and when you change your mind. Each shelf has sensors that communicate with each other and work together to keep your tab scrupulously.

According to the director of product management and physical retail technology at Amazon, Thi Luu, the “Just Walk Out” technology utilized “a combination of computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning,” which is similar to that in a self-driving car.

For shopping in “Just Walk Out” Whole Foods stores, customers scan one of their palms over a sensor or use a QR code. If they don’t like shopping in such ways, they can also shop in these Whole Foods stores using a self-checkout register’s payment with credit cards.


Does Whole Foods prosecute shoplifters?

Yes, Whole Foods does prosecute shoplifters, so you should not steal items from them.

Does Whole Foods notice if you steal?

Yes, Whole Foods does know and notice if you steal from them. Though the employees are not allowed to confront shoplifters, they can report it to the managers, and they have surveillance footage to check and keep as evidence to ban you from the store. They can also file a police report, and you will be charged for monetary damages.

How does Whole Foods handle theft?

When Whole Foods catches a shoplifter, they will ban that person, even if it is an accident.

Video: Amazon Wants You To Just Walk Out Of Whole Foods Now

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